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Popular Opinion

Therefore, what's the problem here? I said, the problem is, the assumptions of popular opinion by which the people and nations have so far destroyed themselves, especially during the past 40 years, in Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere. What does that mean?

That means, don't trust your own independent thinking. You probably don't have any actually independent thinking, but you delude yourself that you do. Because you have seen people doing things, generation after generation, in the postwar period, and especially in the past 40 years, doing things which have led this civilization to self-destruction. So obviously, what people usually think, is wrong. And therefore, independent thinking is not independent thinking. Something is controlling the way they think, and act, which is causing them to do the things that lead to the destruction of civilization. That is what Solon warned the Athenians against, as Athens began to degenerate during his later years of life.

Independent thinking is not valid, because it's not independent. Independent thinking means blinding yourself to false assumptions which are controlling your opinion. In the same sense that a Cartesian geometry specifies certain axioms, definitions, and postulates, as the basis for a formal geometry, an ivory-tower geometry.

Now, this geometry is false. It does not correspond to the real world, to the real physical world. But anyone who believes it, is a fool. But they will pass the course, if they believe it. They will come to a conclusion, based on this geometry, and say, "that is my own independent opinion." It is not their independent opinion. It is an opinion they formed, because they accepted certain taught definitions, axioms, and postulates. And they are controlled, by those assumptions. (I'll get to free trade here, in a moment. And indicate how that works.)

So, therefore, the problem today is, you've got to not only question the assumptions of nations and governments, but you've got to question your own assumptions, and hesitate a moment, before you leap to a conclusion, about what the problem is, or what the solution is. Because your conclusion will probably be wrong, unless you examine the false assumptions which have heretofore controlled the way you think, what you call your independent opinion.


From Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. “Physical Geometry as Strategy” Keynote Presentation, March 21-23, 2003

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