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The Evil Wedding (Or: Ω ξείν', αγγέλλειν Λακεδαιμονίοις)

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Nick and Tarrajna knew things were becoming even stranger when their approaching wedding and honeymoon became a main subject of the G5 discussion. This started after Bob Bowen "sounded the alarm" about their marital planning to Jeff Steinberg. 28 The first indication that something was seriously wrong was when Bob Bowen sat Nick down for a talk about their intended honeymoon to Greece, scheduled for October 3-October 17. Bob told Nick he did not think they should go. He said that they would be setting a precedent which would destroy their leadership role in the organization. As their honeymoon was already known to others to have been planned for at least four months, and this discussion was taking place a few weeks before they were to leave, Nick found this strident "intervention" to be desperate and odd. Added to this strangeness was the fact that over the course of their entire time in Detroit thus far, Bob had had virtually no interactive role or collaboration with the campaign staff, and was in fact, not even a full-time member of the organization. 29 Nick rejected Bob's initial assertion, and responded, "of course we"re going on the honeymoon," which provoked Bob to launch into a long-winded, presumed analogy about how he had abandoned a skiing trip to Aspen with his former wife in order to attend an emergency ICLC conference concerning the brainwashing of Christopher White. Bob admitted that this decision had in effect led to a divorce, along with his recruitment as a full fledged member of the organization. At this point, Nick again asserted his intention to go on the honeymoon, and asked Bob who had put him up to this intervention. Bob responded that Helga had put him up to it, as she was very concerned about "what this honeymoon would do to the organization."

Soon after this, Sky called Nick and reported that there was major consternation in the G5. Over the course of several meetings, and in many private discussions, Helga, Jeff, and the Bowens were all pushing Lyn to have various people publically denounce the honeymoon. Sky attempted to head off this scandal mongering by requesting a rousing statement from Nick defending his honor and "political identity." Though the public argument was that this would set a bad precedent for the rest of the membership, this was ultimately another part of the overall crackdown on what was perceived to be "bourgeois bullshit. 30" This was a part of the overall program of reforming the movement into the formation that most of the younger members saw in the broken organization that was left when they joined. This went hand in hand with the elimination of reading days, the increased obsession with fundraising, the internal stasi crackdown, and the overall diminished intellectual identity of the movement. 31


28 Jeff became strangely obsessed with trying to get Sky to intervene on the Walshes" wedding and honeymoon. This was despite the fact that in the same period Rick Magraw (who despised Jeff, and whose wife paid his phone bill) produced phone records showing that Jeff himself had placed cell phone calls from a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean during this period of war mobilization, which would imply that Jeff wasn’t necessarily against vacations in principle.
29 The time that Bob did spend "in the office" was mainly spent working for private companies.
30 In Helga's own words.
31 Later, after Nick and Tarrajna had left the organization and Riana had returned to Purcellville for her reconstituted "Harmony Project," Rick commented to Riana that he couldn't understand why anyone would want to go to Greece for a honeymoon: it was just seedy beaches and cheap nightlife. Although Riana, at this point, was generally very vocal in her stance that Nick and Tarrajna had made a bad decision in leaving, and actually believed that their family probably had something to do with it, and that this could represent a real threat to the organization given its extremely weakened condition; and although she generally respected Rick and his assessments, her look of extreme incredulity made him immediately realize that he had misspoken, and that he would get no easy agreement from her.
"Rick, if I were in any condition to do so, I would go to Greece in a heartbeat. My God, Plato, Aeschylus, Praxiteles, the Parthenon, the Acropolis, Delphi, Thermopylae, Mycenae, the origin of everything that we are fighting for. Even under the strain of these last months, the three of us talked about it extensively. Nick and Tarrajna and I love Ancient Greece, as Schiller did. If they wanted seedy beaches and cheap nightlife they could have saved a great deal of money and effort, and simply gone to Mexico. Tarrajna even speaks Spanish."

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