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Attempted Coup

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The scheduled "emergency" meeting was attended by Cody, Sky, Nick, Tarrajna, Oyang, Peter, Meghan, Matt, Anna, Alicia, Ardena, Liona, Michael K., Barbara, and Rick (to the best of our recollection.) Sky quickly filled people in on the situation (though most were already aware of it), and brought up the concern that Lyn would destroy his own legacy, given the way he was acting. Barbara and Rick emphasized that Lyn's condition was strictly a recent medical issue, caused by a B12 vitamin deficiency which causes dementia; that he was undergoing treatments for this and was on an immediate road to recovery. In discussion of what we could count on presently, someone said, "The Stanford Group," to which Sky responded, "I don't think they exist," to which Rick replied, "You"re not the only one," and Barbara cackled approvingly. 22 Nick asserted that it was hardly conclusive that Lyn was suffering from merely a B12 deficiency, that Lyn was displaying qualities of megalomania, and that Debbie Freeman's pathological lying, and likely complete fabrication of the Stanford Group, indicated a problem with Lyn much larger than the last few months. Were these things true, it would mean that Lyn had a general willingness to believe any "intelligence" which boosted his perceived importance in the U.S., and a willingness to manipulate his members around pure fabrications, such as the numerous webcast Q&A's, NEC's, and policy discussions, which had centered on the Stanford Group.

Peter brought up that he was going to have to reevaluate everything about Lyn's character, based on the situation. Meghan countered this, saying that that was absurd, and that everyone should be compassionate with Lyn because his "genius" was still apparent at times, such as in certain visits to the Basement. Nick proposed that Lyn be confronted at the following NEC meeting, and be challenged to answer to these serious accusations. Depending on how he responded, Nick suggested, they should then decide whether to retire Lyn from immediate control of daily decision making (for the good of the organization), or, if he refuted the accusations, to move forward as a stronger, more unified group. Barbara reacted strongly against these assertions, saying that Lyn's state of mind was so fragile, concerning his loss of mind, and that he was so terrified, that confronting him directly would shatter his identity. She also asserted that it was very possible Lyn had been drugged in Europe, and that we did not yet know what had actually happened to him.

The concern was then brought up that the entire Alicia scandal would get out to the enemy through gossip, and that rather than let that happen, action should be taken to preempt it, whether by making a public statement, or by some other means. Barbara immediately squashed this proposal by stating confidently that "they already know," that "it was already out," and that it was completely visible in the dialogue of generations. 23 It was agreed upon at this meeting that the candidates should be brought in to Purcellville and briefed on the full situation, and that those present should have a follow-up meeting with Helga, who had recently arrived in the States through the efforts of Rick and Barbara in order to "handle" the situation. Also worth mentioning, is that those who were deemed "incapable of handling the information" were not invited to attend the discussion, for the sake of maintaining organizational stability.


22 This exchange was later relayed to Debbie, and became a source of friction between her on the one side, and Barbara, Rick, and Bruce on the other.
23 Barbara revealed that comments had already appeared under the LPAC YouTube video post of those interviews, stating things like: “Does this make anybody else uncomfortable?” These comments were systematically removed. Beyond that, no evidence was, nor yet has, been found to indicate that "the enemy" was aware of Lyn's affair with Alicia.

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