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The View from the Galleys

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Todd was contacted by Bruce Director August 31, 2011, notifying him that he was flying into Seattle to meet secretly with some high level contact, and that they should meet. Bruce did not want Todd to tell anyone, even Riana. Todd met Bruce on September 3rd at his hotel near the airport. It became immediately apparent that Bruce was only there to meet with Todd, in order to discuss Alicia Cerretani. Bruce wanted to get a picture of her personality type, background, etc., in order to determine whether Alicia was an agent and/or psychologically ill. Bruce filled Todd in on Alicia's intimate relationship with Lyn, his bout of insane behavior, and speculation as to whether Alicia played a direct role in "preying upon Lyn" while he was "ill".

This was an obsession of Rick, Barbara, and Bruce during this period: they were determined to pin the entire crisis of this period on Alicia. Sky waffled repeatedly on whether he was won over to this cover-up. 26

About three or four days after his meeting with Bruce, Todd was contacted by Peter, who said that issues were occurring with Lyn which required the candidates and key people to be flown into Purcellville in order that they be briefed by Peter and Sky.

Once in Purcellville, Todd met with Sky and was briefed by him on the Alicia and Lyn affair, the fact that Lyn had been acting erratic and paranoid for some time, that something must be done to help save the organization, and that this was the time for the non-Boomer leadership to take up the mantle.

The day after the birthday celebration for Lyn, Todd met with Helga for about an hour before heading back to Seattle. They had to meet in the middle of a field to avoid "being heard by spies." Helga started by saying that she was so glad that she had Todd and Riana as confidants. It soon became apparent that she thought Todd and Riana were going to be two of her main attack agents, in the United States, to break the youth movement into doing real organizing and fundraising, and into no longer wasting time on reading days and singing. (A month or so later Helga told Todd over the phone that the intellectual work and singing days were meant only to develop the ridiculously uneducated and stupid youth to a sufficient level that they could competently organize in the streets and raise funds). Helga asked Todd if he thought Alicia was an agent out to destroy Lyn and the organization. Helga also requested names of Basement members who would be the most willing to spend some time organizing with the phone team.

Todd received a phone call from Helga the day after he returned to Seattle, asking him to fly to Boston in order to whip Boston into organizing and fundraising shape, before Boston was lost as a viable local, altogether.

Both Bruce and Phil Rubinstein called Todd while he was still in Boston, and told him that he was needed to fly to San Francisco in order to check in on the Stegers, who were causing some sort of trouble. Phil also wanted to get a sense of what the friction between the Stegers and Alli and Summer was all about, as well as to continue the process of shoring up the youth movement for fundraising and mature organizing.

Diane Sare called Todd while he was in San Francisco. She had met with Bruce and Barbara about the LPAC financial emergency, the need for the $30,000 LPAC raised on the youth side, and the inability and unwillingness of the youth to move on it. Barbara initially said that she would institute twice daily income reports directly to her, from a youth leader, from each local. 27 Diane asserted that it would be better for herself and Todd to head up a national income driver.

By now Todd thought that he was becoming involved in a process which felt and functioned the way the organization used to be, before the youth movement began. Todd wholeheartedly participated at this point, and continued to do so until his departure, because he thought the youth did need to take responsibility for supporting the organization financially, but he was also committed to doing this in a way that required and kept a significant amount of time available for scientific and cultural research and application to the organizing.

Todd and Nick had worked together from such a standpoint earlier in the year and caused the combined income of Detroit and Seattle to rise to a level not achieved in such a sustained way any time during the next phase of youth organizing headed up by Todd and Diane. Unfortunately, the effect on Nick and Tarrajna of finding out that Lyn had gone, or had always been, insane, marked by his demands that Alicia marry him, shattered that organic fundraising collaboration, which had started to take hold in other locals as well.


26 During this period, Lyn also repeatedly took Sky aside privately, and asked him to defend Alicia against Helga who he said "couldn’t think objectively" about the situation. This continued long after Lyn's supposed "recovery."
27 Bruce and Barbara, at this time, were also needling Todd and others to report the 'stronger" and "weaker" members of the locals to them, in order to fire those who were not pulling their weight in the fundraising. This was justified in their minds by the reasoning that "this is only what any other company would do."

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