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Olof Palme (1927 – 1986)

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Swedish Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson on his return from the funeral of Yitzhak Rabin stated:
``I remember how I, for example, in an article in this newspaper, reacted against the selling of dartboards with the picture of Olof Palme.... Far to the right there was the EAP [the European Labor Party, Swedish co-thinkers of Mr. LaRouche], which in its leaflets were calling Olof Palme `mentally ill' and `murderer.'... I will never get rid of the thought that the act of the murderer, be it spontaneous or planned, was influenced by the hatred which, after years of campaigning, was `permitted.'...''
Aftonbladet - Nov. 9 1995.

Here is LaRouche reply : "Why does he (Ingvar Carlsson, note) pollute the memory of the martyred statesman, Yitzhak Rabin, by reminding us of his own culpability in the continuing cover-up of the murder of Olof Palme?"

Norway's for­mer Social Democratic prime minister Gro Brundtland recalled about Olof Palme that "some weeks before the tragedy, we were in India, with the Palme Commission . . . . But we were talking about things that happened in Sweden, about-with people from other countries and Sweden, whom he would see at different meetings he was addressing, [he] recognized the same faces, and was concerned about what really was going on-
(Sweden's deputy prime minister) Sahlin interrupted: "Did Olof say that he was concerned?"
Brundtland: "Yes, we were talking about this, since it was something which . . . called itself social democrats, which were -originated in the U.S.A. -
Sahlin interrupted again: "EAP," referring to the Euro­pean Labor Party, co-thinkers of LaRouche in Europe.
"Yes," responded Brundtland. "And that is what we talked about, and he was saying things - uh -that frightened me, and that I realized that he really was a bit worried about. I have thought about this a lot afterwards."

Source: Norway's Brundtland revives slander that 'LaRouche killed Palme' in EIR Volume 24, Number 20, May 9, 1997

"New Solidarity", June 18, 1975 by William Engdahl Source:

Dennis King commented:

"In the late 1970s, I (Dennis King- note) requested the CIA's files on the LaRouche organization under the Freedom of Information Act. I eventually received, among other things, a translation of a 1975 article (click here ) from a Swedish newspaper detailing how the LaRouche organization's local branch had been stalking the country's prime minister, Olof Palme. The LaRouchians would continue to stalk him and to circulate massive quantities of hate literature targeting him for over a decade. In 1986, Palme was assassinated on a Stockholm street by a lone gunman. An unstable member of LaRouche's organization was the first suspect arrested--and anti-Palme literature was found in his apartment. He was later released for lack of evidence, although his story kept shifting and he never came up with a solid alibi. Another individual was tried and acquitted. The LaRouche associate, Viktor Gunnarsson, moved to North Carolina where he was murdered in 1993, supposedly as a result of his involvement in a love triangle. According to witness statements collected by an investigator working for the man convicted of Gunnarsson's murder, the Swede had bragged to American friends about having killed Palme. The Palme assassination has never been solved, but Gunnarsson remains near the top of the suspect list and was named as the assassin in a book by Borje Wingren, a former Swedish police inspector who worked the case and was blocked by his superiors from aggressively investigating Gunnarsson."


Victor Gunnarsson

More from Dennis King:

"Here's an intrigue that's murkier than most (and may ultimately be nothing but murkiness): Viktor Gunnarsson (above) was a Swedish neo-Nazi associated with the LaRouche org's Stockholm branch, which had conducted a decade-long campaign of vilification against Sweden's leftwing prime minister Olof Palme, and had even stalked him at one point. When Palme was assassinated in 1986 (a crime that has never been solved), Gunnarsson, who had been near the scene, was the first suspect and gave varying accounts of his actions. However, Swedish prosecutors dropped the investigation of him in spite of vehement protest by the homocide detectives on the case. (The lead detective would later write a book stating that Gunnarsson--whose apartment when searched had contained LaRouchian anti-Palme literature--was most likely the assassin.)

The LaRouchian response was to say they'd expelled Gunnarsson from their European Labor Party (a front group) prior to the Palme assassination. Later they would concoct the ludicrous claim that Gunnarsson's only relationship to them was that he once signed an EAP petition. They also claimed the KGB had killed Palme and was trying to blame it on LaRouche. Gunnarsson was allowed into the United States in the early 1990s, and settled in North Carolina, where he lived without any visible means of support (with frequent unexplained trips out of town) and boasted to friends about killing Palme and getting away scot-free. After his body was found in a remote wooded area in January 1994, a former Salisbury, N.C. police officer came under investigation and was eventually indicted and convicted for supposedly killing the Swede because of a romantic rivalry. Now serving life in prison, the former cop maintains that he's innocent and claims that the evidence from a car trunk that was used to convict him had been planted there after the car had been searched for forensic evidence on no less than six occasions with nothing incriminating being found.

Here's the Palme crime scene: Sweden's prime minister was gunned down at this spot after leaving a Stockholm movie theater with his wife. I'm aware that no strong evidence has been discovered linking the leadership of the LaRouche movement to an organized plot to kill Palme, but LaRouche once discussed in print how to carry out the perfect assassination without breaking the law: just deluge society with hate literature against your target (he certainly did this to Palme) and wait for a psychotic "lone assassin" to do the deed. In this case, I've wondered if maybe LaRouche--who acts out spymaster fantasies in his head--became impatient and foolishly compromised himself by playing groupie to someone else's operation (thus leaving open to a possible public relations disaster the mainstream U.S. and German spy agencies that had been using his org albeit at arm's length).

I would suggest that journalists interested in the Palme hit take a look at the names of the LaRouchians and ex-LaRouchians on a U.S. Department of Justice witness list (designed to include individuals who probably would not be willing to perjure themselves and go to jail for Lyn) that was presented to LaRouche's counsel in 2000 on the eve of trial of a civil rights lawsuit LaRouche and several of his followers had filed against the FBI decades earlier in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Apparently, LaRouche went into a panic when he saw the defense's list, and immediately dropped the suit even though his followers had spent 25 years and huge organizational resources preparing it as their ultimate revenge weapon against the Feds. I personally think that the one item in the LaRouche org's smoke-and-mirrors past which was most likely to have triggered this extraordinary decision was the group's anti-Palme activities and its dealings with Gunnarsson and far-right associates of Gunnarsson."

Samples of Swedish LaRouche EAP anti-Palme pamphlets and campaigns:

Other sources:

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