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"Now, quite another function has developed from this originally useful service. The stock market and the science of finance presently play with fictions. They are a magical legerdemain with figures and a systematic distortion effected by certain circles in the transition from production to marketing. The masters of the modern stock market use mass hypnosis and doctored news to create panics. They deliberately inflame every pathological impulse so that from a healthy activity of exchange in economic life there have developed caprice and universal dissolution. This financial science is not even international; it is simply Jewish. Economic disruption among the Nordic peoples comes from their attempt to fit into their system of life this unnatural Levantine manipulation which is based on purely parasitic instincts. This process, if finally successful, will bring utter destruction to all the natural prerequisites of our life. The science of the Dawes's plan and the supervision exercised by the bankers and their controlled press over the reporting of political news, is thoroughly anti German.""By repeatedly associating the real concept of economy, with the gambling fiction known as a financial market, anybody who is not educated in real physical science can quickly become confused." (1)


1. Why The Financial Crisis Has Nothing To Do With Money

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