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report to the NYC membership, in which I shall include some feeling as well as sense of the oncoming project to the largest single unit of our membership. Secondly,I shall write an attack on the Puerto Rican Socialist Party, a single article which as you shall soon see, will utterly destroy that organization in both the U.S.A. and in the island. Thirdly, I shall collaborate with others in another public document exposing "Trotskyism" as the political philosophy of male impotence. In all these initial efforts, I shall be making clearer to you both what you have to do with yourselves to become effective organizers, and how this knowledge is to be used as a terrifying new political weapon ensuring our victory.

In all, I am going to make you organizers - by tasking your bedrooms away from you until you make the step to being effective organizers. What I shall do is to expose to you the cruel fact of your sexual impotence, male and female, in such terms that you can not deny this to yourselves. I shall show you that your pathetic impotence in your sexual life is a mere aspect of the same impotence you experience in political work such that you will know that you can not cure the one without solving the other. I will take away from you all hope that you can flee the terrors of politics to the safety of "personal life". I shall do this by showing to you that your frightened personal sexual life contains for you such terrors as the outside world could never offer you. I will thus destroy your rabbit-holes, mental as well as physical. I shall destroy your sense of safety in the place to which you ordinarily imagine you can flee. I shall not pull you back from fleeing, but rather destroy the place to which you would attempt to flee.

In Brief

The principal source of impotence, both male and female, is the mother. In bourgeois society, the mother possesses the infant and child, usually against the intrusion of the father into the mother-child relationship. Typically, the child learns to hate the mother because of her sadistic possessiveness, but is nonetheless dependent upon the quality of sadism called "mother-love." Thus, the child learns to associate infantile hatred with the name of love.

This is exemplified in the bedroom. There, the male attempts to conceal his infantile impotence by putting on what he pathetically imagines to be a convincing performance of male potency. The female is engaged in

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