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Dec. 31, 2007

Happy Boxing Day
Let’s Box!

Let’s see now—does everyone in the organization agree with LaRouche’s attacks on Molly Kronberg?

I think the answer is going to be no. Let’s take one particularly fruitful case to examine.

Lyn’s public attacks on Molly started this past August 18; the same week her “Alpha connection” was unplugged “by mistake” but, at Lyn’s orders, not reinstated. Of course, things have escalated massively since, on both sides.

The Guns of August: Lyn Lets Fly

In case you weren’t reading Factnet back then, here was Lyn’s opening salvo of August 18:

FROM:LAR " Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. "
August 18, 2007 (7:34am) EDT

I had thought it had been agreed, that the documentation of Molly
Kronberg's public filings of financial contributions to the Bush-
Cheney campaign and the Republican National Committee would
have appeared prominently in the Saturday AM Ops Bulletin.

Wha' happened, huh?

Members who have been suffering distress for reason of a lack of
this sort of information bearing on the actual circumstances of
Ken's suicide, deserve the reassurance which those facts supply.
Once any among our associates have possession of those facts,
the other available, crucially relevant facts tumble properly into their
rightful places. Withholding circulation of well-documentation of
firmly established, relevant facts, is itself a form of fraud when a
crucial issue is involved.

I, personally, am well aware of certain crucial other facts, bearing
on the same matter, which, taken together would tend to console
those who have worked so hard, against such frustration, for the
really important issues of life, that they deserve access to
knowledge of who is involved in cheating them of the facts which
assure them that it is not their fault if some things for which they
have worked so hard, and sacrificed so much, did not produce the
results they had the right to achieve.

It is now past time to clean up that part of the mess. Our honest
members have no reason to feel any sort of guilt over the suicide.
They have the right to know the facts, especially the public facts,
which assure them of that. They also have a related right, to know
the name of the enemy who is guilty in contributing to that
misfortune. Sometimes, just knowing supplies the needed balm of
a sense of relief.

Meanwhile, that same day, at his Saturday morning briefing to the National Center, the inevitable Jeff Steinberg caused to be circulated among the gathered throng xeroxes of the FEC records showing Molly Kronberg’s contributions to Bush.

Then, a day later, in the briefing of Sunday, August 19, there appeared the following:


SUNDAY, Aug 19, 2007

Some Plain Facts Once Again

According to Federal Election Commission records, Marielle
Kronberg, through 6/22/2004 had contributed $775.00 to the
Bush-Cheney campaign for re-election. According to the same FEC
records, on April 4, 2005, Marielle Kronberg contributed $250 to
the Republican National Committee. A simple internet google
search on Marielle Kronberg's name pulls up data assembled by
Fundrace on the Huffington Post stating that Kronberg contributed
$725 to George Bush in 2004 and $776 to the RNC in 2004.

At the time of these contributions, Marielle Kronberg
insisted on retaining her status as a member of the national
committee of the National Caucus of Labor Committees. At the time
of these contributions, Ken Kronberg, with other members of the
LaRouche movement, was engaged in an all-out war to prevent the
re-election of Bush-Cheney and the clearly manifested fascism
which they represent. Does anything more need be said in the
matter of Ken's suicide?

This entry in the LaRouche-Kronberg p*ssing contest was as truthful and complete as the “Some Simple Facts” entry in an earlier briefing, and like that earlier entry was written by Legal’s own Barbara Boyd. (After all, it was she and her husband Zeke who “discovered” that Molly gave money to Bush, by reading Factnet back in 2004. That is, they had known it for three years.)

Of course, the August 19 Boyd effort does not comport so well with previous LaRouche dicta on the matter of Ken Kronberg, since these “simple facts” portraying Kronberg as a loyal member of the LaRouche movement seem somewhat at variance with LaRouche’s memorable remarks of November 2005 in a National Committee conference call in which Ken Kronberg participated, a conference call transcribed and inserted in the Morning Briefing by NEC (that is, Lyn) direction to educate the rest of the organization.

We all remember that in that conference call Lyn accused PMR (Ken) of scamming the organization--of committing crimes, in effect.

So What?

The point of this exercise is to examine another document of interest in the Kronberg case from that week, and to compare it to the thoughts of LaRouche, or LaRouche-Boyd, or whatever the entity actually is.

I refer, of course, to Nancy Spannaus’s letter to Molly Kronberg of August 14, which was made available to me several months ago.

(Message edited by eaglebeak on December 31, 2007)

But first, a chronology:

Tuesday evening, August 14: NEC has its weekly meeting with Lyn at his “residence.” It is probably there that it is agreed to expose Molly Kronberg as a secret Republican whose secret Republican donations of 2004 drove her husband to suicide in 2007.

Later Tuesday evening, August 14: Nancy Spannaus goes home and writes a letter to Molly Kronberg marked “Personal and Confidential,” reproduced below in full.

Thursday, August 16: Nancy mails the letter to Molly.

Also Thursday, August 16: Barbara Boyd calls Molly Kronberg and asks her if she is in touch with Avi Klein and Dennis King. Boyd also asks Kronberg if she is Eaglebeak.

Boyd announces that “we’ve never had anything like this before, where someone on the inside throws things over the wall.”

Friday, August 17: Kronberg receives Spannaus’s handwritten letter.

Saturday, August 18: LaRouche’s “wha’ happened?” memo appears in the briefing, demanding to know why Molly Kronberg has not been outed as a Republican, as “had been agreed.”

Also Saturday, August 18: Jeff Steinberg, as ever sniffing the wind, makes sure the xeroxes of the FEC records are passed out to NCR members.

Sunday, August 19: B. Boyd’s “Some More Simple Facts” finally makes it into the briefing, perhaps as much as six days after it was supposed to appear.

Monday, August 20: Molly Kronberg discovers she can no longer log onto the Alpha system.

When she calls Barbara Boyd to inquire about this, she is told that Ron C. wiped out her logon “by mistake.”

But on Lyn’s orders the logon will not be reinstated, because of Kronberg’s unsportsmanlike conduct in “throwing things over the wall.”

When Kronberg asks whether she’s been expelled, Boyd says “heavens no! You’re not expelled. You’re just a member without Alpha privileges.”

Tuesday, August 21: LaRouche-affiliated lawyer sends letter to lawyer representing PMR demanding back roughly $100,000 in “overpayment” made by LPAC to PMR in the weeks before Ken’s death.

This “overpayment” may represent a legal problem for LPAC treasurer B. Boyd vis-à-vis the FEC. Interestingly, two days before his death, Ken Kronberg, in telling Molly that they would be “vilified like you’ve never seen,” explained that the organization wanted the $100,000 back, because of the legal problem, and that when he didn’t give it back, but sent it to the IRS instead, “we will be vilified….”

Recall that 17 minutes before his death, Kronberg sent the email to his accountant directing that all the money he had in escrow be sent to the IRS. Oops—no payback for LPAC.

My land, what a busy week that was, from August 14 to August 21, as LaRouche and his underlings put in place the new narrative about Ken Kronberg’s death, placing all the blame on Molly Kronberg after months of placing it everywhere else (except one place).

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