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Heretofore, these principles have succeeded because I embodied their understanding. The effect has been that the deployment of our organization reflected these principles usually despite the ignorance of such implications in the members, even leading members. To succeed, it is necessary that the organizations unique dependency upon me in this way be superseded, by the proliferation of a similar competency among leading strata, radiating downwards through the ranks into the membership and peripheries generally. This ia the process now afoot among us. The time is approaching for each of you to break with your mother's love and become real human beings.

These same principles, employing clinical knowledge of the images in unconscious process, will be used generally, and increasingly in our propaganda and tactical work. By application of such clinical knowledge and techniques to mass work, we shall systematically evoke from our audiences precisely that sense of inner terror which must be evoked to absolutely compel them to become revolutionaries.

In technical language, this technique works as follows. In clinical work, one begins by establishing recognition of an image. This recognition works as follows: the identification of the image calls forth an experience of such an image from the unconscious processes. That is the beginning; now, the next, deeper image is to be similarly evoked. Proceeding in this way, one can reach almost any possible depth of unconscious processes in a direct and deliberate fashion provided that one has only the circumstances and the knowledge and skill to effect such a result. Henceforth, increasingly, all of our tactics and propaganda will be based on the employment of such principles. This has already begun in Europe; it will begin here with our psychological terror methods for completely destroying both the PSP and the "Trotskyist" groups with mere propaganda !

In general, I warn you of this fact. In respect of the mental processes, absolutely nothing is secret; there is merely blindness. What you may imagine to be only your private insight into yourself is accessible to empirical demonstration for general knowledge. Not only that, but such things within you as you nay for a brief remaining time, merely Imagine do not exist within you. Blindness will be ended; all the secrets will rapidly appear to become general public knowledge. In Germany, I am Der Abscheulicher; I shall soon be regarded similarly here.

Der Untergang des Abscheulicher (Downfall of the Abominable One)

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