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"Für die Rettung der Westlichen Allianz"

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The aforementioned meeting with Helga occurred soon after. The outset of the meeting was of a similar nature. Helga responded by quickly ending the discussion on concerns about Lyn, by saying that it was completely absurd to "throw Lyn to the curb." Nick responded that that was not what was being proposed, but rather that they needed to challenge Lyn directly on his condition and delusional behavior, and that depending on his response, they would determine the best course of action for the organization. She replied that Lyn was getting better, and that that kind of action was unnecessary. Sky said that they did not yet know whether the problem was even wholly due to the B-12 issue. Nick brought up that it was not a minor problem, as her husband was trying to marry a 29-year-old woman, and his delusional behavior was sabotaging the progress of his organization. This concern was dismissed by Helga, saying that she knew her husband, and that the real question was to focus on making a political "Paukenschlag" with a heavy focus on organizing Congress, and to have more collaboration between the younger and older section of the organization, the latter which she said had been unfairly attacked by the youth, despite their long-term dedication to the fundraising.24

At the conclusion of these meetings, it was tacitly decided not to confront Lyn, and not to brief the organization, with the exception of the candidates, who were ultimately not fully briefed either. The fact that nothing was done and that it was clear that it would not be further publically discussed, created an environment where no one knew what anyone else knew. Everyone, from that point on, became afraid to fully disclose what they were thinking to anyone else. This environment only fostered more factionalization, indecision, and confusion.


24 Helga would only admit in private that Lyn was the actual source of the constant attacks on the older members.

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