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Notes Concerning the Role of Labor Parties in Immediate Strategic Crisis

 USLP -- EAP Internal Document

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Aug. 24. (1977, note)- The Labor Parties are presently the targets of an unprecedented, chiefly illegal, international operation coordinated by forces allied around the executive position of Henry Kissinger. The center of this attack is an alliance between the Rockefeller brothers financial and political interests and the group of predominantly Jewish investment bankers complicit with Lehman Brothers and Lazard Freres in Lower Manhattan. These financial circles of Lower Manhattan are immediately allied with that financier faction in England which runs the Tavistock operations, including the IRA Provos, elements of terrorism in Germany, and the Basque and Corsican terrorists in France.

The Carter-Mondale administration is entirely a tool of those financial interests, as are rotten elements in the British government.

The principal tools of those forces, apart from the corrupt, pro- fascist Carter-Mondale government are the networks of the Institute for Policy Studies and overlapping element associated with the Willy Brandt machine in the Socialist International.

This attack has been under way since May 1968, when the Institute for Policy Studies first launched efforts aimed at (unsuccessfully) crushing the Labor Committees. This was extended as an international operation during Fall 1970, when an operation was run against the Labor Committees involving IPS, elements of the Socialist International, the International Socialists, the Fourth International, Michael Vale and Karl-Heinz Roth in a primarily British centered black operation centering around Europe-wide elements and collaborators of the Socialistische Büro. This was escalated to the level of NATO complicity during 1972-1973, was escalated again, through the Socialist International's Brandt-allied forces beginning late May 1974, and was escalated further under the personal direction of Henry Kissinger during the second half of 1975. It also involves USA, British and other foreign spies in the leading circles of the East-bloc countries, typified by the Arbatovians.

Beginning the Spring of 1976, Kissinger and elements of the Democratic Party launched a financial-warfare operation against the Labor Parties internationally. This was escalated during August-September 1976, involving the New York Telephone Company most conspicuously. It was made a first priority project on November 2, 1976, bringing in the support of William F. Buckley (Viguerie et al) and the BRD Bundespost. The Labor Parties were scheduled to be bankrupt and destroyed by February 1977.

Following our successful survival through the Spring of 1977, the forces behind the campaign made operational a newly prepared assassination operation against me, with the Baader-Meinhof in Europe and allied terrorist gangs within the USA selected as alternative instruments for this rnurder. Henry Kissinger was overtly and directly involved in the effort to facilitate this assassination. To wreck the USLP, the Carter-Mondale administration planned to supplement my assassination by a package of escalated all-out warfare against the USLP, FIST, followed by an operation called SWEEP; using "sleepers" within the organization who would be activated to launch nagging factional campaigns, modelled on the earlier Bob Dillon NAG operation, attacking the NEC and LaRouche's "authority "on various pretexts worked out within special coordinating agencies involving elements of the FBI. This present operation is called the "September Scenario", and features a two-and-a-half-inch thick operational memorandum in the possession of the U.S. Department of Justice. (This probably involves intended corruption of the judge in the UAW case as part of the projected intent of those behind the September Scenario plot.)

Now, we are advised that this September-Scenario has been launched three weeks ahead of the earlier projected schedule.

Without corruption of US Federal judges, this operation could not succeed, since the operation is the most blatantly lawless activity of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government in twentieth century history.

Therefore we must expect corruption among Federal judges involved, since the enemy must necessarily have taken that feature of the operation into account and must have mans projected for accomplishing the corruption of a sufficient number of Federal judges to enable the operation to proceed.

However, this operation is the riskiest venture imaginable. By focussing such conspicuous efforts in such an obsessive, fetishistic effort to crush the Labor Parties, the enemies of the human race (Henry Kissinger and his allies) have stuck their asses into the position for a crushing flanking attack by the international array of forces associated with Citibank, Bank of America, France, Belgium and so forth. This coincides with the fact that Chase Manhattan is already on the edge of collapse and has stretched its position to be breaking point in the effort to develop a defensive posture against the oncoming financial crack.

Although our best statistical reconstructions from known November 2 evidence indicated that over 3 million voters selected Labor Party candidates, our primary importance in world affairs is not our immediate mass base. Indeed, the stealing of more than 3 million Nov. 2 USLP votes had a demoralizing effect on a majority of those who voted for us, as was the primary intent of the vote fraud in this respect. As we have been explicitly informed by official spokesmen, speaking for their government, we are considered a key factor in USA and global strategic developments because of our superior political intelligence work and because of our related role as an included political force among substantial forces opposed to the Carter-Mondale freakshow. It is our intellectual leadership role which A regarded by governments and others as our principal importance in current strategic developments. That is precisely the reason the despicable assassin Henry Kissinger and his backers are attempting to rid themselves of what they consider a grave menace to their power.

The most important complicating factor in our immediate defensive situation is that the numerous and powerful allies we have, mostly those who view themselves as our potential allies, have a temporary policy of making no overt commitments of support to us. Some governments and other forces have been most explicit on this point. "If we open overt relations to you", is their common statement "we will be subject to immediate reprisals from certain forces in the United States. We can not move openly with you until we have strengthened our position for an open break with Carter-Mondale." Sometimes this takes the form, "Don't you know what would happen to us if one of our leading people met directely with LaRouche?"

This is a complicating consideration on two principal counts. First, objectivly, we are left without adequate material means. Second, subjectively, the individual member, especially those in the local organizations, has little direct indication of the effectiveness of his or her own work. As I have described the matter before, the propaganda and related work of the individual member has the form of throwing papers over the fence to an unseen reader "on the other side of that fence". The individual member seldom knows at that time who, on the other side of the fence, is a secret sypathizer depending upon regular receipt of our programmatic and political intelligence information. The individual member has little direct feed-back against which to judge the relative effectiveness of his or her work under those circumstances.

The immediate analogy is "underground " propaganda work in a dictatorship or military occupation. Leaflets are produced on stolen paper and furtively distributed in such a way that the distributor and recipient do not see one another. That is necessary to protect both the distributor and the reader. Yet, the political work is not only effective, but indispensable, despite the lack of "contact-work" sorts of direct feed-back.

This is also complicated both by the Kissinger-led sabotage of our communications and publishing activities, and by the fact that certain aspects of information received can not be reported in detail for security reasons. We are the most open organization in political history on this account, but the leadership does nonetheless have a few secrets kept to protect vital sources of information.

Labor Party Intelligence

Naturally, the best overall knowledge is in the minds of those principally responsible for intelligence work. This advantage is not entirely the consequence of those members' access to privileged information. Except as indicated, we do not keep any secrets from members in the field, and none of the secrets kept are of a nature so as to make anything secret concerning our policies and so forth. The advantage of the members in the principal intelligence functions is that they have an overall view of the strategic totality. The advantage is not that those members have special facts known to them; the advantage is that they look at all the facts simultaneously.

To emphasize this point, my own principal role in, intelligence evaluations is that of rejecting evaluations offered on the basis of a too-narrow focus on particular sets of information. I say, most frequently in this vein: "You accept wrong information because you are looking too narrowly at one facet, whereas if you look at those facts in terms of the overall correlation of developments, those particular facts are exposed as fake or simply misleading".

In general our method is this. Instead of looking at a world in terms of isolable factors and situations, we constantly study the world-process as a kind of kaleidoscopic succession of patterns, global or strategic correlations.

This has been illustrated frequently by reference to successive "geometries". We are obliged to reach a crucial-hypothecal species of judgement concerning the overall patterns, and to test that hypothesis in the same principled way that any crucial hypothesis is properly tested: by noting what kind of events prove one way or another whether the hypothesis is wrong or right by the existence or non-existence of crucial developments within the spectrum as a whole.

Our strategic orientation in this work is to discover crucial points within the geometry at which we have the capability of efficiently intervening on a relatively small scale to cause a shift in the geometry on a large scale: essentially, where our political intelligence, supplied at the right points in the process, will enable persons and institutions so informed to take more effective advantage of their opportunities. In brief, the principle of "high gain non-linear amplification."

This requires the most accurate trategic assessment, in which we risk error in secondary, atters of detail, but do not tolerate an error with response to the pattern. Less effective modes of intelligence emphasize the opposite empiricist approach, working from the detail to a less rigorously-inductively-defined general conclusion.

This also requires accurate perception of the long-term and shorter-term vital interests of various forces involved, enemies, friends and potential allies. The objective is, as it must be, to risk short-term incredibility in favor of cumulative credibility. This latter is again contrary to ordinary intelligence practice, in which a premium is placed on the "believability" of conclusions delivered.

The correlated practical consequence of these policies is that our method adduces results which would be overlooked in ordinary forms of practice and enables us to penetrate more deeply and with a growth of influence which would be lacking in the ordinary case of intelligence work.

Naturally, a significant number of members in local organizations misread crucial aspects of our intelligence work, tending to assume that conclusions are based on detailed information, rather than upon the methods of assessment and crucial-hypothetical testing of patterns which is the actual basis for our intelligence work.

It should be emphasized that our distinctive method of intelligence work is superior because of its conformity with B. Spinoza's distinction between adequate and fictitious knowledge. To which we might add that in contrast to the erroneous slogan "knowledge is power", one should adhere to the corrected slogan "Adequate knowledge is power".

The Dynamics of Our Influence

The leading force of our growing strategic influence is of course our economic analysis. On this count, we have totally outwitted the big think-tanks and so forth, with all their detailed statistical work and computer aids, because our analysis is qualitively more advanced than, for example, Karl Marx's, with included proper emphasis on the fact that we comprehend the distinction between monetarism and industrial capitalism, where Marx, among nearly every other economist current but the Whig-humanist current did not. This specific advantage is augmented beyond the competence of 'any preceding method of economic analysis because, both, of our characteristically non-linear methods and the extension of that non-linear method to establish coherence between economic and physical processes generally, centering on the thermodynamical aspects of that coherence.

This most evident advantage coheres with our advantages in method. To varying degrees, the members, most emphatically the US hard-core which passed through the experiences of the 1966-1971 period and the 1972-1974 period of initial physical attacks on the existence of the organization, have assimilated the practical implications of the distinction between adequate and fictitious forms of knowledge. Thus, in general, among USA members, even those who have not yet developed the special degree of leadership qualities our organization requires have these qualities in some significant degree, and are able to readily assimilate adequate knowledge for practice, giving the organization as a whole a significant capability unmatched in any other known organization.

This is analogous to the principles of the trained militia and cadres in modern strategic doctrine. The root of superior combat capabilities is a higher level of culture. This culture by itself does not provide immediate combat effectiveness; adequate "weapons" and developed capabilities of coordinated deployment and use of weapons realize the potentialities of cultural superiority. To this effect, the cumulative experience of the USA organization, in particular, represents the coordinates development of that higher culture and "comb- capabilities ", to the effect that the USA membership generally has extraordinary capabilities for deployment as a coordinated force, capabilities which have become ostensibly instinctive.

This same principle shows conversely in respect to the efforts of the enemies of humanity to create intern.: disruption and countergang operations against us. It has been shown that the individual member who "goes over to the enemy", such as Bob Dillon, undergoes a marked loss of mental powers in that very process. This moral and intellectual degeneration of the enemies' handfuls of recruits from our ranks, first sharply illustrated in the case of Dillon, has proven itself the rule for all subsequent cases. The Bavarians are also an example of this principle, as are the efforts to run countergang formations through the organization, aiming to qualify such forces as "splinter factor" agencies - all of which has failed.

The same principle will apply to the FBI-conduited SWEEP operation. Any individual who begins a whispering campaign against "LaRouche's authoritarianism", against the "ABC of Socialism", or against the "authoritarianism of the NEC" will be immediately recognized as an FBI agent and subjected to immediate security investigation accordingly, automatically. After an actual or attempted assassination of LaRouche, such FBI-coordinated agents will undertake such "splinter factor" activity at some personal risk.

Intelligence is social, and depends upon a coherent set of active social relations for its nurture. Although there are, in history, some individuals who rise above that limitation, these are the few great minds of history, to the effect that no organization of even a few hundred perso has yet been able to maintain such qualities in all its members individually apart from an agreeable form organized "peer-group" relationship.

The coordinated activities of the Labor Parties, in the structured form given by centralized leadership, is the essential basis for realizing the special qualities of each its individual members. Although the individuals presently in leading positions are momentarily essential to that process, the loss of those particular leaders would not be so decisive as long as the ordered succession an practices of leadership immediately reproduced the centralized structures momentarily damaged by loss of one or more crucial present leaders.

The method of the Labor Parties is made substantive by the form of centralized organization of its deployments.

It is instructive that very highly-situated Wester European conservatives with extensive Eastbloc contact have reported to us that their contacts in the East state they have "ninety-five per cent" agreement with the Labor Party's analysis and program. This significant Labor Party influence among leading circles within the CMEA countries crucially illustrates a prominent feature of our method, that without a direct relationship to Eastern Europe, in fact in the face of a predominantly hostile organizational relationship to those nations' formal organizations, our ideas and our method have been influential through independent verification. It is not only our ideas which have accomplished this, but the centralized mode of deployment of our forces.

Again, in the relationship of the member's practice to the centralized form of organization of the Labor Parties, the method of our work is made substantive, as distinct from abstract-formal.

The Labor Party-Conservative Alliance

The developing relationship between the Labor Parties and conservatives began during late January 1974. This accelerated during early 1976, by way of Italy and France, and began to assume new forms in the USA beginning the Spring of 1976.

Let us consider the Ford-Reagan business briefly. The problem with the Reagan campaign can be summed up in one name, Richard Viguerie, plus the complementary name, James R. Schlesinger. Although the Reagan forces included the best conservative layers in the United States, throughout the Spring of 1976, the Reagan campaign was being grossly manipulated by Viguerie, Schlesinger and other Rockefeller-linked agents of that genre. Stopping Carter- Mondale and the combination of fascist forces behind Carter- Mondale was the primary objective, such that even the Rockefeller element in the Ford campaign and presidency represented a rear-guard position in the vital national and global interests.

Our approach would have been different, and properly so, had the Reagan campaign made Henry Kissinger the up-hont issue on the right terms. With the right policy posture, Reagan could have carried the 1976 Republican convention and beaten Carter-Mondale decisively. Similarly, if Reagan forces had come out openly in critical alliance with us on issues of the Carter-Mondale ticket during October 1976, even the massive vote-fraud would not have enabled Carter-Mondale to take over.

The shallow-minded liberal and radical can not understand this matter, since the stupid of the world are nominalists, who interpret events and political processes only according to the popularly projected "meaning" of surface phenomena. The political imbecile believes in the mythical " left ", just in the same way - the exact same way - Benito Mussolini was considered a kind of "leftist" among many non-fascist Italians during the early into middle 1920s. The Italian professed socialist who today has a soft attitude toward Lotta Continua, Bestino Craxi, the fascist Pannella is merely repeating in a more stupid, extreme form the idiocy of many "leftists" concerning Mussolini during the early 1920s. That same pro-fascist attitude has been recently emphatically advocated by Giorgio Amendola, who traces Italian socialism of today to the "lymph" of the "left"-fascist youth ferment, the precursors of Lotta Continua and the Autonomisti.

The fundamental, underlying political division in modern society is between the humanist impulse and the nominalist , -monetarist impulse. Those who are supportive of technology-vectored industrial and agricultural expansion and progress are organically humanists, whereas those who support Zero Growth and related policies are at this moment the fascist enemies of humanity.

To illustrate how the "left-right" fiction breaks down, consider the case of Pannella. Pannella is a pure fascist in every feature of his policy and the principal features of his tactical alliances (PRI). He is allied overtly and consciously with the fascists of the "Villa Porchese" (e.g. the same Biondi involved with Pannella in the Kappler operation ), and with the MSI. The MSI, like Pannella; is a truly fascist organization since it is essentially Zero Growth. Also, the Autonomisti, whose membership is significantly interchangeable with Lotta Continua's, is a truly fascist organization, under the overt patronage of that nobleman and relative of Agnelli's Caracciolo, a direct descendant of the Roman Emperor Caracalla by way of Caracalla's designated heir, the famous horse (Caracciolo is a direct descendant of the rear-end of that horse, as his outpourings into print and public addresses suffice to prove conclusively).

Giorgio Amendola is, for example, a fascist, although nominally a member of the PCI leadership. Bestino Craxi, of the pro-Brandt faction of the PSI, is also a fascist, as well as a fellow traveler of terrorist networks.

In the DC, the Bassetti faction, as typified by agriculture minister Maporca, is fascist. Many of the parents of former POE members from Ascoli-Piceno are overtly fascist collaborators of Maporca and his allies in the Craxi-Lombardi wing of the PSI and the local fascist-leaning elements of the PCI in that region. Those parents are as much the fascist enemies of the human race as the SS Obergruppenfuhrer Kappler, who also merely carried out orders from the authorities in conducting the other side of an operation coordinated by Giorgio Amendola.

Those parents are in fact in the same political faction as the notorious Pannella gang of Turin, the cazzisti of 11 Fuori, who have been targeting Giusto and others during recent months. (These names should be kept on a list for appropriate reference at a due future time.)

The task in politics is to cut through the confusion on the surface of politics, to get down to fundamentals, to the fundamental dividing line between humanism and bestialism, between men who mate with women and bestialists in the tradition of Pastore Lombardi.

Our closest allies among conservatives are typified by Georgia's Colonel Thomas McCrary. Tom, a former Marine Corps Colonel, assigned to the position of CIA Deputy Director of Planning from the staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (to prevent him from gaining general officer promotion, has two notable qualities which distinguish him in this matter. First, his alliance with us is principled and programmatic. He is the principled enemy of everything Mediobanca's Cuccia and Cuccia's Ugo LaMalfa, Bestino Craxi and Giorgio Amendola represent. Second. his background as a military commander and professional shows to great advantage in that -he is a real fighter, unlike many well-meaning Italian leaders who could not ride a horse because they could not get off their asses.

There is a growing stratum of conservatives like Colonel McCrary moving into principled, programmatic alliance with us, because they are honestly convinced that we have proven ourselves correct in the main points of our analysis and program.

There is another stratum which tends toward tactical alliance with us because of their perception that we and they have a common enemy in the fascist forces grouped around Henry Kissinger and Felix Rohatyn. This stratum has limited agreement with our analysis and program and agrees with us in principle on the principle of technological progress.

Our strongest mass base in the United States is, of course, within both the trade-union local organizations and among pro-technology black American forces of a predominantly working class composition. Through the common agreement with our program by conservatives and our immediate working class mass base, we are creating the basis for an industry-labor alliance.

Our immediate, conjunctural struggle is to stop total war and prolonged and deep world recession through both an international industry-labor alliance and a programmatic agreement between that alliance and the leaderships of both the developing and CMEA countries. We and our immediate and active allies are the only force which sees that task clearly, both analytically and programmatically.

The Enemy's Perception

Our principal enemy is the fascists centered around an alliance between Chase Manhattan and predominantly Jewish investment banks in Lower Manhattan. It is that latter group which is known to have originated the assassination plot against me. These forces, which control the Carter-Mondale administration, are immediately allied with the British complex of financier and political forces associated with the Labour Party's potential "Ramsey MacDonald", Roy Jenkins. These allied Anglo-American forces, which are responsible for the gutlessness shown by Andreotti in Italy and by otherwise positive forces in the BRD's SPD, are the enemies of humanity, who must be eliminated immediately from all positions of significant power by any means necessary otherwise total war and worse are imminently inevitable.

In addition to controlling the Carter-Mondale administration and the Henry Kissinger gang in the USA, the international arms of the fascist menace radiating from Lower Manhattan are the Willy Brandt wing of the Socialist International and the overlapping networks of the Neofabian networks of the Institute for Policy Studies. The Brandt or fascist faction of the Socialist International includes the UAW leadership and League for Industrial Democracy in the USA, the Mitterand faction in France, the Lombardi-Craxi faction in Italy, and the von Oertzen-Socialistische Baro faction in the BRD. The Trotskyist organizations associated with Ernest Mandel are part of this international fascist network, as are the Healeyite Trotskyists. All Maoist organizations in Western Europe and North America are fascist organizations of the same networks, and are all hard-core "environmentalist" groups. The Club of Rome is one of the most vicious fascist organizations of the same network.

This enemy's top leadership has now escalated his attacks against us to the maximum because he sees us as his most dangerous enemy. That is the reason for the projected assassination, and for the illegal black operations FIST and SWEEP. If the enemy is successful in these operations, total war is then' inevitable. The member in the local organization must fully understand this.

Weaknesses in the Organization

In the organization there are certain characteristic political and related personal character weaknesses which represent the most important problems to be immediately corrected within the organization itself.

In the USA, the cases of Christine Berl, Arthur Leaderman and Bernard Green are exemplary of the kinds of cases in which weak points in personal character are exploited by enemy agencies. The "Bettelheim syndrome ", playing upon heteronomic personal impulses and related character weaknesses, is the problem to be watched by political security and leadership.

In Italy, the characteristic tendency for infantilism and localism have been weak traits causing poor performance and vulnerability to interference from outside by fascist agencies operating through friends, parents and so forth.

In the BRD, the performance commitment of the local members has been on a higher level than in Italy. This is most notable in matters of members' attitudes towards the organization's financial situation, deployments and so forth. Here, the problem is one of Kantian tendencies, associated with operations against members through targeting of parents, with the most characteristic operation one in which parents pressure members to pursue an education at some corrupted, useless, Maoism-environmentalism-ruined university presently characterized by non-education.

In Sweden, as one might expect, the Swedish ideology is the main problem against which members struggle. The image of the Swede whose tendency for imbibing alcohol is in direct proportion to the thickness of his persona (his asocial defense of a hidden private self), is the problem, not so much among members as in their difficulties in mustering themselves to cut through such psychopathologies in others. Swedish "Oblomovism", typified in the "night-cap" faction, centers around politeness in not denying another Swede the right to his own opinion, no matter, sometimes, how stupid or even criminal that opinion might be.

These problems have the common, convergent effect of erecting some "other value" independent of current strategic reality, and demanding that the perception and response to reality accommodate itself to this consideration. "Yes, I agree that we must stop imminent danger of nuclear war, but now is the time for my vacation", is one of the ludicrous, pathetic extreme examples of the problem. Such weaknesses are among some of the individual member's personality are naturally emphasized by the combined financial pressures, environment of assassination threats, hooliganism and related aversive environmental problems. The effect of such combined pressures is to drive the individual to a retreat from reality into the "psychological foxhole" state of semi-paranoia, of preoccupation with narrow personal concerns.

These pressures, tending to undermine clarity of political judgement and to weaken political practice, are best combated by the member in a two-fold way. First, the member should recognize the symptoms of such tendencies as symptoms of a pathological deterioration of his political character and judgement. The recognition that insanity (in all degrees) is insanity is one of the indispensable weapons for maintaining sanity. Second, the member should focus clearly on the nature of our combat-like situation, recognizing that the enemies of humanity have focussed their special attack upon us because they recognise that we represent a superior quality of analysis and programmatic perspective, a quality lacking in most of the otherwise well-meaning governments and political parties opposed to environmentalism, terrorism and related monetarists' pro-fascist policies. Keeping those two vital sets of fact in mind, and also understanding the "over the fence" character of some of our most effective work, are the most prominent weapons for keeping sanity and political effectiveness under these circumstances.

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