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LaRouche claims: The “(Tony) Blair forces” created the Justice for Jeremiah campaign (i.e. blaming LaRouche for being responsible of Jeremiah's death) to cover up the fact that Blair "murdered David Kelly"...
FACT: the VERY lawyer defending the Duggan family, Ms. Swaine happens to be the SAME lawyer trying to re-open the case of Dr. Kelly’s death! Oops! ...

LaRouche's myth of "Plato v. Aristotle":

LaRouche says: "The entirety of the history of European culture from the third century A.D. has centered on an irreconcilable conflict between the republican heritage of Plato and the oligarchical heritage of Aristotle" (1)
FACT: Neo-Platonist Nicholas of Cusa (and rated by LaRouche at the highest level in his "Pantheon of Humanists") strongly disagreed: "there seems no difference between them..." and warned that "This (Aristotelian, LP note) sect regards as heresy [the method of] the coincidence of opposites." (Cusa,"A Defense of Learned Ignorance"). More on this LaRouche-concocted "Plato v. Aristotle" myth here.

LaRouche's myth of "Slavery":


1. "EUROPE IN A NEW DARK AGE"; preface to "The Final defeat of Ayatollah Khomeini," 1982, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., Sept. 1981.

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