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Pestilences (AIDS)

FEAR: It is 'One minute to midnight...'
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National Democratic Party Committee (Lyndon Larouche),
A.I.D.S.: Bubonic Plague of the 21st Century,
broadside, Atlanta, Georgia, c. 1992,

"So far, the world's leading experts see no way in which the Soviet biological-warfare apparatus could have created AIDS in a test-tube. However, it is in the strategic interests of Moscow to see to it that the West does nothing to stop this pandemic; within a few years, at the present rates, the spread of AIDS in Asia, Africa, Western Europe, and the Americas would permit Moscow to take over the world almost without firing a shot."

          "The Lesson of the Merchant of Venice",
          Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.,
          Executive Intelligence Review, November 1, 1985


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