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Funny enough, it was only in this period of the first attempts to slander him and cover up the preceding events that everything came together for Sky. Up until this point he had held a great faith in the "youth movement." He believed that, despite the insanity they had all experienced, the really awful elements were somehow isolated to the older members and a corrupt leadership. Even Lyn's delusions and severe emotional problems, he thought, must be tempered by genius, and the youth movement he felt to be primarily organized around the latter and not the former. After all, none of the youth had witnessed the real corruption of the center; they really believed that Helga was the great master of Schiller and educated emotions, and that Debbie legitimately had contacts in high places, that the Stanford Group and secret networks in Russia were waiting to implement our amazing plans. The youth members honestly believed that even if none of them could really tell you what the hell Riemann had to do with economics, surely someone must be able to -- even if this someone wasnít Lyn, they must believe that someone in the Basement or elsewhere could actually discuss more than the first sentence and the last paragraph of Riemann's Habilitation dissertation. And in Sky's mind, this meant that the youth movement might still be some unsullied source of potential revolution -- that somehow, when faced with the madness of the situation they might find in themselves a way to do something bold and useful.

The release of the memo about him, Summer, and Alli had little emotional impact. It was just too weird. It declared that in one day of investigation, they had all been linked to every bad person in LaRouche mythology. The only effect this had on him was to make him realize that the cookie-cutter statement was the same sort of thing the organization had printed about all prior defectors (and that in some cases Sky had believed those accusations about others). It wasnít unusual that Barbara would simply make something up and call it the results of an "investigation;" she always did that. It was extremely shocking that they expected much of the movement to be swayed by the contents of the memo, however, and Sky was chilled by the idea that they were probably correct, and that they had obviously done this before.

The specific details of the memo were ridiculously self-contradictory -- Sky and others were supposedly trying to depress the fundraising so that they could siphon said funds off to another movement. One would expect that he would try to raise the funds before siphoning them. It was useless to try a logical analysis of the memo's contents, however. He knew that the real reason they wanted to connect him to a conspiracy to 'stop fundraising" was because they could then use that to retroactively attack every argument he had made in defense of the intellectual work, reading days, etc. The completely internal character of the whole thing disgusted him.

As he watched the process unfold from afar over the next few days, he concluded that he had been wrong about quite a lot. There were no "cult-like elements" trying to impose a cult structure on a good movement. The movement was the cult. From one day to the next, he watched people reject things that they had known to be true, and he watched very few people bat an eye at the constant morphing of the allegations against him and others. They had the attention span of goldfish, it seemed to him. Each memo seemed to erase the memory of the last. It became clear to him that they had all been trained to have such short memories. The first allegations against him were forgotten and replaced the same way Mayor Bloomberg's planned fascist takeover of the U.S. had been erased from his own memory shortly after Obama's election. Everything in the organization worked this way.

Phil brilliantly explained exactly what Lyn "really" meant about the defectors in the same way that Sky used to explain the other crazy things Lyn would say. Everyone else turned on a dime the same way they had been trained to do after experiencing so many wildly changing "flanks" during the course of the movement's history. Distance afforded a very useful, but saddening, perspective.

Sky read resignation letters on LaRouche Planet, and realized that the same thing had always been occurring in the organization, and that this had been validated by both his own experience and by too many other sources to simply be 'slander." He sent the exit memos to Summer and Alli.

He had several meetings with Basement members around this point, which struck him as generally weird. The impression they conveyed was as if he was dying. This made sense, given the organization's practice of shunning certain defectors. However, his general argument to each was along these lines:

"If the organization is not a cult, you will still speak to me. If it is a cult, you should leave, and

then you will speak to me. Either way, you"ll speak to me, unless you"re a cult member."

Several people wanted him to continue his fight against the encroaching cult strictures, and he had a hard time expressing that he didnít think it was possible. They announced that they were making great strides in "talking" to Helga, Bruce, and Barbara. Sky by this time knew what those three were, and knew that these discussions would not get very far. The only thing he could do was to encourage their attempts, however, and hope they responded in a sane fashion when they realized what they were really up against.

Helga was not the problem. Barbara was not the problem. They were as deluded and broken as anyone, even if more corrupt. Debbie, with all of her fabrications was likewise as much a victim as anybody. Sky realized that what Helga and Barbara and others were implying was actually true: What he thought the movement was -- the better parts of the youth movement -- were actually just a historical accident from the standpoint of the organization. The organization itself was "the problem" that Sky believed he was combating, and Lyn sat at its center as the source of it all.

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