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Following the departure of Sky, Summer, Alli, Todd, and Riana, Larry Hecht began to protest what he characterized as the KGB-style atmosphere within the organization, typified by the memo which peremptorily asserted that Sky, Summer and Alli had been enemy agents acting on behalf of the Obama Administration"and therefore any defense of Sky (in particular) would be read as hostile to internal security. On Tuesday, April 17 Lyn announced that Larry and Marje Hecht had left the organization, referring to both as "corpses," who had "voluntarily destroyed themselves; they destroyed everything good that they'd ever done. And they just decided to do it, because they were afraid, and because they found a certain oozing comfort, of going over, to belong to the enemy."

It was, according to Marje in a discussion with Oyang later in the week, the first she had heard of her and Larry's departure from the organization. The immediate provocation for the announcement was likely a letter that Larry had addressed to Helga, in which he stated that he believed that Lyn required the equivalent of the 25th amendment in order to save the organization, and offered his support to Helga for the undertaking he assumed she would have to initiate. After Lyn's prolonged, public denunciation of

Larry, Sky, et al. during the NEC meeting, Helga conducted what amounted to an inquisition, accusing the assembled members of dishonesty and disloyalty toward Lyn and demanding confessionals about any subversive thoughts and discussions they had had.

On Saturday, April 21, Lyn delivered another fire-and-brimstone NEC presentation on the immediate threat of extinction of the human race. In the course of this, he took the opportunity to vilify the recently departed members as "human trash", who "mean nothing," belong in the "garbage pail", etc.

After Lyn's opening presentation, Oyang"who had been on a honeymoon in Europe when the initial blow up around Sky began, and had been in Atlanta for an astrobiology conference with several other Basement members immediately following his return to the States"objected to the "enemy image" rhetoric whipped up by Lyn in the week following the initial crisis around Sky, saying he was disturbed both by the departure of his friends and collaborators, but also by their immediate vilification as enemy agents when the necessary evidence had not yet been presented to the membership. 55 Lyn's response was to declare that all the relevant evidence was out there for anyone willing to look at it. This led various assembled members to testify to the moral and other failings of Sky, Nick, etc. At one point, it was asserted that, with regard to evidence concerning the connection of Sky et al. to the Molly Kronberg legal case (and by extension, a broader conspiracy directed by the Obama Administration), one need only see "the dossier" that Barbara and Bruce had assembled (described below).

The next day, Oyang and Diana met privately with Lyn & Helga at Windy Hill to state their concerns openly, to minimize the taint of "private gossip" that Lyn & Helga had accused Purcellville and the Basement of in the run up to Sky's departure. On the lack of evidence presented to the membership regarding the accusations of enemy agentry, Lyn's response was to describe that he'd had enough experience with such operations to recognize them, and proceeded to give a generic accounting of political corruption in the United States since the assassination of Kennedy. Helga suggested that the problem was ignorance about the history of the organization, and suggested that the two of them study the previous splits to see that each was a result of outside enemy operations. Oyang also raised a general concern about the lack of policy deliberation in the organization, tied to the dysfunctional nature of the NEC, with which both Lyn and Helga generally agreed.

The following day, on April 23, Oyang and Diana met with Barbara and Bruce at the CDF office to see the contents of the dossier that supposedly contained the evidence substantiating these accusations. The sum total of the evidence presented during the course of the meeting amounted to the following: That Sky and Alli had both made references to Steve Hassan, an author on the subject of cults, who had also allegedly contacted Ian Brinkley (and possibly other members). Barbara alleged that Hassan, because of his views, might be connected to Molly Kronberg and the Factnet discussion board. Barbara also said she was beginning to look into the use of hypnosis, presumably to investigate the possibility that Sky had been hypnotized to carry out enemy operations. It was implied, both at this meeting and in other discussions in the Basement at the time, that the discovery process then underway in the Kronberg case, in which she would be compelled to turn over private communications, would likely reveal Sky's behind- the-scenes role as a co-conspirator with Kronberg in the case. In fact, Lyn and others (indeed, it is explicit in the April 2 memo) stated that the timing of Sky's departure, coming just before the discovery process in the Kronberg case was to begin, was not coincidental, and that Sky had left before the damning evidence of his involvement in the case would be revealed.

Throughout the weeks that followed, Lyn continued to assert not only that Sky and others had left under the direct influence of an enemy operation, but that Sky had been operating as an enemy agent since at least the spring or summer of 2011. It began to dawn on Oyang that this latter allegation represented an attempt to discredit not only Sky's decision to leave, but the entire discussion that he had been forging among a number of the younger members about how to maintain the organization financially without sacrificing the intellectual core of it. The fact that few people in the Basement seemed to take much note of this latest version of the Sky conspiracy narrative was particularly disturbing to Oyang, since it implicitly implicated most of them in this supposed enemy operation, given that Sky had for the entire period been in very open and intimate discussions with them on what had now been declared verboten issues. In a private discussion sometime in May, Helga told Oyang that he had questioned long enough, that it was time to make a decision regarding the issue, assuring him that she had seen evidence of Sky's direct involvement with Kronberg that would be revealed once the case went to trial in August.

While various members publicly exulted that the departure of "those jerks" had actually purified the organization--as evidenced by a brief improvement in the youth income--the continued skepticism of the party line maintained by Oyang and Peter in particular, provoked a contentious meeting amongst the Basement, which was generally divided between those who outright disagreed with the basic outside conspiracy premise insisted upon by Lyn, those who were ambivalent, and those who believed that defending Sky was an unacceptable affront to Lyn's authority and a threat to the organization's political mission. At issue were not only the recent events, but the implications of the entire last year for Lyn's state of mind, and his strategic and organizational command capabilities. Unresolved, for example, were the implications of his prolonged attempt to coerce Alicia into marrying him while simultaneously anointing her leader of Purcellville. Oyang had, weeks earlier, suggested to several members of the Basement that they relocate to the Purcellville office in order to strengthen the autonomy and unity of the Basement and Purcellville at some distance from Lyn's volatile and often disruptive presence, a proposal that was uniformly rejected.

During this period, Oyang also maintained occasional contact with Sky and Larry, who each had become convinced that there was no possibility of reform from within the organization. Oyang told them that he believed it was worth the effort to at least try to broach open discussions on both internal and external policy in a way that might lead to productive deliberation. In one such attempt, at one of the weekly Thursday night Basement/Purcellville leadership meetings presided over by Lyn at Windy Hill, Oyang brought up his concerns regarding the relevance and effectiveness of the Weekly Reports (and, implicitly, the lack of scientific rigor), including the strange format in which John Hoefle was excluded from planning discussions and was compelled to sit silently during sessions which often seemed to have no coherent thematic structure. Lyn's response was immediate, saying that he understood the problem but then shifted the blame entirely on John, saying that he "casts a pall" over the proceedings.

Meanwhile, attempting to initiate any meaningful policy discussions during the NEC meetings seemed, as ever, to be a losing prospect. The combination of Lyn's apocalyptic foreboding about the imminent extinction of mankind and his emotional outbursts/paranoia connected to the departure of Sky & company seemed to increasingly define the main themes of his remarks to the entire organization. An example from the May 8 NEC meeting:

Well, you know, you're just days away from the possibility of the extinction of the human species. This is not a fantasy! This is not a guess! This is not a possibility! This is an actuality! If Obama continues to be President of the United States, taking orders from the Queen of England, and similar kinds of things, and if on that basis, the British-controlled system, using Obama, decides to give a challenge of a certain type to Russia, and if Obama does not accept that, or the Queen of England does not accept that arrangement that Russia has prescribed, which is quite workable, then Russia will stop it. Russia will intervene to prevent the British and Obama from doing, what the British and Obama intend to do. They will do that, because they have no choice. If that is not done, you're seeing the extinction of the human species.
Look at everything in life: Everything in life is filthy, evil, right now. Mankind is deprived of anything that was morality! Look at these children out there: They're not going to live! They'll be dying before they die. Nothing is being done for them.
"We've got a bunch of people, being run by Sunstein and people, who are the people directly ordered, {against me, personally, and against our organization.} This guy was a Harvard University freak with\ Chicago complications, and his girlfriend, are the same thing: They were very close to Obama when Obama was doing a professor job in Harvard University. They went to Chicago, together with Obama. And they're back again. When Obama was made President, this pair o' creeps was brought in. This pair of creeps has orchestrated an operation against this organization, including the organization which we have a lawsuit involved with, right now. And that's the fact! Anything else is a lie! Anyone who tells you anything contrary is a liar. That's the truth.

But the problem is -- and it's the problem, as it was then -- you make a big wild excuse for doing something that's rotten, and you have to then expiate your feeling, by doing something rotten and making a big excuse to believe you didn't do it. That's how it works. The cases are well known. And all the cases involved in the operation against this organization, as least most of them, the ones who left, we know exactly how it happened: It was under relevant outside influence, in every case!

Sunstein, Obama, that's the threat to all mankind. And some people around us, have joined the enemy. What're their morals? To try to deny the truth? That doesn't get you anywhere.

You have to face the truth! And Sky did not. Sky had been, for at least eight months, involved in this operation. And his brother dumped a lot of the crap on us, which indicated exactly how that was being operated -- that's a fact. And this is Obama, directly.

And there's no contrary truth; absolute truth. No room for denial, no margin of room for denial.

Do you think Sky would have done what he did, if he hadn't capitulated, at least for six months or more, before he left. And we know from whom, most of you know; it was part of this legal case. And we got, from his brother, we've got a funny thing that happened, one long night -- he spilled the whole beans, and [they had a wrecker?]. Nick! A real piece of shit. He didn't have to become a piece of shit, but he did it. And they're working for Obama, now! Ha-ha!

Over Memorial Day weekend, LaRouche pounced on reports of the bailout of the Spanish bank Bankia to declare that this was the signal for the "official" collapse of the entire trans-Atlantic banking system, and promptly launched the organization into a full mobilization through the holiday on the premise that by Tuesday, the entire system would likely be gone. (See the leaflet, "The Glass Steagall Moment is Upon Us".)

At this point, Oyang's growing doubts about the integrity of Lyn's strategic judgement suddenly crystallized. The organization had been put into a full mobilization without any clear indication of why this latest European bank development signalled a qualitative deterioration, aside from the vague generalization that "the rate of collapse now exceeds the rate of the attempts to overtake the collapse". It was also becoming apparent that the organization had no effective strategy to remove Obama by catalyzing a "mass strike" through the campaigns, since, as Lyn remarked at the May 26 NEC meeting: "This is not a mobilized nation, it's a demoralized nation...It's a hopeless situationíthere's no impetus in the population right now to stop this problem...This is a question of the mobilization of a virtual elite of the population, to come together and do what the Russians are doing." (LaRouche would reverse himself the day following Kesha Rogers' primary victory, declaring that this was the signal for a gathering mass strike for Obama's ouster). It was also apparent, however, that there was no impetus within the "elite of the population" to remove Obama before the Democratic Convention, meaning that it appeared that the organization was on a course to become a de facto campaign for Mitt Romney. It seemed that our Obama campaign consisted solely of using hatred of Obama as a fundraising strategy.

Strangely, during the Sunday national call, in which Lyn declared that among the "certainties" of the situation was the likely disintegration of the entire European system by that Tuesday, he also chose to criticize what he characterized as an unhealthy focus on the election campaigns, despite the fact that they were supposed to be the leading edge of our mobilization against Obama, and the fact that Diane and Kesha's primary was only two days away.

In addition, Lyn's constant assertions that we were moments away from a direct, unannounced pre-emptive thermonuclear strike against Russia and China were so stark that they couldn't honestly be equated with the actual, verifiable danger of military intervention in Syria.

It was only when he called John Hoefle at the end of the weekend in an attempt to understand how the Bankia bailout signalled the end of the entire system that Oyang learned that John had in fact been fired from his position at Windy Hill for "disloyalty" in the aftermath of the departure of Sky, Larry, et al. This further confirmed his suspicion that "internal security" 56 was being used as an excuse to squash dissent and enforce a party line, a suspicion that boiled over into confrontation that night during a Basement meeting. It turned into another argument, in which Oyang accused others in the Basement of capitulating to lies, with some others accusing him of undermining Lyn and siding with an enemy operation. Oyang's doubts about organization policy on Obama and thermonuclear war were also raised. At the end of the meeting, Oyang declared his intent to take his grievances on policy issues directly to Lyn, possibly by phone that night. Instead, he decided to wait until the Basement/Purcellville leadership meeting the next night to engage Lyn directly on the issue of Obama, and the seemingly contradictory statements Lyn had made about the mass strike.

As it turned out, the Thursday meeting would be solely focused on the issue of Sky's involvement in the Obama conspiracy, and again, pivoted on The Russia Trip. This time, Lyn went into further detail about the alleged plot, declaring that Cass Sunstein, 57 on behalf of Obama, and working directly with Susan Rice and Michael McFaul, had deployed Sky to find out the names of Debbie's Russian contacts in order to sabotage the trip. Lyn emphasized that his authority as a leading figure in Russia was incontrovertible, that "if you want to know my role, look at the lack of thermonuclear war after Libya," and that Putin had personally organized the Terra America interviews as compensation for the scuttled Russia trip. He called anyone refusing to believe the story about Sky stupid, and demanded that such nonsense end immediately.

Merv was the first to speak, asking incredulously why the Obama Administration would need Sky to find out the names of Debbie's contacts. Lyn flew into a rage, accusing Merv of twisting his words and taking them out of context, to which Merv responded by reading back Lyn's exact words which he had written in his notebook. This made Lyn even angrier, and he continued his irrational tirade against Merv and Oyang. When Oyang asked if the membership would be allowed to see any evidence to back up his accusations, Lyn argued alternately that the membership would not be allowed to see it, and that the evidence was out there for anyone willing to see it. At some point during the course of Lyn's yelling, Merv stormed out of the room, saying that he didnít deserve that kind of treatment. The group intervention then focused exclusively on Oyang, with various people in the room testifying to Sky's corruption and attempting to shame Oyang by pointing to Lyn's crucial role in history, his agapic nature, etc. It was even asserted by one member present that Cass Sunstein's 2008 paper advocating infiltration of groups promoting conspiracy theories was an exact blueprint for how Sky had been deployed to disrupt the organization.

When Oyang pointed out that he should be allowed to question the party line, he was told that no one was prohibiting him from asking questions--but that he was asking the wrong questions. Specifically, that his fixation with the "details" of Sky's departure were a diversion from facing his own pessimism about the political situation and fears about whether or not "victory" was really possible.

After berating him, mocking his friendship with Sky, and generally raging out at Oyang, Lyn suddenly switched, effecting a tone of compassion, and playing on Oyang's status as a newlywed to melodramatically implore him not to "throw his life away." At that point, seeing how thoroughly Lyn had manipulated the group dynamic, and how utterly he depended on bluster and bullying when challenged, Oyang decided that he, too, had had enough, and left the room. An ultimatum had effectively been delivered: either denounce Sky and quit raising objections, or be considered an obstacle that, as Lyn would phrase it during the NEC meeting two days later (excerpted below), must be "crushed."

From the June 2 NEC meeting:

The Sky issue is dead. Sky is politically dead. Forget him, he's gone.
Hes permanently gone. He was working for the enemy, I don't know when he started doing that, but it occurred sometime during the summer of last year, no later. It had to do on the Russian issue, and everything Sky said on the Russian issue was a lie. Everything Sky said about our going to Russia, our dealing with Russia, the question of Russia, was a lie. It was not a mistake, it was a lie. Everything he said, was false. Directly opposite to the truth. So he's been an enemy agent in our organization for some time. And it's over.

For example, the Russian issue, my going to Russia: he lied. It was not a question of a misunderstanding, he deliberately lied, and he was working for the enemy when he did it. But the problem was, how do you clean it up? How do you deal with a situation like that? The organization was in weak shape, it could not pull things off anymore, it lost that sense of organization, and you had a factor, the youth factor so called, in which people who come from a younger generation have screwball ideas about reality. They have people they talk to, people they don't talk to...So the whole thing has been a farrago of lies, based on a factor which is called a youth factor, based on people who lie...Sky lied. I was going to Russia, it's clear I'm not going to talk about the details because it involves a foreign nation, leadership of a foreign government, and Sky has no right nor anybody else has any right to have access to that. 58 And on this relationship of me to the Russian situation, is part of a tango on which the peace and the survival of civilization depends. The time has come that anything that gets in that way, is crushed. Run over it with a steamroller. We're running the organization.
...\\ For example right now, the entire financial system of the transatlantic world is now on the verge of {extinction}. At any day, at any hour, the entire economics system of the transatlantic systme can go, it is ready to go, it is ripe to go. You are never more than moments away from extinction of the economic system... Tomorrow morning, or any other morning, in any instant right now, the entirety of the US economy can disappear, together with all of the economies of Western and Central Europe... So the Sky question is dead. He's a fool, he's a liar, he cheated a great deal. He lied to people, betrayed people, and did all kinds of things with his methods. He's now a dead issue. He's outside our province, he's no longer our concern. And all we have to do is say, this is the fact: He's dead politically, he was a liar, he was a cheat. He was bright, but he was a liar and a cheat primarily. And bright second. He held back on many things we could have done, he destroyed things that should have been, could have been done, he was a factor of sabotage and he used his influence on a certain circle of people, in order to prevent things being done by a larger number of people. Things we could have done in the basement were sabotaged, they were misdirected into a different direction. A lot of things were done. The whole thing about the money thing about not raising funds was his operation. His.
So those things just simply go away.

All you have to do is say, look, the truth of the matter, certain things were diplomatic matters and we cannot talk about them publicly, openly, but, the truth is, that Sky was a complete liar in everything he said about the Russian trip. And you'll find that his lies about the Russian trip go to everything else. Anything Sky said about the Russian trip was a lie, from the beginning. There was no truth in it. Don't try to explain away the problem, which some people have done. Try to give explanations to prove Sky's case. No! Sky was a fucking liar all the way through on this one. From the beginning. And the time is to say that, clear the decks, drop the issue, he's gone! And he's gonna {stay} gone.
No more. Because the time has come, that we're going to reestablish this organization on the basis of its actual original intention. And this crap and side trips are over. And you needed a unifying factor. And the unifying factor has been supplied. Sky supplied it, by demonstrating what a sonofabitch he was. A lying sonofabitch from beginning to end. That clears the deck. Now you forget him, and go on with the business we have to do.
The farce is over. Sky is gone. The sky has fallen. We don't know how low he's going, but his reputation is about to be destroyed. he's going to become a joke that people don't like to talk about. And I had to make the decision over last night, ok, it's opeless, the score is set, either this is done, or it's a waste of time. And I don't think it's a good idea to waste time. you waste time as long as you think you have to, to give people a chance to come to their senses. But after that point, no.

So clean the decks, this myth of Sky is gone. He's written his own political epitaph. Nobody who knows anything and who has any brains is going to trust him at all. They don't want to hear his voice, they know he's a skunk, he's declared himself a skunk, he left as a skunk, and he went away and left only the stink behind. And that's over. So back to business.


55 A number of people in Purcellville, Leesburg, and from the locals later told Oyang privately that they were grateful he had raised his concerns publicly, as the situation was totally confusing, despite Lyn's forceful assertions to the contrary.
56 It also became clear that the obsession with equating the organization's activities with a military operation had more to do with enforcing internal security over the membership than executing effective political actions.
57 Sometime around this period Sky received stalker-esque Skype messages from Lyn, asking him if he was "Cass Sunstein, perhaps?"
58 After all of the insanity of this period, Lyn's obsession with the Russia trip (probably the most insignificant, even if one of the more humorous, parts of this strange story) shows how much he is addicted to the sorts of fantasies that Debbie and others concoct for him. The "enemy" that Sky was supposedly working for, if it existed, would probably have been much more interested in all of the other elements of this account than whether or not Lyn was going to fly to Russia.

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