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The "Jews For LaRouche"

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Although LaRouche's antisemitism is known and documented he is not a "typical" antisemite, which explains why many Jewish members could have been misled.
LaRouche's "racism" is not based on the typical "racialism" (i.e. Nazis' "blood and soil") but at a so-called "cultural level".
Therefore for LaRouche there are some "good Jews" provided they are not "controlled" by their "Babylonian culture"... "Good Jews" are therefore Jews who have been "culturally educated" by the "higher culture" of Ancient Greece (i.e. Philo of Alexandria) or Germany (i.e. Moses Mendelssohn).
This is what he wrote more recently:

The German-speaking Jew, like the echoing representative of the Yiddish Renaissance in Eastern Europe, emerged from the time of Moses Mendelssohn's radiated influence from Berlin as typically the most precious asset, per capita of total population, in physical science, Classical artistic composition and performance, in the practice of medicine, and so forth. These were as much Germans as any other German, and a most precious part of that total population to any sane German patriot. There was no human interest which has motivated either Hitler's crimes against those Jews, or the Zionist right-wing fanatics' crimes against the Palestinians. Therefore, the near extinction of that portion of Germany's citizens, and similar crimes against the Yiddish Renaissance, in particular, in Eastern Europe, were the crimes of, not human beings, but individuals, such as Spain's notorious Torquemada, on which creatures such as Hitler were modeled, transformed into predatory beasts, virtual hyenas. In other words, men and women transformed from humans, into Synarchists. (1)

So, the "German Jew" was good because... he was "culturally" a German, unlike Hitler (in LaRouche's mind). LaRouche considers Hitler not as "German" (technically he was Austrian!) but as "British" (and... "Jewish"!), from a "cultural point of view".

So, in this logic, the existence of "Nazi Jews" becomes a possibility.

Sure, some Jews working with neo-Nazis do exist. They are known as "self-hating Jews". Take the case of Jewish members of the LaRouche organization!
In other words the very same Jewish larouchies obsessed with "exposing" the "Nazi-Jews" are those most convinced of their existence. These Jewish larouchies need only to look at their face every morning in the mirror. They start their day hating themselves... for campaigning for LaRouche!

"The Believer" is a 2001 film written by Henry Bean and Mark Jacobson, and directed by Bean. It stars Ryan Gosling as Daniel Balint, an Orthodox Jew who becomes a Neo-Nazi, and was inspired by the true story of Dan Burros.\\ Dan Burros was recruited by Jeffrey Steinberg's and Paul Goldstein's "security contact": Nazi and Grandragon KKK Roy Frankhouser.


1. "The 'Maritornes': A Tavern of Fascist Prostitutes" by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., EIR, December 26, 2003

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