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Riana is Limari

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''At the beginning of the summer, Lyn went to Europe, where he began exhibiting signs of severe delusional paranoia. Because of the confusion and significance of the events of that period, the following is a detailed, relatively blow-by-blow account as we saw and experienced it.''

On June 16th, 2011, Riana, followed by Todd on June 17th, went to Purcellville for the purpose of discussing the Fundly fundraising system with Bruce and Barbara. Todd came one day later because he was deemed so important to the local's political (i.e. fundraising) activity. They attended the Saturday NEC meeting held at the Purcellville office, which Lyn presided over on Skype. When people entered for the NEC, Lyn smiled when he saw Alicia, showing her a memo, entitled "WHAT SELF-INTEREST?" by way of the video camera. He told her that he thought she would be happy with it. The opening of this memo is quoted below:

'some would say: "I admit that I am, so far, like most of the same generation of intellectually active minds among the maturing, younger adults today, Deep somewhere within me, I confess to myself that I am probably, really, something's 'windup toy.' I am a contemporary, young-adult existentialist. I am bright, and can be clever when the strange impulses which inhabit me, and which control me, may permit me to be clever; but those impulses do that in ways which I do not understand. Then, too often, these impulses which are like those of a wind-me-up-toy (which somebody, or something else controls) might permit me to play, or, may act to shut down my will to act. I try to do the things which suggest to me that I have free will, but, in my darkest moments, I know that that belief in my own free will is only another consoling delusion, when these unknown voices permit me to enjoy such a moment or two of pleasure. There are, in short, strange voiceless voices speaking to me, from where I do not know, voices which will cause me to punish myself, if I do not obey them when they silently speak. Will someone please tell me 'why'..." (from briefing 19062011)

During his presentation, the Skype connection was rough, and Lyn had to stop a number of times.
At the end, Riana asked a question that stemmed from her feelings of pressure about L.A. and San Francisco still not being on LPAC, while Seattle had now been on LPAC for some time, and tensions about the campaigns starting, and the way in which the candidates were chosen. Her question intended to address this issue. Ironically, her question was in line with the topic of Lyn's newly written memo, which was the first time he fully attacked the LYM. The NEC was transcribed, but as usual, most of the locals listened to the audio recording of it. In the transcribed reproduction in the briefing the next day, Riana's question was mis-attributed to Limari (who was not present in Purcellville at the time). This was the only real "omission" in the transcript.
At 1:30 am Sunday morning Lyn contacted Sky. Part of their exchange follows below 4:

[6/19/11 2:05:20 AM] Lyn: I put the matter to Alicia, by dropping the relevant msg into her mailbox,
[6/19/11 4:46:24 AM] Lyn: Sky, I am asking around, in my official capacity, as to who caused te crucial concluding part of yesterday's NEC discussion to be chopped out of the report presented in the Sunday AM Bfg.
[6/19/11 10:45:51 AM] Lyn: Any more on the missing portion of the Q&A which was suppressed in some strange fashion? The issue for our organization is potentially existential, although some among us who prefer to compromise on the truth than stir up essential facts of the matter, will not wish to face the issue of the actual truth in this case. It is "little" things like this matter which, if not treated in strict pursuit of nothing but truth, we are the means by which many a good venture has been literally, compromised by compromise, and thus open to be destroyed.
[6/19/11 10:49:48 AM] Lyn: It is sometimes "the little things," as in the case of the queens' necklace," which set the beginnings of a great mission along a relentless march into disaster. What among our associates might merely wish to be the subject which they desire to avoid, which becomes the virtual "Achilles Heel" of a great enterprise.
[6/19/11 10:50:44 AM] Lyn: CORREX; "what some among our associates might wish to"
[6/19/11 10:54:32 AM] Lyn: As you have said, there is a lot of heat generated over that session yesterday. Heat tends to produce "fire" of one sort or another. The "sort" is precisely the time of seemingly small little sin which sinks even a giant enterprise.
[6/19/11 10:54:52 AM] Lyn: Or, and enterprise such as our own.
[6/19/11 11:13:25 AM] Lyn: The elementary issue is: where is the reproduction of the portion of the Q&A part of the proceeding which began with Riana's questions to the end of the discussion? Attempts to change to almost anything but that simple question, has me really aroused over which has now ceased to be a simple search for some bureaucratic sort of mistake, to a stubborn effort to evade the simple question actually posed by me earlier this morning.
[6/19/11 11:20:21 AM] Sky Jason Shields: I've just received this note, and your memo on the subject. I'm taking a look at the briefing now, and see who might know the sequence of events leading up to the printing. Has there been anything new?
[6/19/11 11:21:37 AM] Lyn: A persistent evasion of the simple question by sundry suggestions on ehalf of irrelevant "wild goose chase" diversions from sndry quarters.
[6/19/11 11:22:29 AM] Sky Jason Shields: In my copy of the briefing (emailed electronically) I have Riana's question to you, and your response, but her name is incorrectly put as "Limari."
[6/19/11 11:24:00 AM] Lyn: There was a Limari linhe of questioning at a much earlier part of the Q&A. The whole section which began with Riana's questisoning(s) was a single piece, with back-and-forth in between 5 Sky and Adam (and maybe more people) each were so swayed by Lyn's passion that they listened to the entire NEC meeting, comparing it word for word with the transcript. Not a single word was different, and for a brief moment they along with Alicia, Barbara, and Rick tried to figure out if some enemy agent might have actually edited the audio directly. (!)
[6/19/11 11:25:20 AM] Lyn: The effect is to bury that portion of the Q&A which was the most curcial part of the entire Q*A.
[6/19/11 11:26:59 AM] Sky Jason Shields: The copy I have here (which may be different from that sent out otherwise) has Riana's opening reference to Dickens: "I'm like the opening of a {Tale of Two Cities}, inherently contradictory. But, Lyn, you've talked about this question of the existentialism in the youth generation, and the toleration, many times before, but, it's funny, because I've never really fully understood what you meant about the consent and the toleration, except right now, you just said, it comes out as indifference. Is that how you see it expressed?"
[6/19/11 11:27:08 AM] Lyn: The heat the debate over the entire presentation and Q&A was the crucial part of the entire Q&A. That continuity of Riana's line of questioning was the conclusion of the entire session.
[6/19/11 11:27:32 AM] Lyn: I am now completely disgusted
[6/19/11 11:28:13 AM] Sky Jason Shields: Do you think there may have been different versions?
[6/19/11 11:29:44 AM] Sky Jason Shields: I get an electronic version "for travel," which does not include the ops, but I have not yet seen the print version which is circulated more generally.
[6/19/11 12:33:51 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Sorry, I had stepped away from the computer and missed your call. I'm trying you now.
[6/19/11 12:35:21 PM] Sky Jason Shields: Oops! I just realized that you're on with the candidates. I'll try again later."

Lyn first targeted Riana as the mastermind of the omission. Next, a "male in Purcellville" was targeted as the culprit. As more people became involved, trying to "cool down" the situation, Kathy Notley (the transcriber), "a link to the White House", Adam Sturman, and Riana, all were targeted by Lyn as possible conspirators in the plot to omit this most crucial exchange with Riana at the end of the NEC meeting. 5

A discussion with the candidates was scheduled for that evening, and by the time Lyn got on he was so enraged about being contradicted that the entire discussion became a tirade about the Q&A with Riana being omitted from the briefing. He asserted that the portion from Riana's question to the end of the meeting had been stricken from the transcript, alleging that it was done by conspiracy. Riana tried to clarify the situation, as did others. Lyn continued to repeat his accusation regarding the transcript, disregarding what anyone else would present, and became increasingly agitated. The candidates attempted to raise other questions pertaining to the campaigns, etc., but Lyn refused to address anything else. He then established that he would have direct discussions with the candidates, who were now the only ones he said he could trust.

After the call, Barbara contacted Riana, saying that she was very disturbed by the discussion because of the way that the youth were not listening to what Lyn was saying. She cited the fact that Lyn was the only one who knew the FBI raid was coming in the 1980's, and that everyone in Leesburg, at that time, disregarded Lyn's warnings about the imminent raid.

Lyn continued to contact Sky and Alicia through Skype on this issue.

[6/20/11 10:16:51 AM] Lyn: By the way, the fraudulent scheme by means of which a fraudulently chopped-off recording of the Staurday event, is now a proven fact. Roger and others in Germany had generated an original copy of the webcast, but a second courier had chopped off the latter part of the transcript, and had sent that version to KRN in Leesburg, instead of the accurate one, which was intercepted and not delivered to KRN, earlier.
[6/20/11 10:17:29 AM] Lyn: Someone has been caught wearing someone's pants.
[6/20/11 10:18:11 AM] Lyn: The case is, thus, in fact, settled with, as it is said, with finally. Perhaps the scamp were soon on the run.
[6/20/11 10:19:02 AM] Sky Jason Shields: Ok, it seemed that that's about where the break in the chain had to be. That seems easy enough to narrow in on.
[6/20/11 10:20:10 AM] Lyn: It may be. However, the indications are that a link to the WHite House, and, or, the Congress, perhaps a Senate office, was a significant factor in the case.
[6/20/11 10:21:06 AM] Lyn: It had been in the Senate, that the actual author of the dirty trick was located, either directly, or indirectly.
[6/20/11 10:23:21 AM] Lyn: It was there that the personal attack on me (within the Senate) had occurred wit tghe
[6/20/11 10:24:59 AM] Lyn: Ttherenwas someone within an inside connection to Purcellville who wa responsible for the cropped version of the record actuallydelivered to KRN.
[6/20/11 10:25:37 AM] Lyn: That would not have been Adam.
[6/20/11 10:26:33 AM] Lyn: I am going downstairs here for another flask of water.
[6/20/11 10:26:42 AM] Lyn: Be back shortly
[6/20/11 10:32:10 AM] Lyn: I will return again, to deal with some politica-intelligence matters in Germany. I will then return.
[6/20/11 10:42:42 AM] Lyn: The editorial correction, indicating that Riana had actually been Limari, is evidence thatKRN was swindled into being the misinformation given to her by the agent operating from inside Purchellville, who was probably the person who effected the fraudulently cut-back version of the disk sent to KRN in the firsr place.
[6/20/11 10:43:29 AM] Lyn: So, we are implicitly closing in on the clone from Purcellville who had been the key agent in delivering the original hoax to KRN.
[6/20/11 10:45:26 AM] Lyn: The attempte brainwashing of people in Purcellville points in the direction of the same person who delivered the mutulated transcript to KRN, or who was behind the person who made the delivery.
[6/20/11 10:52:47 AM] Lyn: The insistence that "Limari" was actually in the opening of the dialog, is the red dye which leads in the direction of the identity of the person who sponsored the cropped transcript originally sent to KRN. It has to be a agent operating on the same program as the Senate authorship of the decision made explicitly against me on the matter of the charges of impeachable offenses by President Abama. We should be zeroing in on those connections. Aactually the complete transcript of the Q&A portion of the fulll transcript lof the Q&A person would require that there be three, rather than two interventions by Riana. Indeed, the only reason for assigning Riana as a substituet for Limari, was to create an "explanation" for the fact that the portion of the fraudulently altered record needed to cover forthe fact, that, since Riana has been recalled as speaking, someone must remove Limari from the record in order to cover the fact that the cropped version would have eliminated the entirety of the proceedings during which Riana actualy spoke,'
[6/20/11 10:54:16 AM] Lyn: This insistence on the elimination of Limari from the record, and the fact that Limari herself could put up with that, brings us closer and closer the identity of the two-faced culprit in Purcellvile itself.
[6/20/11 10:56:33 AM] Lyn: The smell in my mostrils is becoming stronger, and stronger. I am on a trail.
[6/20/11 11:23:03 AM] Lyn: Still, step by step the shadow of the inside Purcellville perpetrrator tends to assume the color of flesh. Each attempt he takes to add an additional defenseive cover for his successive explanations, threaten to bring a full disclosure of his identity into view.
[6/20/11 2:11:37 PM] Lyn: I have audited the authentic tape of Saturday's event. No one can honestly contradiction me on Limari's distinctive voice and the relatively vast cutting out of the the recording. Much must be done to examine the evidence.
[6/20/11 2:12:35 PM] Lyn: The root of the matter is cearly pressures applied from the Obama team and from the accomplices of Obama within the Senate.
[6/20/11 2:13:31 PM] Lyn: Since I know now the actual motive of the Senate's misconduct, there is little which could be honestly denied, and very much to be explained."

Nancy Spannaus was later asked to re-insert the "omitted" portion of the proceedings into the morning briefing for Monday, as well as comments written by Lyn "explaining" what had happened. Nancy refused (by omission) to include Lyn's comments, but did reprint the "corrected" transcript, which only replaced the name of Limari, with Riana.


An emergency meeting was called between Barbara, Rick, Sky, Alicia, Chris and Adam to figure out what the hell Lyn was doing. Barbara, panicked, tried to calm everyone by explaining that this wasn't the first time something like this had happened (an explanation which tended to have the opposite effect). She said that when she joined it was in the middle of a conference where a large portion of the membership were declaring that they themselves had been brainwashed, because after the Chris White "brainwashing" Lyn had gotten everyone into a panic about being brainwashed by the Soviets. Because Lyn would not relent, and continued to believe Adam Sturman was in some way responsible for the omission, Rick, Barbara, Adam, Chris Jadatz, Sky, and Alicia determined that it would be best for Lyn to speak with Adam in person, over Skype, but that Alicia should be present, to keep the situation grounded. Alicia called Lyn for Adam on her Skype account, and left him to speak with Lyn alone. A heated exchange occurred between Adam Sturman and Lyn over Skype, which could be heard in other rooms of the office. Adam's exchange with Lyn ended with Adam yelling something along the lines of, "I am not taking this shit anymore!" as he fled from the office.


4 What follows is only the portion of the Skype discussion which was carried out as a chat. It is interspersed with voice calls which are not recorded. Spelling and typos are in the original.
5 Sky and Adam (and maybe more people) each were so swayed by Lynís passion that they listened to the entire NEC meeting, comparing it word for word with the transcript. Not a single word was different, and for a brief moment they along with Alicia, Barbara, and Rick tried to figure out if some enemy agent might have actually edited the audio directly. (!)

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