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Nazi Rosenberg & LaRouche: Defense of Plato

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Plato as "divine" and a "genius":...
...the divine Platon is a completely different figure from that presented to us by theologians and professors. From Homeros to Platon, nature and love have been one, just as the highest art in Hellas remained racially connected.Let us refer to that quality of mind required as the type of "the universal genius," such as Plato, Cusa, Kepler, Fermat, Leibniz, J.S. Bach, Ludwig Beethoven, and Bernhard Riemann. (1)
...but very different from Socrates.
It was because of Platon that Sokrates was immortalised, and is, even today, honoured by armchair great men. Greek genius must recognise Platon as the man who, in the midst of a great decomposition, represented sober prudence. He loved this man, Sokrates, and so created an eternal monument for him. Platon placed the words of his own soul in the mouth of Sokrates. Thus, the true Sokrates vanished from the world. Only a few passages in Platon truly refer to him.Now, then, you have to go, then, to Plato. And read, and study Plato. Because, what is Plato? Plato is the young genius of his time, who, after the death of Socrates, emerged with a group of people, including the greatest of the surviving Pythagoreans and others, and produced an Academy of young people around him, who were the great scientific thinkers of that period. (2)
Viewed from this aspect of historical development, such a genius as Platon appears to have squandered his entire spirit on this man (Sokrates, note) and presents him with immortality. Platon was essentially an aristocrat, an Olympian fighter, a formative artist, and a profound thinker. At the end of his life he wished to save his people racially by enacting a powerful constitution. None of this was Socratic; it was the last great flowering of the Hellenic spirit..
and opposed to his "logical" scientific method:.
As the Jewish dogma has corrupted religion, so Platon's scientific method, hostile to life, has corrupted European philosophy. Aristoteles was its systematic diffuser, and Hegel its last great pupil. Logic is the science of god, said Hegel. These words are an affront to a truly Nordic religion. It is the antithesis of all that is truly German and all that was truly Greek. These words are truly Socratic. It is not surprising therefore that university professors have canonised Hegel along with Sokrates....

This is what the American "NS Publications" (National-Socialist/Nazis) comments about Plato's Republic:

"The Republic Plato—This great classic work on governance by the best of a people, this book details—from a firmly anti-democratic standpoint—the measures needed to establish an authoritarian racial state. Find out how National Socialist philosophers were so enthusiastic about this visionary work and why it makes liberals so nervous. Are we ready for Plato's philosopher-king? Stimulating. 472p-sc $9"

From: NS Publications (PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION)


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• Ideology and Philosophy Foundations for White Nationalism: The Socratic/LaRouche Method's appeal to the Nazi White supremacists, at
• Plato's Dialectic v. Hegel and Marx: An Evaluation of Five Revolutions by (revisionist) David L. Hoggan at

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