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1937 born in Koln (Cologne) 
 1947 born in Dormagen
1957 study on Law and political sciences at the Universities of Cologne and Göttingen. 
1966 entrance into the "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution" (= counter-intelligence, Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz aka BfV)? student in medicine
1972-1973: NATO Defense College (Rome)1972: class by Uwe Henke v. Parpart (with Helga Zepp) in Germany. First visit of German delegation from Rhineland in NYC.
 1973: Munchrath meetings where Larouche recruits his first German cadre (M. Liebig, H. Zepp, U. Frieseke, Anno?...) + Manifesto of the Düsseldorf congress about foundation of "ICLC in europe“
 1974-5?: Anno is founding member of the European Labor Party (Europäische Arbeiter-Partei - EAP), member of the party's Executive Committee, and responsible editor of the party's newspaper, Neue Solidaritat.
1975: Founded "Industry and Trade GmbH" (IHS - Industrie und Handelsschutz GmbH) with Claus Wisser.1975: ELC ("European Labor Comittee") is founded by Helga Zepp-Lustina, Anno Hellenbroich and Dr Rolf Pauls. The core founding group of the ELC came out of a commune of German medical students. Its European address/HQs is in Wiesbaden.
 1977 : First known article : „So Denken Wie Beethoven“(in German Neue Solidaritat). Anno is fined (with Juergen Spahn) for defamation against Willy Brandt (branding him "CIA agent"). Source: European Labor Party Leaders In First Brandt Trial Appeal Fined $10,000. By Summer, Larouche believed he was the second name on a Baader-Meinhof "hit list" otherwise including the late Jurgen Porito and Hanns-Martin Schleyer...
 1980: founding Director of "Executive Intelligence Review News Agency GmbH". Until then, the EAP/ELC was under watch by counter intelligence and security services in Germany. This surveillance stopped after Dec. 30, 1979.
1981 Vice-president of the BfV 
May 1983 – July 1985 President of the BfV 
August 1, 1985: Fired from the BfV after the Hans-Joachim Tiedge affair. Government sources had said Chancellor Helmut Kohl decided to dismiss Hellenbroich because he permitted Hans-Joachim Tiedge, the head of West Germany's counterespionage against East Germany, to keep his job despite a serious drinking problem and debts. Heribert Hellenbroich became President of the "Federal Intelligence Service", the BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst). 
August 27, 1985: was "retired" and became the shortest-serving BND chief in the agency's history. 
1998: Retired as "private security consultant" at IHS. 
 2006: leaves the Larouche organization
Died: 10 July 2014 


Elisabeth Hellenbroich (nee Henke)

Hellenbroich: Brothers in the News Business
The married couple of Hellenbroich occupied key positions in the LaRouche-Cult institutions.
The Name Hellenbroich will still be remembered by some from Press coverage. At the age of 48 Heribert Hellenbroich was President of the Federal Office for the protection of the Constitution when his brother Anno Hellenbroich, then 36, was an important functionary of the LaRouche Cult.
In that same year the Green Party Member of Parliament asked a question to the Federal Government about the LaRouche Schiller Institute and received the following reply. There are no safety concerns lying before the Federal Government (concerning the Schiller Institute) Der Spiegel also reported as follows: "The President is reported to have told Der Spiegel in 1984, why his own brother’s Organisation was not listed in the Verfassungsschutz report. The reason given was that there was no excessive Nationalism in respect of the LaRouche cult." This is quoted in the book page 166.
Heribert was retired from the Bundesverfassungsschutz on the grounds of neglect of duties but this did not mention that this was related to his brother’s activities in the LaRouche cult. It was attributed to his failure with respect of his co-worker Tidge also working for the German Democratic Republic.
Heribert Hellenbraoch later became the President of another secret service; the Federal News Services [Bundesnachrichtendienstes] in Pullach. From 1986 he then directed the Cologne office of Prognos AG, which was also connected to the Defence Industry (according to Lorscheid-Müller, page 172).
At any rate, the brothers were active in the same area of interest namely in the Intelligence and Information. Since 1980 Anno Hellenbroich was co-founder and Director of the (LaRouche's) Executive Intelligence Review News Agency GmbH.
(From: "The German Patriots of Lyndon LaRouche" By Helmut Lorscheid and Leo A. Mueller)

The referred 1984 article from Der Spiegel can be found here (pdf - 5.6 Mb).

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Spy Chiefs: Volume 1: Intelligence Leaders in the United States and United Kingdom
By Christopher Moran, Mark Stout, Ioanna Iordanou, Paul Maddrell
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Here is a not so disguised defense of Heribert, Anno's brother in LaRouche newspaper New Solidarity:


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