Vol. V, Number 17 (1974)


by Scott Thompson & security staff

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This paper is intended to brief members on Centers for Change and its relation to the NCLC. In the process of mapping this polymorphic grouping over the past several months, the LC has been provided with clinical evidence of totally destructive social relations reinforced by certain methods of brainwashing which once initiated in a core group have become self perpetuating. (See related NCLC "Campaigner" articles.) This particular investigation intersects already with some of the NAG and other countergang activity being mapped for both Europe and the United States. The picture is not yet totally clear. What is essential now, however, is that membership begin to internalize a psycho logical understanding of this process. It must be understood that failure to develop such sensuous gestalts of the enemy means we cannot become effective mass leaders.

Fundamentally the CFC is a parasitical countergang formation which is governed internally by a lesbian patriarchy. The paranoid schizophrenic state characterizing this family has become self perpetuating as members have accumulated years of experience in the employ of touchy/feely, attack group techniques. Since participation in such brainwashing sessions is the only real criterion for membership, CFC has been capable of numerical growth without threat of qualitative changes in its content. Further, the group has the potential to incorporate within its programmed, and/infantile state the dead, formal elements of any world view so as to meet the counterinsurgency needs of the moment.

For example, at first contact with the LC in November 1973 CFCers mindlessly chanted various gay, women's liberation and Maoist movement slogans. After 10 months of assimilating LC politics they have learned to repeat the formulas "Class for Itself" and "Classwide Organization or Human Annihilation." Since splitting almost on bloc (k) from NCLC, CFC has undergone a corresponding metamorphosis from the service group it was, when initially encountered, to become the International Workers Party (IWP), a counterpoint countergang. This is to say that, while the IWP lays stress upon the fullest formal agreement when addressing a member of the NCLC or its periphery and keeps its mutually exclusive disagreements with LC politics soto vocco, it does exactly the reverse when speaking to a non LCer, a person from the New Alternatives Group (NAG) for example.

Politically, this curiosity of countergang warfare technology is significant only to the extent that its cultivated insanity provides clinical material which is of use in reflecting upon our own blocks to development. In other word the following documented account of the method by which menticide was perpetrated upon CFC IWPers is written with the intention that it will further enable LC members to internalize the coherent world view represented by the NCLC tendency, without which, anyone can be brainwashed.

It was apparent from the beginning that several CFCers were severely psychologically damaged and that the group as a whole was not quite the community and left group service organization it appeared. The only way, however, to discover the precise "dementions" of this group's pathology was to initiate an extensive polemic around CFCers barely verbalizeable "serve the people" Maoist nonsense. In this process the handful of still viable people who were known to be within the organization could be broken free.

During November December, 1973, this polemic was focused around joint forums in defense of two framed Revolutionary Youth Movement organizers (the RYM II). In the midst of a section in one such forum that was directed at how the CIA had manipulated ghetto mothers' fears into the mass brainwashing "monkey in the jungle" line, CFCers began to chant: "sexist, sexist, sexist." A member of another left group then engaged in united front work with NUWRO came very close to the truth when he intervened saying: "you people are mindless; you can't think!"

In January February, as part of the general educational polemic, CFCers were induced to attend [Lyndon LaRouche]'s lecture series on "Beyond Psychoanalysis." Exposure to the revolutionary content of this work threatens the integrity of CFCers matriarchal family grouping. This precipitated a felt, ago preservation need to play a °magical trick" of simple nominalism and attach the world "proletarian" in front of CFC's touchy feely attack group "psychotherapy."

Similarly, in January, [JR] as head of the CFC Communications Section initiated publication of "Right On Time" (ROT), a 16 page weekly parody of NS. ROT's only real content was reprints, and bowlderizations of NS articles, which were best circulated in NS. ROT's intended function, therefore, was to serve as an internal forum for editorial content aimed at translating LC politics into Newmanese (the theories of [FN] who by another "magic trick" was the nominal head of CFC).

... the NCLC in their chaotic and confused and disunited response to uncovering the plots against them produces a situation which, by their own logic, is most conducive to the CIA takeover. What in fact is accomplished is total chaos and confusion: a confusion that is a commonplace brainwashing technique in our society ... used against the masses ... What we offer here and will continue to use a supportive criticism of the NCLC and an appeal to all revolutionaries to do the same.
(ROT, February 1, 1974)

In addition ROT gave CFCers the ego gratification of having "their own paper to sell."

The most telling occurrence, however, was the rapid deterioration of mental health in those previously adjusted LC children who came into close contact with CFCers through a joint daycare program initiated in March. Within a few short weeks LC children began to lock themselves in rooms to engage in inserting pencils up one another's rectums. The origins of this behavior were inferentially pinpointed in a low profile investigation that drew upon the unique example of one CFCer, [AG]. [AG] practiced placing her child in a circle of CFC women, anyone of whom would pick the child up when it expressed a desire for simple loving care.

When such Kresh practices (which rob the child of a primary, coherent social relationship through which to mediate its existence) become standard, total schizophrenia is induced. The terror occasioned by an inability to differentiate a consistent mode of behavior that corresponds to a primary love response, reduced the child to that anal/infantile state when its mother's loving attention is most intense and invariant. [AG] was, incidentally, starving the child, a practice which in its total denial of any rights and privileges to the child is guaranteed to reinforce anal oriented activity appropriate to "mother's little shit maker." As soon as qualified LC personnel with a superior conception of human value asserted control over the daycare and quietly removed the most contagious CFCers, LC children rapidly recovered.

Following this study it was decided that the polemic being waged must be intensified so as to split off ruthlessly all "self styled socialists" and hear psychotic "petit bourgeois circles." This political intervention led to CFC bringing almost the entirety of its membership intact into united front work with NUWRO. This line fed CFCers by their leadership at the time was that while NCLC was the intellectual vanguard of the class, CFC had a useful role to play as the "rear" guard. (Only our later study of CFC sexual practices allowed us to fully understand this theory of turning one's backside to CIA agents and Tavistock.)

CFC, however, continued to make political errors demonstrating a degree of failure to comprehend real human psychology which could never, be duplicated by a working class group engaged in united front work. Exemplary of this was an April 20 ROT article entitled "Gay Movement Hooks Up With LEAA" which offered an uncritical united front with those sectors of the gay movement that remained "liberated" from direct tics with the LEAA/CIA. Thus, CFC, without even discussing the matter with NUWRO leadership, had proposed that [t]here was no fundamental differences between working class mothers and fathers and the inherently ZPG Gay Movement.

As a result of those blunders it was decided early in May by the NUWRO leadership and NCLC that CFC would no longer be permitted to participate in united front work. Those CFCers who were committed to the politics of these organizations, however, could join in working with one as they saw fit. CFC's Central Committee met following this and decided to disband CFC on June 1, 1974. It further recommended that all CFCers should become LC cadre. While the full significance was not appreciated at the time, [FN] who had apparently voted in favor of those decisions (any decision required consensus), became hysterical the morning after and began to call [LaRouche] and other NCLC members "CIA agents." When he saw that this had little or no effect upon the majority of CFCers, he permitted his "wives," [HD] and [GE] who had both been instrumental in the decision, to calm him down.

This decision would have never passed if [JR], the only non elected member of CFC's Central Committee, had been present. At the time, [JR] was on the West Coast, where he had been sent to contact the BPP, somewhat mysteriously in place of [FN] who feared a "setup." When [JR] returned, he and David Sokolitski (a new member of CFC who also worked with the RU's "Taxi Rank and File Council") agitated around the deliberate lies that NCLC is "sexist, racist and fascist." [JR] also found he could not influence the majority of CFCers and left along with a small group including Sokolitski, Jennie Collins (a person who crops up later), his child by [AG] whom he kidnaps and others. [JR] and Sokolitski were soon to reappear in "White Lightening," a group of RU periphery who do support work for the BLA and were hey in the takeover of Lincoln Hospital for purposes of brainwashing MLA zombies.

As a result of the circumstances surrounding [JR]'s departure and of the prospect that most CFCers would join NCLC, a Security/Counterintelligence study was undertaken. The study found that [JR] was a traveler type agent, and that once in CFC, he was instrumental in transferring CFC from a community services organization into a left support group of a Maoist tendency. (A growing tendency amongst countergangs has been an aboveground support group(s) coupled with an underground terrorist wing.)

[JR]'s "leftist credentials" would be impressive I any "socialist" countergang, let along e counterculture collective. They include:

co founder of the Liberation News Service [the CIA R & R apa for traveler agents between major infiltration assignments] and of RYP/Off, ghost author of Jerry Rubin's "Do It!," founder of the "Spectator" [ many on the staff of this Indiana University . rag worked with Bill Harris, late of the SLA, in the Black Theatre Workshop], organizer of the '67 Pentagon Demo, the '68 Chicago convention, the '69 Days of Rage, the '70 New Haven May Day, the '71 Washington May Day.
("CFC" Red Book, 1971)

Following his being summoned before a grand jury investigation of the '71 Washington May Day demo in which he was implicated as part of a Weatherman conspiracy to bomb the capital, he surfaced in CFC in the Fall of 1971.

It is significant that [JR] who "did not understand the psychological aspects of our (CFC's) work," excused himself from CFC's mandatory brainwashing sessions, and yet was co opted to the Central Committee of this "psychotherapeutic community." Had he participated in the mind destroying sessions, he would have lost his value as an agent.

While [JR] was continuously introducing various "serve the people" Maoist slogans, his real opportunity did not occur until the Spring of 1973 when he was put in charge of the newly created "Communications Section." (CFCMC) which began with an "I'm Proud of My Gay Son" (CFCMC, July 10, 1973) approach and built by the Fall to articles of uncritical support for such "left" countergangs as the BLA and RU's "Rank & File Council." (CFCMC, November 13, 1973).

In addition, the study uncovered that [FN] had an unusual record of being fired from 6-8 universities for various juvenile "political" actions such as giving all students "As," yet he always managed to get another job. Most importantly, it was learned that he had corresponded with R.D. Laing. It was reported at the time that as a result of this correspondence, a copy of the first edition of "Power and Authority" [FN]'s major theoretical work had found its way to Tavistock where it was supposed to have created a favorable stir. This was suspicious, but not conclusive and so the report recommended that each CFCer intending to join the LC be interrogated. This method was soon modified because of its low yield and the paranoia it was generating among CFCers. It was instead decided that each ex CFC, LC cadre must be intensively organized and that all ex CFCers who were not willing to do so would be dispersed.

The importance for membership to understand the necessity of a rigorous adherence to basic mental health procedures, both for oneself and one's comrades, is exemplified by the failure to continuously polemicize against the backward tendencies of ex CFC, LC cadre. During that period from their joining the LC to the July Cadre School and redeployment, ex CFCers were able to maintain an underground existence with:

1) "secret" brainwashing sessions involving ex CFCers, NUWRO contacts, and occasionally even LC cadre, using the cover of ex CFCers' polygamous, communal living arrangements;
2) with attempts to "recruit" LC members with specific psychological problems, especially an unresolved tendency, or fear, of lesbianism and homosexuality; and
3) with an internal "briefing" (rumor) network, complete with printed briefings and, later, telephoned briefings to ex CFCers deployed to other regions.

By mid-July it was determined that former leaders of CFC must undergo sessions to free them from the self degrading family bonds that destroyed their potential for development.

In a late July session, Carol W. began to probe for the real motives which lay behind the Blimpie sandwich, or play school, bunk bed relationship between [HD], [FN] and [GE]. This immediately precipitated in [FN] a hysterical "I'm gonna take my ball home with me and play with it" explosion. From [HD] who has characterized NCLC's concern with matters of psycho sexual hygiene as "banal" there issued the tongue in cheek comment: "Neither [GE] nor I could really 'get off' on [FN], so we decided we should all three have sex together." Thus, after only a few short minutes of such questioning, [FN] had determined that there were "fundamental theoretical errors" in "Beyond Psychoanalysis." It was agreed that [FN] should make these differences clear in a "position" paper, while the other CFCers continued in their functions, including completion of the N.Y. petition drive to begin on August 3. The full psychological implications of this incident were not generally understood at the time and will be discussed slightly later.

Simultaneous with this agreement, ex CFCers began to tighten their internal network. [HD] immediately briefed ex CFCers in outlying regions that a "faction fight" was brewing. Under the guise of classes on "Dialectical Economics" by [FN] (attended by upwards of 20 CFCers), all night brainwashing sessions were instituted. These sessions so debilitated participants, both mentally and physically, that there were frequent mass "sick outs" from the petitioning on the day(s) following.

This impending "faction fight" coincided with the August 5th activation of a CIA orchestrated NAG III attack and quickly became politically co opted by the NAG group as well. It was later learned that as early as July 29 Kester had told an LC friend: "I'm with [FN]; there'll be a faction fight after the petitioning." On August 13, [HD], [FN], and many other ex CFCers met with the NAG III "Red Flag" group of Kester, Jacobs and Arnall at the apartment of the CIA safe house operator, Mike Bolan. Jacobs was quickly suckered into presenting his paper on "Stalinism in the LC" when Kester phoned him saying "There's a lot of people who've heard about you and really want to hear your paper." There were numerous individual meetings between the NAG III Mouseketeers and evidence that at least one sexual liaison may have been formed between the NAG III and ex CFCers. Other grassroots connections remain to be researched: one is Kester's stay at the main CFC commune in January immediately before she was quarantined as a potential brainwashee; another is a CFC "patient" with a long history who sent a copy of the vicious "Night Watch" slander against "Beyond Psychoanalysis" to an LC acquaintance of Paul "Kangaroo Court" Kengas as early as March.

As a result of this accumulating evidence to the effect that CFCers were being co-opted into a CIA attack they did not understand [LaRouche] gave the International Briefing on august 18. In it he exposed certain CIA links to NAG, warned CFCers that [JR] had undoubtedly profiled everyone, and forced CFCers to take a stand. [HD] who spoke for the CFC "faction" was at least in the right ball park at the time when she said that the NAG group was "clouding otherwise principled disagreements."

CFC sessions continued heavily all week. By August 25, CFCers had deteriorated to the point where they hung in the back of the room during [LaRouche]'s International Briefing on Bucharest and publicly engaged in lesbian and homosexual "petting." Following this, in an all night session, CFCers finalized plans for a new organization the International Workers Party (IWP). It is symptomatic of the devastating effect which the one to six years of attack group therapy most CFCers have had, that the self consciousness awakened by 10 months of serious political discussion could be snuffed out within a few short weeks. In all 40 out of 47 ex CFC, LC cadre withdrew with most not saying a word and several not even reading the "factional documents" involved.

In essence, the only CFCers who survived the wreckage of the IWP were those who had formed new social relations outside the paranoid schizophrenic CFC family. In NYC, where there was the "densest" CFC cluster, the only ex CFCers who remained were either new members, primarily attracted by LC politics or those sufficiently self confident to remain in the periphery of CFC polygamous relations and sessions. Of the group which had been willing to be redeployed, the only survivors were those in the Detroit region where CFC gossip cliques were not tolerated, and even of this group, only a subset remained who had formed heterosexual, paired love relationships.

The results of this unique experiment refute IWP's assertion that "sexual practices have nothing whatsoever to so with political persuasions . to deal with politics on this level is to banalize discussion." It is symptomatic of the mental murder which CFC practices occasion that the only lasting effect which the sudden withdrawal of 34 ex CFCers has had upon the NYC membership, especially the Regional, has been an immediate upturn in morale. The National has hardly been affected one way or another.

At this time, Security initiated a study to uncover the method and control agent of the CFC group. [FN] by virtue of his theoretician in residence and Tavistock connections had previously appeared to be key. [FN] was the only member of CFC who had gotten much beyond the "ZAP!" comics level of political study (with the exception of [HD] and the departed [JR], who had memorized Mao's "Red Book"). He was, therefore, able to manipulate any political discussion which might occur with CFC on the basis of this "authority." ("In the land of the blind, the one eyed is king.")

His "powers of persuasion" had been noted by the fact that in a 12 hour session in 1971 he had raised $100,00, playing on petit bourgeois guilt and even managed to get a current member of the IWP to embezzle $30,000 from his father's trust fund. Further, an examination of his "Power and Authority" and "Transformation of Feelings," the latter having been submitted for funding to the infamous Rabinowitz Clinic, seemed to indicate that [FN] was, at least, the leading apologist for the vicious Tavistockian ego stripping that led CFCers to confuse the self with a "turd" of approximate "proletarian smallness." The fact that the shock troops for these theories were women were attributed to the IWP family phenomenon discussed in [LaRouche]'s Internal Documents on the IWP. Briefly this situation is one where the male leadership pumps their wives full of their vitriolic hatred for rivals in the bedroom and then sends them out into the world to commit mayhem. This leaves the men to perform a "cleaner," more academic sort of throat slitting. Thus, [FN]'s hysterical outburst at joining the LC and in the session with Carol had been attributed to fear of losing his personal "empire" and his "harem."

This hypothesis, on re examination, did not adequately explain a number of incidents. First, there were [FN]'s general schlemiel behavior with CFCers, especially the women[?], and his virtual restraint during the "faction period" from any political discussion even though a number of public meetings were held as a potential forum. Also, there was [HD]'s totally patronizing comments towards [FN], during the session, which the IWP phenomenon could in now way explain. Finally, during the de briefing of an ex CFCer who had remained in the LC, a staff member broke through to hit on the agent and method of control. The key phrase was simply: "If you can get [HD], the rest will follow." What this unconscious control statement implies is that the actual content binding the CFC family is the most sadistic of human relations, namely lesbianism, and that the focus of this matriarchal society was the touchy/feely mother image herself, "Body Control" [HD].

Thus, the real content of "proletarian psychotherapy" is the reduction of the male's self conception to the same anal/infantile state of "mother's little shit maker," as in the case of [AG]'s child. A major prerequisite for this is the deliberate destruction in CFC attack group sessions of any heterosexual relationships, especially a paired, love relationship such as marriage implies, and the encouragement instead of lesbian and homosexual relations. A man who is engaged in a relationship with two or more lesbians becomes nothing more than a masturbatory object who provides the initial cover fantasy and encasing[?] occasionally a handy ectoplasm projection upon which, in [HD]'s words, the women "get off."

Such a banding together of "witch mothers" is the best arrangement for emasculating the male, since it generates the same terrorized flight from reality experienced when a child is deprived of a single, invariant love relationship to which other events in the world can be referred in order to make a realistic judgment of their meaning. When the mother acts in a schizophrenic manner or when there are more than one "mother," a sadomasochistic relationship is established where love is seemingly given and withdrawn in an indeterminate manner, thus making the world a magical realm where one must engage in continuous, propitiatory groveling before the "witch."

While lesbianism is the basic direction of this touchy/feely, anal oriented sensitivity within CFC, it is polymorphous in the extreme and can be aroused by any organism by which an organism can be obtained. One demoralized LC member who became involved with an ex CFCer, a woman who was already a participant in a lesbian ménage a quatre, was finally rescued by comrades when he remarked that he was "even becoming jealous of the dog." Subsequent investigation shows there was an objective basis to these fears as at least two cases of CFCers practicing bestiality with dogs have been uncovered. (It was been suggested that those members of Intercourse With Pets-IWP--who still suffer from pangs of hypocrisy in this regard might best serve humanity by returning to their CFC community service and orientation in order to produce chastity belts for all dog lovers who are in the vicinity of a Tavistockian organization.)

The best clinical evidence of CFC's brainwashing method is provided by the relationship between [HD], [FN], and [GE]. [FN] first met [HD] at CCNY in 1968 where he had settled as a professor of philosophy following two broken marriages. Both he and [HD] were already involved in activities that would encourage an extremely degraded self conception. For [FN] this consisted of helping organize touchy/feely sensitivity sessions in the Philosophy Department (seemingly oriented towards bedding a number of the sweet young "things" he encountered in his classes.) [HD], who was 18 at the time, also participated in such sessions at CCNY. Further, she was active in the anarcho-syndicalist, student street group "If . Then" (I . T), a direct ancestor of CFC which was described in the CFC "Red Book" as having:

prided itself on putting out the most obscene brochures and pamphlets in the whole city filthy incredibly offensive.

I . T had the same content as those countergangs created by top CIA operative McGeorge Bundy at this time to isolate the NCLC tendency emerging around the 1960 Columbia strike by providing an aversive environment for creating Mark Rudd type crazies.

[FN] and [HD] maintained a "steady relationship" from 1968 on in the sense that while they were both sexually involved with numerous others and frequently broke up, they always returned to one another. Finally, in 1972, while [HD] was traveling in Europe, [FN] was able to form a monogamous relationship with [GE] that was progressing reasonably well, given the circumstances in CFC. [HD] eventually wrote, breaking up those four months of semi sanity, to say that she wanted to become re involved with [FN]. The proviso she attached was that the relationship must include another woman, leaving the matter of recruitment up to [FN]. When [GE] refused this arrangement on [HD]'s return, [FN] and [HD] sought out [AG] (who at the time was involved with [JR]). This did not work out (being closer to the bourgeois heterosexual practice of "wife swapping"), so they returned to work on [GE]. In order to persuade [GE] that "lesbianism" is best they enlisted the support of Maurice Stahl and Lew [Katoff], to "family therapists" to whom we will return later.

We had now uncovered the control agent and the method of control, but before this knowledge could be internalized and the investigation proceed, it was necessary to make certain prophylactic interventions into the staff. Members had to be scraped off the walls and pulled out from under the tables where they had temporarily sought refuge from the prolonged immersion in NAG CFC "personal lives." With this underway, we were able to synthesize this knowledge and our preliminary profiling of [JR] into a set of probable criterion for determining other agents in CFC. Briefly these criterion were: 1) someone who appeared in terms of political and psychological training to be "overqualified" relative to the typically self degraded and inactive CFCer; 2) someone who is rapidly promoted up the CFC hierarchy and is instrumental in changing this group's "packaging;" 3) someone who for any given reason does not participate as a brainwashee in CFC attack group sessions; and 4) someone who does not remain with CFC.

When those criteria were developed for ex CFC, LC cadre who remained after the split, the first person whose name cropped up was Larry Gould. Although Gould was a founding member of CFC he is not usually mentioned and when his name was brought up with a leading IWPer, she became extremely anxious. He is a professor in the Psychology Department at CCNY and is known to have spent a year at the Tavistock Institute where he studied child psychology and group therapy (a sure sign that the is either a conscious agent or no longer capable of consciousness). Various anecdotes from ex CFCers implicate Gould as the central figure in brainwashing scenes that involved CFC members at their households.

Gould is also known to have been a therapist leading sensitivity sessions in the second year of the Robin Hood Relearning Center, which was founded by CFC in the Fall of 1969 and which was to provide the experiential basis for the later establishment of CFC's major Centers "Brainwashing" Clinic. It was through Gould that [FN] learned that everyone at Tavistock was talking about "Power and Authority." Although Gould was seen in the company of CFCers as late as April 1974, the "official" version is that he was politely expelled following a brief tour at Robin Hood Relearning Center because he was not a "good worker."

The next person whose name emerged was [JP], a black magic oriented "street person" who tumbled out of feminist and movement circles on the Lower East Side. [JP] was recruited along with a handful of others, some of whom merit further investigation, as a result of CFC's "factional work" within the Summerhill Society in 1970. The Summerhill Collective which resulted from CFC's infiltration/then factionalize tactic was a more polygamous transparency of the parent group in the realm of free education and has provided many of the leading people in CFC's programs to brainwash youth. [JP] almost immediately took a leading role in CFC's "feminist consciousness raising" (initiated in the Fall of 1969) and agitated for some kind of daycare school program.

Though totally unqualified even in a bourgeois technical sense, [JP] was put in charge of the Centers School that was founded in the Spring of 1971. During the six months she headed the program she was a leading exponent of such practices as organized "shit flinging" in order "to liberate children from any bourgeois hang ups of being shit." This precursor of [AG]'s more sophisticated methods is guaranteed to have the same results. Such practices which destroy the child's most human quality, his tendency towards self directed, creative play, must necessarily reduce the typical parent in capitalist society to an anxiety state where they either smother the child or withdraw, out of guilt, from any attempt at a love relationship.

CFC further encouraged this reaction by refusing parents admission to the school and by requiring that the parents themselves "undergo" therapy which, as we know, would only enhance their feeling of helpless alienation. One instance has been uncovered of an agreement between CFC, playing the soft cop, and the Bureau of Child Welfare, playing the hard cop, to subject a "problem" family to this treatment. (We will further investigate the overlaps in personnel and groups.) [JP] drifted away after six months of inducing psychosis on CFC and CFC periphery children. She did maintain partial contact which included bringing back reports of a place in Brooklyn where people "put electrodes in my head," sending her psychotic, half blind boyfriend who lived in a truck to terrorize CFCers with arson attempts, and, most importantly, introducing [AG] to [JR]. It is not known whether [JP] was a bottom level agent informer, or simply a manipulated dupe, but the fact that such an obviously insane individual was put in charge of CFC's education program for youth, illustrated the poverty of CFC's leadership's judgment.

When the preceding analysis was presented to the NYC Regional on August 29, an LC member made some connections via Larry Gould and CCNY which takes us much further up the level of CFC IWP operations. Based on their knowledge of CCNY, the following picture is emerging. In the 60s, top CIA operative Kenneth Clark chaired CCNY's Psychology Department, introducing programs for nationalist oriented training of future poverty pimps and for group sensitivity therapy. In 1969, the Psychology Department Alumni Association and Student Government were all involved in getting students enrolled from the National Training Laboratories (founded by the top CIA and Tavistock operative, Kurt Lewin), two weeks training course; a "sensitivity retreat" held at Bethel, Maine and upstate New York. Students at the time report that people returning from the programs seemed extremely disassociated.

One of the key figures in organizing this affair was Larry Gould. In addition to the previous information on Gould it appears that, although he did not receive tenure until 1973, he has taken frequent sabbaticals to England since 1969 and has taught only group sensitivity sessions.

Another figure involved in the Reesian swamp is Maurice Stahl, who was [FN]'s, [GE]'s and [HD]'s "family therapist" and who worked with [FN] for 3 years. (Also included is Lew [Katoff] who has about the same history with CFC as Stahl.) Like Gould, Stahl is primarily behaviorist trained, but has taught only group therapy and sessions since 1969. Currently his specialty is group dynamics: how to control them, manipulate them, and how to locate the "high status" and "scapegoat" members.

When the official student government "retreats were being organized, Gould, Stahl and other professors like [FN] initiated the current Ricourso inter departmental, experimental education program which was sensitivity group oriented. The groups run by the particular individuals noted herein are known to have been especially oriented toward young, peripherally political women, like [HD], who were involved in the women's movement. Out of this Tavistockian environment, I . I and later CFC IWP were created.

The founding document of the IWP which was issued on August 26 in essence says: "You can have your cake [LC politics] and eat each other too." Apart from the obvious implementation this implies, the document lays out plans for redeployment to eight regional positions within two weeks that would leave a seven member national "intelligence" staff in NYC to scribe from NCLC briefings and NS articles for their newspaper, the International Worker. The first issue of this paper, which appeared on September 6, is a reply of the ROT in content the only difference being a more technically proficient duplication of the NS format resulting from the training given six IWPers in Solidarity production. The major articles consisted of NS "Stop Rocky" rehashes with "editorial comment" as to why NCLC cannot do this provided by the first part of a serialized version of [FN]'s "faction document," "Idealism and Mass Paranoia in the LC" which requires someone [.] highly competent in human psychology to uncover any semblance of internal coherency. Comic relief is provided by a reprint of Kester's (or Galen's) faked "ICLC Internal Documents," [LaRouche], His Goons, and You," together with IWP's "supportive criticism" parts of which are quoted below.

While IWPers also state in their founding document that they would continue to perform such previously agreed upon tasks as petitioning, this was cut short on August 27 when it was discovered that while gathering petitions in Jennette Washington's district, IWPers had also handed out a leaflet which charged NCLC with "paranoid idealism." Even though IWPers agreed to stop such Segretti style counter organizing, most were no longer able to perform even this simple task. Reports on IWPers who visited the NYC Regional to complete back petitions include accounts of acute anxiety whenever any political discussion took place near them, and one instance where an IWPer curled up fetal position on the follow with a book of fairy tales.

IWP has launched a recruitment drive aimed at ex LCer of the Bavarian and NAG variety, NYC NUWRO contacts, and LC members who might be vulnerable either through newness or having been involved in relationships with ex CFCers. The people were to attend the continuous attack group sessions which have constituted IWP's "Cadre School" now underway in NYC. (Since "money is no longer an obstacle," free, one way plane tickets have even been offered to potential recruits.) So far all this program has netted are two very much deteriorated members of the NAG III Mouseketeers namely Kester and Jacobs.

One September 2 IWP responded to Security's request that they clarify their relationship to NAG in the following manner:

[We] have great respect for the courageous and frequently brilliant work of Comrade [LaRouche] . [his] Dialectical Economics serves the IWP as the contemporary ground of our own economic analysis .

vis-à-vis NAG:

What defines the so called NAG network is criticism in the absence of an alternative ideology or a coherent analysis of the ICLC ideology.

Thus, IWP stresses its similarity with NCLC in a manner of "cultivated insanity," while creating as much distance as possible between themselves and the NAG group (without admitting that they are CIA controlled psychotics).

On the other hand, the exact opposite game has been played by the IWPers upon their NAG "comrades." Currently the IWP has taken over Galen's safe house operation for the NAG III, allowing people who lack an "alternative ideology" teach a class on "Dialectical Economics" at the Cadre School and, of course, participate in the sessions which follow. In a most vicious confusion of their own lie concerning Jacob's earlier attack upon security personnel, IWP set Jacobs up for another "attack" at the International Briefing on September 8, having first informed the NYC [Police Department] to be there. (An attack which our quick briefing of the police on Rocky and the CIA/LEAA caused to fail.) IWP thus becomes a counterpoint countergang, a sophisticated group for use against an organization which both understands countergang warfare and cannot be terrorized militarily by any existing gangs or probably combinations, to divert its outward political focus. The only flaw in this, which the CIA and Tavistock still cannot fully comprehend, is the extreme limitations (and potential threat to the controller) once you have attempted to computerize a human being's mind.

Appendix A: Hypothesis

The following hypotheses are intended as a pedagogical device which will aid in reflecting upon this study, help curb certain wild speculation by establishing reasonable parameters, and indicate to members what intelligence they have will be especially useful:

I [FN] was tampered with before his arrival at CCNY.

II I . T, CFC, IWP were the conscious countergang creations of the CIA Tavistock network using CCNY Psychology Department personnel for the field work:

A.) Larry Gould's role was:
1) help program the initial core leadership group
2) liaison between the countergangs, the field agents, and the CIA Tavistock
3) monitor the countergangs once they were established for purposes of maintenance and tactical redeployment
B) Lew [Katoff]'s and Maurice Stahl's role was to help program and to maintain the core leadership group.

III I . T's primary objective was to brainwash potential revolutionaries, among other student elements, so as to isolate the political tendency which NCLC is the most conscious expression.

IV CFC's primary objective was the same as I . T's, except for a greater concentration upon non student elements as its victims:

A) Prior to [JR], CFC was intended to provide a cheap, radical alternative cover for controlling various social service types brainwashing schemes, especially in education:
1) scab on the NY [Transit Union] strike
2) take over the Summerhill Society, a less viable "free school" because it merely served a propaganda function
3) brainwash all ages of youth through various CFC schools; leaving the high school age youth open for pacification and/or recruitment
4) participate in brainwashing prisoners through [FN]'s work as a counselor for the CIA/LEAA Narcotics Addiction Control Commission; and, as a result of his job action pull out the more radical employees for possible left countergang work and better consolidate the remainder
5) brainwash "problem" families in collusion with the Bureau of Child Welfare
6) brainwash various unstable adult, petit bourgeois elements for recruitment, etc.
B) [JR]'s "political interventions" was intended to turn CFC into an aboveground support group for the RU and SLA as well as induction center for agents and terrorists. (The hypothesis here is the exact direction, not his agentry or "left turn" function.)
C) When the opportunity of working with the hegemonic left group presents itself, plans were changed, causing certain hysteria due to compartmentalization, fear of exposure, and loss of job security the new plans were: (The hypothesis here is the element of consciousness, and control over the group as a whole, not just individuals.)
1) infiltrate as far as possible, into as many sectors as possible, while keeping the group intact
2) "educate" CFC personnel to increase their future usefulness
3) gather information, including profiles
4) "factionalize" and create the maximum disruption at an appropriate moment
a) if the group threatens to dissolve and/or be exposed
b) if a major political event-Rocky VP nomination--necessitates a debilitating blow
c) and/or if the NAG countergang is ripe.

V IWP (definitely a counterpoint countergang as described) is temporary group which will collapse:

A) if enough members are still viable, IWP will return slowly to its original left support group deployment intact
B) If not, IWPers will be scattered, using their "education" to coalesce other support groups, primarily among the counterculture movement sectors
C) There will be pathetic outbursts of impotent rage when IWP members find that the promises in the founding document are fantasies.

Appendix B: Flow Chart

John D. Rockefeller (est.'s Anglo-American Conspiracy)

John Reese (directs takeover & sells out to Rocky)

Tavistock I Institute (Major Brainwash Center

McGeorge Bundy (Directs 68 Operations)

Kurt Lewin (Founder)

CCNY 1965--

Kenneth Clark (Chr. Psych. Dept.) mid-to-late 60s

H. Perlstein (brings East)

National Training Labs


Morehouse Institute (pleasure oriented therapeutic com.)

Student Gvt. & Alumni Assoc.

Psych. Dept.

"Sensitivity Retreats" (leadership training in Bethel, Maine & upstate New York

Larry Gould (founding member of CFC, Inc.; CFC's link to Tavistock

Lew [Katoff] & Maurice Stahl (therapists, CFC leadership's trainers)

Ricourso Program: interdepartmental, sensitivity group, experimental education

I If . Then, 1967-68-[HD] ([FN] periphery) pornographic, student, anarchist sectlet; forms out of student upsurge, but represents co-opted group; the "left wing" of the sensitivity group activities which was "fed" by "radical" professors like Gould and [FN] who immediate integrate sex with their students in group "therapy"
II Encounter House Summer, 1968 Does community counseling; split in which all but hard core return to CCNY
III Encounter House II Fall, 1968 Attempt at alternative school; almost collapses scabs on NY [Transit Union] strike
IV CFC Fall/Winter, 1968-69 Commune on 21st Street; Runs "Urban Confrontation Program" jointly with Sloane House, YMCA & makes enough money to open other communes in Brooklyn, Woodstock, etc.; toward the end of this period it holds convention to launch the following projects:
1) money making project
2) Robin Hood Relearning Center: group sessions (Larry Gould)
3) New World School-free High School
4) Freegarden School: Children
5) Newsletter: never produced
V CFC Spring 1970
1) [FN] starts private therapy with [EC] and [FC]
2) [EC]is one of those recruited while [FN] is working for CIA/LEAA's Narcotics Addiction Control Commission
3) CFC infiltrates, then factionalizes Summerhill Society to create parallel, polygamous group and recruits [JP]
VI CFC Spring 1971
1) Centers "Brainwashing" Clinic opens with [HD], [FN], [SF], [AG] as therapists
2) Centers School is started and [JP] leads "shit-flinging" exercises for the children
3) [JR] is recruited
VII CFC Spring 1972
1) Becomes a Collective of Centers
2) [JR] joins [HD] & [FN] on Central Committee; he is pushing a Maoist "serve the people" line
3) [FN], [HD] & [GE] form ménage-a-trios at [HD]'s instigation
4) CFC arranges to handle "problem" family with Bureau of Child Welfare.
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