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Thermonuclear War Über Alles

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Also in this period, specifically starting in the beginning of November, was an increasingly urgent political focus on an imminent threat of thermonuclear WWIII. This discussion went hand in hand with the push to reach $30,000 a week by the LYM portion of the organization. Helga increasingly set the tone for the discussions by asserting that the LYM especially were not emotionally registering the reality of the threat of thermonuclear winter. 32 Therefore, any proposals raised concerning a longer-term political perspective, or a positive message to convey in the organizing, was increasingly quelled by the line that "you are not getting that we may be destroyed by thermonuclear war at any moment, and we must go all out on that."

As referenced above, all activities in the locals other than fundraising were more and more frowned upon, and even outright reprimanded. The sole function of intellectual work would now directly inform the fundraising, or it would be deemed as "childish playtime."

These were the obstacles faced in the locals, which were struggling to maintain a direction on the ground with the campaigns (which had not been in the spotlight in Purcellville for several months), when Lyn again "intervened" with the claim that the real problem was the sectionalism plaguing the campaigns. He claimed that his intervention was now addressing the problem, and soon after, that he had "fixed" the problem with the campaigns. Though the candidates were at a loss as to how their organizing had been in any way parochial, they nevertheless mobilized themselves to acknowledge this "insight" as profound.


32 A phenomenon which might not even exist.

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