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3.5 Anti-Semitic Overtones

Since the mid- to late 1970s and parallel to the previously mentioned tilt to the right as well as the initial contact with the right-wing extremist American Liberty Lobby, “anti-Zionist” slogans have been a continuous component of the LO hack writing. Several formulations on the Nazi annihilation of the Jews border on those found in right-extreme, revisionist agitation. 39 Noteworthy in this context is the article “The Zionist Holocaust Today” authored by Zepp-LaRouche on the occasion of the film “Holocaust.” 40 Similar to the recent film “Schindler’s List”, at that time “Holocaust” served the right-wing scene as a peg for propaganda campaigns and coups. In this context and time, Zepp-Larouche claimed in her tract that “Zionist-British circles” were kindling a “completely artificial and controlled faux-debate” with this film, and moreover, were themselves just at the point of “toppling the world into a holocaust, next to which the crimes of the Nazis appear to be a charity function.” 41
Moreover, LO writings frequently refer to the historic “classic” of the anti-Semitic conspiracy myth, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as a trustworthy document. The statements made in The Protocols more or less simply need to be refined, so that one doesn’t speak “generally” of a Jewish conspiracy, but limits this to circles such as the Jewish B’nai B’rith. 42 The campaign waged with long-standing continuity against the Jewish “Freemason” organization B’nai B’rith and its Anti-Defamation League is, however, carried out with an insistency that can only be described as obsessive. This section of the American Jewish community has become the central object of hatred for the LO, for, among other things its uncompromising reporting and support for investigating agencies in connection with criminal proceedings against the LO. 43 In addition, outbursts against the state of Israel (“British zombie-state”, “criminal state” that is distinguished by “Nazi-like bestiality” etc.) also belong to the regularly used speech patterns, particularly those meant for internal consumption. 44
One cannot, however, speak here of the stringent anti-Semitic worldview of those who provided the ideological impetus of the NSDAP and the neo-Nazi groups of the postwar period. The LO’s anti-Semitism is far closer to one of the numerous variants of the anti-Freemason anti-Semitic conspiracy myth. 45 The outbursts here are not directed towards “Everyjew” per se, but towards a specific group of “bad Jews” – the “Jew, who is not really a Jew”, the “Babylonian Jews”, “the Satanic version of the Talmud” 46 – on whom, however, the excommunicative spotlight of the LaRouche inquisition falls even harder. We see here, therefore, some ingredients from the ideological stew of the turn of the twentieth century and early 1920s, woven into LaRouche’s previously discussed anti-British conspiracy myth.


39. For citations, see Boland (fn.7), pp. 6-8. Formulations such as “Fascist disease called Zionism” were common well into the 1990s.
40. Neue Solidarität from 25 January 1979.
41. Among other statements they wrote: “The Zionist-British circles, which have produced and propagated the film “Holocaust” and whose representatives in the Federal Republic have now provoked a completely artificial and controlled faux-debate around this film, are today at the point of toppling the world into a holocaust next to which the crimes of the Nazis appear to be a charity function. The Zionist-British policy deliberately risks toppling the world into a nuclear holocaust, and precisely because of this, there is not the slightest difference between the morality of the Zionists and that of the worst Nazis.” Further citations in the book by Fromm/Kernbach (fn.1), p. 131.
42. Compare Müller/Lorscheid, (footnote 6), pp. 115-116 as well as King, (footnote 2), pp. 38-46.
43. Above all, outbursts against the ADL belong to the basic vocabulary of internal pronouncements by Larouche: Circles allied with the ADL are the powerbrokers behind the assassinations of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi; the ADL is “one of the leading pro-drug lobby organizations in the world.” Supporters of the ADL are “the lowest scum on this planet” (May 22, 1991); the authors of the murderous attack on Jürgen Ponto are “the British. Those were our enemies. Those were friends of the ADL. Bronfman’s friends” (April 3, 1991); Bronfman and Galinski are “butchers and criminals, enemies of mankind” (September 19, 1990). In 1992, the LO in the USA came out with a special pamphlet with the title “The Ugly Truth about the ADL”, where the ADL was, among other things, denigrated as: “a branch of the British intelligence and secret societies”; “closer to the racist Ku Klux Klan than to Judaism”; “closer to the Medellin cocaine cartel than to any civil rights group” or “at the center of the corruption of our most valuable institutions: the schools, the courts and elected representatives of the people.”
44. In one place, LaRouche claimed in a “campaign statement” from January 10, 1991, that Israel was heavily involved in the “international drug trade from Medellin to the far East”, even if in addition some legal diamonds and “who knows, perhaps also some used foreskins” were also exported. Israel is characterized by the adoption of “evil as such” (February 10, 1991).
45. See Armin Pfahl-Traughber, Der antisemitisch-antifreimaurerische Verschwörungsmythos in der Weimarer Republik und dem NS-Staat (The Anti-Semitic-Anti-Freemason Conspiracy Myth in the Weimar Republic and the Nazi State), Wien 1993.
46. For example, LaRouche in an internal paper, “On Methodology in Intelligence Work”, from September 11, 1990. This variant of “Babylonian Jews” is identical with the “Pantheon of the Mother of Satan, Ishtar and her son, Baal, Beelzebub, etc.” or the type of “oligarchs practicing extortion.”

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