LaRouche: Who Does He Think He Is?

The present destructiveness in Lyn (Lyndon LaRouche, note), like in the famous Goya’s painting “Saturn devouring his son” cannot be reduced only to the frustrations derived by the fact that ALL of his “vice-presidents”, ALL of his “number 2s” and moreover ALL of his wives (at least the last 3) betrayed him. The real problem, which is shaping his character since long, is terror.
Terror to admit that he has a flow, terror to admit that he makes mistake, terror to recognize bad judgments. Terror to recognize that he is a normal man.
If it is true, as Lyn says that God cannot be at the same time omniscient and omnipotent, than this is even more true for Lyn himself. But, Lyn seems to have chosen to try to be omnipotent, at least inside his small group of follower. He would destroy even the world if the world shows sign of disagreement with his fantasies.

Source: My memories about the Larouches by former Larouchie member Dino De Paoli, Dec. 9, 2006.

  1. LaRouche believes he is (always) right
  2. LaRouche believes he is the the world' s best forecaster (and an economist) .
  3. LaRouche believes he is a genius.
  4. LaRouche believes he is the author of Reagan's SDI and cracked the Soviet Empire.
  5. LaRouche believes he is an "Influential Political Thinker"
  6. LaRouche believes he is "in the image of God"
  7. LaRouche believes he is a scientist
  8. LaRouche believes he is (philosophically) a "Leibnizian/Platonist"

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