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Hannover 9 Dec. 2006

From Dino De Paoli

Given that in a recent “answer to H. Cramer” neither Lyndon nor Helga Larouche have shown a sign o minimal truthfulness concerning the “Fernando” issue, I feel released from any bond or reserve implicit in my relation with them. I will talk only of the political implication of events which I directly experienced between 1985-2003 while I was operating as “fact-totum” around the Larouches.

I moved from Jeff Steinberg house to the Larouches guesthouse. Fernando, at that time, was already very close to the Larouches and shared with them the rightwing catholic contacts. I was directly involved in delivering a letter from Fernando-Larouche to a “special person“ in Castelgandolfo, accompanied by Cristina Fiocchi. Most of Fernando-Larouche italian contacts are today the controller of the terrible “fascist” Antonio whose article caused the expulsion of the french Fusion.

In that period Helga was also super active in attempting to fight the “blase”, that is: the supposed influence of “CIA” agents on Lyn, mediated through Paul Goldstein and Jeff Steinberg. Given that I had had experiences in handling the intelligence community in France, and that I had a good working relation with Paul and Jeff, Helga asked me to “infiltrate” the american security sector. I refused and I told her that I would work WITH her whenever I had reason to agree, but that I would not work FOR her.
I came to share her view that indeed Lyn was not so perfect and that he was “manipulable”, and indeed manipulated in paying idiots or double agents like “Frick and Frack” or “Carpet”( who to my knowledge still today get his monthly 5000$ from Larouche).

In 1988 after the Boston trial Lyn wrote a 10 lines memo “for eyes only” where he nominated Fernando and Helga (given their proven leadership), as vice-presidents of the ICLC. This is the “famous” memo which is making Lyn hysterical like a dog caught by the tail.
He at first denied he had done it, then he admitted but added that he “had not signed it”, then that he had written it “under the influence of Warren”, then that he had written it in 1989(sic) “to defend Helga from Ed Spannaus”, tomorrow he will say something else.
Fact is, he wrote that memo, his secret motivations are irrelevant for the moment. Lyn can blame but himself for giving so much power to a “fascist”, who was also so close to his wife.

Lyn went into prison. Helga-Fernando were officially on top of the organization: Helga in Europe Fernando in the USA but in daily telephone contact.
They thought they had not enough power an so tried to “shape the organization for the after Lyn” and get full control by eliminating the “CIA faction”.
Among other things, the very first act was to write a “resolution” for the February 1989 ICLC conference to force the adoption of a “catholic” God. I intervened at that conference saying: “please do not do to God what you did to the golden mean”.

Lyn, from the prison in Alexandria, wrote a manuscript letter authorizing Fernando to cut the 5000$ for Carpet and to “reduce” the power of Paul, Jeff and Michelle. Fernando acted accordingly during a meeting with the three. This action was slowly reversed by Lyn once he was moved out of Alexandria into Rochester.

Helga and Fernando proceeded with their reorganization of the organization: 1) Inside the NEC power is redistributed (for ex. Warren moves into Legal, etc). 2) Open factionalization in Leesburg and in the regions. This was accompanied by a wave of “conversions” to Catholicism (Warren, Will, etc).
At that time the “enemy” regions were: California and Philadelphia, although Helga later tried to “recruit” Steve, who like many others was invited in Europe to be tested by Helga herself. One of the most pathetic example of such recruit was, Joe Brewda who came back from Europe and told me: “I am now part of Helga faction and she told me I must work with you”. I had Ambrose to chase him out of Ibykus Farm and told him that I was part of no faction.
3) Helga-Fernando formed their “secret government” with: Warren, Gerry, Webster, Mel, Will, D.Small ( to be put in the NEC)and even madame Debra was part of the list.\\ Warren, Gerry, Webster, Mel and Fernando were meeting regularly in Warren’s house. Helga in this period was not coming in the USA, and therefore Renate Müller-De Paoli, who was Helga “assistant” and “friend”, represented her at such meetings in two occasions. I refused to go and told Helga that this was insane.

Helga was not handling the American situation through Renate (except for the message to be given to Lyn in prison) but DIRECTLY with Fernando. Fernando was constantly in contact with her by telephone, or he was coming in Europe to meet her without that any other member of the EEC attended or was even informed!.

Fernando was playing also his own games, especially in Latin America or even in Rome. He ( with Helga?) acted against the Italian local, he tried to sabotage operations in France and tried to get rid of the EEC. In this context he did an obscene tape to induce Lyn to attack Michael Liebig. And, as often was the case, Lyn followed Fernando.
The issue was Saddam Hussein: Fernando was 100% pro Saddam another “golden souls”, especially because his Argentinean fascist friends had deals (petrol, arms?) with Iraq.

September 1990, Fernando made his “speech” at the ICLC conference. There were protests: among others K. Kanter wrote a letter of protest to Lyn, letter that Fernando himself brought to Lyn in prison. Lyn did not say a thing against Fernando.
I myself send a letter to Lyn (through Renate) warning that Paul, Fernando and Philip G. were destroying the organization, all of them being manipulated by outside forces : i.e. French secret services (Philip), CIA (Fernando and Paul) +Senaldin forces (Fernando).

1990 ( or first half 1991?) an italian secret services man (Colliandro), delivered a message through Fiorella saying that “the number two in the organization is probably a traitor and there is the risk that Larouche will not get out of prison”.
We had a meeting in Ingelheim (Anno, Bruno, Helga and ?) we discussed that Renate should deliver the message to Lyn, Helga thought this message would be referring to Paul and Jeff. I said to be careful, because in the famous MEMO of 1988 Lyn had named Fernando and Helga “number two”!. The message was delivered to Lyn, without the mentioning the last part.

1991: Fiorella went in the USA, in Leesburg got briefed from someone in the LALC (Fernando or Dennis?) about contact with right wing terrorists in Latin America. She came back freaked out, among others she called and briefed me. She was enraged against Fernando and HELGA. The entire Italian organization left, but that has little to do with what Lyn says today. One problem in any case was that Helga had the absolute monopole of the relations with the italian organization, no other member of the EEC were allowed to speak with them ( Muriel in particular).

1992 : There was the crazy conference in Mexico under the slogan Larouche-Senaldin-Chavez etc. Not only I and Elisabeth intervened against the Argentinean "fascists”, but I did also an improvised undercover to spot out the now famous “synarchist” networks around Fernando. Lyn never acted upon it, before 2003.

Steve, in Philadelphia, launched his “own method” of collecting money. ( At least only then became an issue, and it became known to me).
Lyn himself started attacking the method of the “specials” indeed pushed by Fernando, D. Small, M. Billington etc. I have no knowledge if Uwe was part of that debate.
End 1993, Gerry Rose ( one of Helga-Fernando man in the NEC) went to talk to Lyn, and because of the issue of fundraising, Lyn indeed intervened “calmed Helga out” during a meeting in prison whose detailed content his not known to me.

Crises in the Los Angeles local, with Kushro and Luise dropping out. Paul Goldstein who was working very closely with Kushro, got scared and made a tape asking Lyn to defend him and to construct a cover for him. Lyn promptly obeyed and blamed the Los Angeles disaster only on Fernando.

Lyn came out of prison, but Helga was so unsure about Lyn reactions, that she did not come in Leesburg (the excuse was security!) to meet him. I and Renate had a very long discussion with him the evening he arrived at the farm.
Lyn was very upset and felt betrayed by the “Catholics” and raged against the uses of "specials" because he could go back to prison. Apparently he had signed some paper to be able to get out of prison. Helga finally came few days later for the ICLC conference.

Starts the counter-reaction of the “CIA”

Paul Goldstein made a tape, saying that Mr. “X” advises Lyn to kick out all the Catholics from the organization, “Carpet” makes a trip in Europe ( Italy and Germany) supposedly to make investigation but probably to get a paid holiday . In any case, I told Lyn that I would never accept that someone is kicked out if based only on intelligence sources.
Mel, Warren and Webster left the organization, but Fernando stayed! He did not attend the NEC meetings but at least once a week he had a phone conversation or a meeting with Lyn. In the meetings which I attended, Lyn was normally very positive and pleased with Fernando work with his Argentinean friends.

1997: Lyn made his public attacks against Helga ( it is in the briefing!!!). Soon after, he got sick and Helga got again in a position of command, this time without Fernando “influence”. How did she behaved now that nobody was influencing her?
Precisely as usual, she looked to get more Power, she “protected” Lyn so much that, finally he himself smelled that the protection was not due only to pure love.
In 1999 when I went to Malaysia and subsequently tried to organize a meeting between Lyn and Mahathir in Davos, Helga got furious with me, because I did not organize the meeting for her! In 2000, Lyn got out from Helga “protective love” and he told me that now he was again ALONE in command. Helga went into a “depression” and then finally I SUPPOSE she got “green light” to operate in Germany, but she had to stay out from the american organization.
Helga, even without Fernando, went in her usual modus operandi: faction building. This time there was no more CIA to be stopped, but “Erbenheim” and this time Lyn would support her. When I spotted her “secret” deal with Frank on the back of the Hannover local in 2002, I realized that that was the beginning of the end of the European organization if nothing would be done. I warned Frank, and in a steering meeting in Hannover, said that Helga this time with the support of Lyn would make a mess inside the European organization. This motivated me to intervene in the 2003 EEC-EC meeting.
The rest is present history.

Therefore if in the world there is a sufficient reason, I ask: was Helga only a dupe of Renate Müller De Paoli, of X and Y? Or could it not be that she is a bit neurotic and moreover pathetically infantile? And, is not true that Larouches “household struggles” have determined most of the problem in the recent history of the organization? (and I was not present in 1980-81)

Most of the people recognize Helga neurosis ( I am sure the american are laughing about what Lyn says about the poor manipulated Helga), but the same people have difficulty to see that she is also a victim of the “I am unique” in Lyn.
The present destructiveness in Lyn, like in the famous Goya’s painting “Saturn devouring his son” cannot be reduced only to the frustrations derived by the fact that ALL of his “vice-presidents”, ALL of his “number 2s” and moreover ALL of his wives (at least the last 3) betrayed him. The real problem, which is shaping his character since long, is terror.
Terror to admit that he has a flow, terror to admit a that he makes mistake, terror to recognize bad judgments. Terror to recognize that he is a normal man.
If it is true, as Lyn says that God cannot be at the same time omniscient and omnipotent, than this is even more true for Lyn himself. But, Lyn seems to have chosen to try to be omnipotent, at least inside his small group of follower. He would destroy even the world if the world shows sign of disagreement with his fantasies.

Lyn does not represent any danger for the world, but the people who will accompany him in his last days, will get a very different experience than the sublime experience of the followers of Socrates facing death.

p.s. I am ready to explain any point which is not clear

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