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"mother" protects her young ones from the control or intervention of a father, in which the father is degraded to an object of contempt in the household, in which a father ia a mere stud? What is the effect of such bestial "mother love" upon the child?

Look inside yoursolvos. How many of you imagine that it is your father's failure to love you as a child which is your problem? If you believe that your father is the cause of your problem, then you are sexually impotent, you are capable only of infantile sexual relations, of mere objects bumping one another in the night.

This sexual impotence is of special significance because the close paired relationship is that which is most directly connected to the individual's sense of social identity the fact which makes sexual relationships of such importance. If you are sexually impotent -- as most of our members inevitably are -- then you are impotent as political organizers. If you are afraid to reveal yourself in a sexual relationship, afraid to reach inside and change, respond to the inner self of another, you are unable to do this in any aspect of life. Impotence generally is the social practice of responding to people as they are, to their prejudices, their rejections, etc. The fear many of our members experience is not really fear of the FBI, the CIA, etc., but is fear of psychological death, fear of discovering the fact of their own impotence, since to be impotent is to be a mere object for other objects and is to deny the existence of inner life within one's self. To admit one's own sexual impotence is to admit that one is dead; that unconscious belief is the real terror.

The Organizing Process

The concept on which my work concentrated in Europe this summer was the concept of the "organizing process". This will he reflected in the international draft resolution on the "Constantinople Theses," now being completed for publication. By showing our European members that their sexual impotence was essentially curable, I was able to demonstrate two related points. Firstly, the direct connection between sexual and political impotence, and the direct connection between the cure of the one and the other. Secondly, the direct connection of this to the actual contents of Hegel's Phenomenology, Feuerbach's Principles, and Marx's "Theses on Feuerbach. Finally, the direct connection between this and the means by which we are to be assured of the successful seizure of world power within the decade.

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