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CHAPTER 12 "No Sell Can Rat": The Chris White Affair – Part Two

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In "Orpheus Descending" we saw how the Chris White affair threw the NCLC into chaos. Here I wish to examine some of the possible alternate origins for the crisis and what really happened as suggested by a close reading of NCLC texts. Naturally it is impossible to draw and definitive conclusions on these events and I offer this analysis in the modest hope that it will at least provide some possible perspective on what may have actually happened.


We begin with Christopher Richard White. A British national of Irish descent born 10 January 1948, White was on the eve of his 26'th birthday when he arrived in New York for the NCLC's Strategy for Socialism VI conference. Before joining the NCLC, White had been active in the well-known English Trotskyist organization International Socialists (IS) led by the late Tony Cliff. In the summer of 1972, LaRouche visited England for talks with various Socialist groups, including IS. LaRouche even had a long talk with a top IS leader, the late Duncan Hallas.

Despite LaRouche's initial belief that the NCLC could initiate "united front" agreements with British IS, it soon became apparent that IS was not about to follow LaRouche's lead. In late 1972, Chris White resigned from British IS and became a member of the tiny European Labor Committee. White was now joined in London by LaRouche's former common law wife Carol.

A math instructor who first met LaRouche when they were both members of the Socialist Workers Party, Carol simply walked out on LaRouche and flew to England to be with White, whom she later married. Carol had been LaRouche's only source of income, and she supported him on her teacher's salary. Many former NCLC members who knew LaRouche well at the time strongly believe that Carol's desertion may have pushed him psychologically over the brink. LaRouche's reaction to Carol's leaving him certainly suggests as much. He reportedly became enraged after Carol first announced that she was going to go on a vacation for a few weeks with Chris White in France. After she returned to America, LaRouche initially threatened to leave the organization if she were not expelled, even though she actually helped co-found the NCLC with LaRouche in 1966-67. At that time, however, LaRouche's attempt to purge her failed. However Carol White recalls that around this time, LaRouche pushed for – and won – an agreement from the NCLC's National Executive Committee (NEC) giving him virtual total authority in the organization by threatening to quit the group if the NEC did not bow down to his demands, a tactic that James Cannon had also successfully used in the SWP in the 1950s.

Carol's desertion clearly put LaRouche in a very difficult financial and emotional situation. He was exactly 50 years old in 1972 and he now found himself more or less broke and alone with the NCLC remaining the one constant in his life. But as he had seen with the 1970 split with the section of the organization around Steve Fraser, his own continued hegemony was no sure thing precisely because the NCLC was not the top-down leadership cult that it would soon become.

Exactly one year after his trip to England, LaRouche again returned to Europe – this time to Germany – where he attended the founding conference of the European Labor Committees (ELC) in June 1973.

Since Chris White was now one of the Labor Committees' leading members in England, it would seem logical that he would attend the ELC's founding conference as well. What is not known is whether or not LaRouche included White in the "Beyond Psychoanalysis" encounter-group sessions with leading ELC members that he organized soon after the conference ended. If so, it would have been a bizarre scene indeed. LaRouche's ability to conduct the sessions depended on the group's belief that he was somehow a more-or-less infallible font of Marxist-Freudian wisdom. But how could the new paramour and soon to be husband of his ex-common-law wife pretend that the man Carol had fled just a year earlier was now Freud reborn?

In the summer of 1973, LaRouche began testing out his new program on the Germans. It is not clear if White took any part in this process, but sooner or later, he was going to be forced to go through it since it was now becoming a "vetting" requirement for a leadership position inside the NCLC. After LaRouche linked the sessions to "deprogramming" Constantine George in August 1973, mandatory attendance of the NCLC leadership at the sessions even became a "security issue." And in essays such as Sexual Impotence of the PSP, LaRouche gives a sense of just how disturbing his sessions could be,

Ordinarily, outside the Labor Committees, there are dangers in exposing a person to such an overwhelming emotion. The program is safely undertaken in the NCLC, where it could not be so with laymen, since the LC'er has a self-conscious identity in the world, which the ordinary layman lacks. Under some unfortunate circumstances, this experience, absolutely the most terrifying the human mind can know, can prompt suicide, or provide the impetus for psychotic collapses.

Given White's rather peculiar situation of being married to LaRouche's ex-wife, it might not be surprising to find that White had an emotional crisis of sorts when faced with the prospect of flying to New York for the NCLC's national conference and yet another encounter with LaRouche. White also knew that former leading members in America and Europe were being regularly subjected to violent and humiliating assaults to their identity; all carried out under the pretext of making them better revolutionaries. He also knew only too well that LaRouche despised Carol White and had even tried to get her expelled from the NCLC.


In the fall of 1973 the Whites were living in apartment 8A, on Woodfield Avenue, Colindale, London, NW9. Every weekday White would leave the apartment and head into the center of London to work at a new job as a teacher at the Sir William Collins School (now known as the South Camden Community School), located not far from the Euston and St. Pancras tube stations and on whose premises he was allegedly brainwashed in a plot straight out of The Ipcress File.

The 11 January 1974 NS states that White was

set up through the Inner London Educational Authority of the Labour Party-governed Greater London Council. White, completing his doctoral dissertation for York University, was referred to the Sir William Collins School, Charrington Street, London, as the only available teaching assignment.

The 11 January 1974 NS then claims that on the first day of school

White was invited to inspect some special facilities in the basement (as part of the standard fifty-cent tour, it seemed). On the way down the stairs, he was given simultaneous hypodermic jabs in the buttocks and neck; his "education" then began.1
He returned to the same basement each morning, four to five days a week under "hypnotic compulsion." His customary schedule was, as follows: He arrived at the school premises (the "staff room") between 0900 and 0930. At approximately 0940-0945 each day, he was led down the stairs into the cellar for a day of "programmed behavioral modification."
The torture sessions usually ran in blocks of one hour with five-minute interruptions within the hour and occasionally 15 minutes between. Except for the more exotic tortures, the principal feature of this "education" was film strips, supplemented by liberal applications of exotic drugs, by hypnosis, and specially designed stereo earphone input. (He was told that the program was piped into the "school" from a remote computer.)
The day's "educational program" ordinarily concluded about three o'clock or so, after which the victim was permitted a period to settle down before being dispatched homeward with a blocked recollection of the day's events, a false memory of a day's classroom work superimposed.

It was also during this period that White was forced to watch film strips of Bill Engdahl being tortured, was made to sit for hours with a "sauce bottle inserted into his sigmoid" and was "made to eat excrement" among other horrors.

In spite of such ghastly goings on, "there is no doubt that White was employed on those premises." In fact,

Telephone calls to him by his wife brought acknowledgment of his presence at the "school" by persons answering the telephone – although he never answered one of those calls. He did, however, make telephone calls from those premises (ostensibly) during the period. Witnesses have seen material evidence that he was paid for being on those premises during that period. Furthermore, the Labor Committee has conclusive evidence that there was no other period during the time from at least May 1971, during which White could have been given regular "programmed behavioral modification" conditioning necessary for a brainwashing job of the sophistication performed on him.2

NS also admits that

Despite the three-month "behavioral modification" tortures, White remained clinically sane until his final tortures of Dec. 27. Audit of his memory of the period from early September through Dec. 27, 1973, against the independently recorded recollection of his wife and against evidence submitted by other witnesses, and material evidence, removes any doubt of both his essential sanity during that period and the accuracy of most of his recollections.

Yet the most surreal testimony about White and his tenure at the Sir William Collins School comes from White himself. In his article "On the Track of My Assassins" that appeared in the February-March 1974 Campaigner, White recalled that on the first two days of his employment at the school (17 and 18 September):

I developed an irrational hatred for the place, and attributed it to the pupils. I could not work there; so I told my wife. But there's a depression going on. People need money to live. That was our major concern. She told me that she knew it was difficult, that she had taught in that kind of school, New York's Haaren School [Harren High School], and I'd get used to it. By Thursday, the 20th of September, I had convinced myself to see it through. After all, you do have to eat don't you, I told myself.

(White had in this sense been tortured at the school by a group that specializes in expertly torturing teachers: students.)

White next contradicts a core LaRouche claim and reports that he was never "tortured" on the premises of the school, much less its basement. Instead he states:

There is no place that could have been done [brainwashing], except the North London slum school, Sir William Collins . . . . That school exists and even without this business should be closed down; it is in the vanguard of government counter-insurgency organizing of working-class youth. But let's leave that aside for the moment. Brainwashing was not carried out on the school premises, but over the road in a derelict housing area, there Irish and Scottish workers and young student types squat because they can't afford to pay London's astronomical rents. The school was merely a cover for the deal. [Emphasis added.]

White then adds:

. . . Why did I continue to go back there? Didn't I know what was going on? The answer is simple: I did not know what was happening. At the end of every session I was provided with a filmstrip memory of the events of the day. . . . More than that, I will not go into at this point. I will, as I laid out above, stick to what I know as fact. As my memory returns, I will publish a blow-by-blow diary of what happened under the cover of that school. That is a promise I intend to keep.

(Needless to say, that book remains unwritten.)

But why the strange shift in an already invented story?

One possibility may have been that by this time the staff at the school may have been questioned by reporters about the story and White realized he was on shaky ground. It is also possible that White himself became more convinced that his "recollection" of the non-existent brainwashing facility at the school was too riddled with contradictions to possibly be true. He may simply have assumed that it must have taken place elsewhere in the area, with the squats being the most logical possibility. But his shift in the story remains surprising.


In his Campaigner piece, White also ignores earlier claims by the NCLC that the brainwashing plot was not only tied into murdering LaRouche but also to an IRA bombing campaign in England. The bombing campaign, in turn, was later tied to an attempt to impose a fascist-style military dictatorship in England, which was supposed to be a model for a Rockefeller-led coup inside the United States.

The first mention of the plot surfaced in the 11 January 1974 NS in an article entitled "'Irish Bomb Plot' Denounced as Fascist Setup" by none other than White himself, whose byline reads "convalescing victim of CIA-MI-6 torture brainwashing." The 8 January-datelined article begins:

At this point, there is no way capitalism can continue to rule in Britain without a change in government. The combined effects of so-called oil crises, energy crises, balance of payments, etc. mean less food, less jobs, less all round for Britain's already deprived population. Discontent is in the air. The necessary social explosion will bring down the Heath government and shake Britain to its knees.
The essence of the problem is revealed by the so-called Irish bomb-plot conspiracy terror wave of Arab guerrillas, which has provoked a tank encirclement of London's Heathrow Airport. From irrefutable evident that has come into our hands from this writer, Chris White, since he broke out of his brainwashed state, we can now begin to put such childish nonsense where it belongs, and take the appropriate action to make sure it stays there.
Bomb plots only exist in the heads of a paranoid ruling class. . . . So the next time you hear the words bomb plot conspiracy, ask yourself, just who is fooling who? Are you prepared to see the British working class framed up for the fascists by a fantasy?

What White's reference to "irrefutable evidence" was remains a mystery. White's use of the words "Bomb plots only exist in the heads of a paranoid ruling class" is strange as well given that in a few weeks time the NCLC (LaRouche) publicly tried to prove that the IRA bombings must be a premeditated MI-6 plot by linking the bombings to White's brainwashing. From LaRouche's "Rockefeller's 1984-Plot" article in the 1974 spring Campaigner:

The nature of the actual processes of the human mind is such that brainwashing could not be effective accomplished by private individuals or small groups within society. Only a government agency can effectively brainwash a victim. . . . Thus, the world is made into a controlled environment by the victim's terror of the CIA.
White's tormentors stressed this to the point that we have the strongest circumstantial evidence that either British MI-5 or the CIA set off a bomb blast, causing a reported fifty-four casualties, essentially to intensify White's terror to the effect that they can "get you anywhere."
In general, especially on the concluding conditioning days of Dec. 17 and 18, White's programming team warned him that he should not imagine he could escape from them. . . .
The bomb business was part of the same pattern. At "school" on the morning of Dec. 181 (White's last regular day of programming), he was informed that his tormentors had picked up a parcel which his mother had sent him (this was true), but they also showed him another parcel, which they reported to be a book bomb.
We had White draw a diagram of the book bomb in New York, which conformed to such a device, according to an expert trained in intelligence.
White was challenged that same time with queries as to what he had done on his way to school that morning. He was shown a photograph of himself standing with two other persons outside a government office off Trafalgar Square, then a slide showing bomb havoc, and slides of police and other persons deployed around what appeared to be a bomb incident. White's Irish ancestry was generously alluded to, together with references to the IRA and the argument that all "you politicos" are bombers, "aren't you?"
The next morning, Dec. 19th, a bomb blast, injuring a reported fifty-four casualties, occurred in the location shown to White the day before. Obviously two objectives were reached by the CIA and MI-5 through that atrocity. In general, it served as part of MI5's notorious wave of "IRA" bomb scares and also conveniently strengthened the terror which MI-5 and the CIA were focusing on White himself.

Most curious of all (or perhaps not curious at all), within a few short months after the momentous events in January 1974, any discussions of the Chris White Affair vanished from NS. White did briefly resurface, however, in a 26 August 1978 article by LaRouche, ostensibly on how the British murdered JFK. In an aside, he says that White was given acid by two British agents before leaving for the United States but fails to mention the alleged 4 month-long series of brainwashing sessions at the Sir William Collins School.

White is also mentioned in an 8 September 1983 internal memo by LaRouche ("The Soviet KGB Versus the ICLC"). Here LaRouche again writes that White was subject to "a costly and elaborate drugging operation" by two MI-5 operatives. Again there is no mention of the Sir William Collins School. Clearly fairly early on, LaRouche wanted to get past the Chris White hoax and so he chose the easy "default" position that White simply had been "drugged" by two British agents before he flew to New York. With these remarks, we have now more or less exhausted the paper trail stretching from 1974 to 1983 relating to the fantasy of White's torture sessions with its overtones of The Manchurian Candidate, Clockwork Orange and The Ipcress File.


As absurd as the story of the torture sessions is in reality, there seems little doubt that White did give off all the symptoms of a nervous breakdown of some sort shortly before flying from London to New York City on 27 December 1973.

In looking at this period, a few preliminary remarks are in order. In my view there are only three possible explanations (or a combination of aspects of the three explanations) to explain the events that I will describe. Either: 1) White had a nervous breakdown on the eve of the NCLC's New York conference; 2) White was a witting participant in a hoax cooked up by LaRouche; or 3) White had indeed been given some mind-altering substance either at random or in an elaborate hoax run by LaRouche or someone close to him. One can find evidence to support all three scenarios but not enough evidence to confirm any of them. In what follows, I will try and reconstruct what happened to White primarily based on printed material by the NCLC and then propose possible approaches to looking at the evidence. Essentially, however, I believe that White did in fact have a nervous collapse "with added complications."

At the core of this story we may have something like this: Chris White, already fearful of dealing with LaRouche, had a traumatic experience after he faced the prospect of flying to New York alone to meet LaRouche. He never got on his scheduled flight to New York because there was some problem with his ticketing. He then spent some time in the Copthorne as airline agents worked on his ticketing status before finally returning to the ELC conference later that night.

The most detailed discussion of the events that began on the morning of 27 December is presented in White's own Campaigner article and is worth quoting from at length:

We begin our account of the day of my first attempt to fly to New York on December 27th , 1973. For investigatory purposes I will limit my account of this and the succeeding days to events which can be confirmed by other people. The reason for this will soon become obvious.
I left home that morning and took the underground from the local station, Colindale, on the Edgeware branch of the Northern line. At about 9:00 p.m. that evening, I burst into Conway Hall in London's Red Lion Square, where the European Labour Committee was holding its first year-end conference. In an evident state of shock, I told my wife that all the travel plans we had made had been a set-up. The plane's engine had burnt out ten minutes out of the Scottish airport of Prestwick and we had returned to Gatwick. Once there, all the passengers bar three had been transferred by coach to Heathrow airport for BOAC's six o'clock flight. British Caledonian, the airline involved, had booked the three of us – myself, a Mr. Paul Walsh and a Mrs. Schroeder – into the Copthorne Hotel. There I had been drugged by Walsh, and had escaped back to London by taxi and train. The whole thing – travel schedule, engine sabotage, etc. – had been arranged to achieve just what I told her.
We returned home, and in the company of some German comrades from the Executive Committee of the European Labour Committee, I went over the story again. They decided to check. My wife telephoned British Caledonian at Gatwick and told them that she was worried about her husband and asked what had happened to him. They assured me that all passengers had traveled on to New York by BOAC after transfer to Heathrow.
Then a German comrade telephoned the airport and asked for a list of hotels in the vicinity. Of the twelve or so he was recommend not one was named "The Copthorne." By that time, however, we had found a book of matches in my coat pocket which gave the hotel's telephone number. My wife called to ask if she could speak to me and was told that while I had registered, I had left. Mr. Walsh was still in his room.
This left us wondering: the airline which I claimed had booked me into the hotel said that I was on my way to New York with the rest of the thirty or so passengers from the nearly empty plane. The hotel claimed I had been present. Later, by the end of the first week in January, a further twist was given to this part of the material by a British journalist. He had found the traces of Walsh and Schroeder really easy to uncover and told us that they led straight back to MI-5. This disturbed him somewhat, so he suggested that we check once more with the airline.
This was done by my wife, who was told by the reporter that the pilot of British Caledonian Flight 221 had said that the engine had not burnt out. It was only a minor breakdown, and a return to Gatwick would not normally have been necessary. In New York, the Vice President of British Caledonian informed her that no one had traveled on to New York. The hundred or so passengers on the aircraft had all been accommodated overnight at the Copthorne Hotel.

(The minor mystery of how the number of passengers from British Caledonian went from "thirty of so" to "the hundred or so" that flew to New York in the space of one paragraph remains unsolved.)

We continue with White's story:

This information, in direct contradiction with the airline's earlier story, had been obtained by telephone from Britain. Yet, according to the British reporter, the Copthorne Hotel is not used by airlines at all. He intimated that it is a sort of luxury retreat used by the British intelligence services.

(As to the credibility of the mysterious reporter: In 1986 I flew to London courtesy of British Caledonian. On the back of my ticket packet was an ad for the different Copthorne hotels "owned by the British Caledonian group" including the one at Gatwick whose number at the time was (44) (324)714971.)

White then states:

Despite our efforts to cross-check, it has been impossible to establish a coherent picture of what happened that day. Perhaps some passenger from the flight who reads this article could help us out. The airline is obviously no good and should be avoided.

In other words, the most basic answers to the question of what actually happened that day remains unknown. The only witness to any of this was White himself and no other witness could confirm his version of the events that day.


Returning to White's text, we read:

On the 28th December a New York representative [of the airline] told Ed Spannaus, executive committee member of the NCLC, "This happens two or three times a week," when asked about the alleged kidnapping. Obviously they would argue that it doesn't matter how you get there, as long as you arrive.
Nevertheless, it is certain that during the course of that day [27 December] I was given a massive dose of some drug or drugs. For it was from that evening that my mental state began to deteriorate rapidly.
For example, during the course of the next day I returned to my apartment from the conference at Conway Hall in the company of Steve Pepper, Marcia Merry, and "Katya" and "Franz." We were to discuss Steve's flight to New York which like mine had been arranged by the International Travel Club – an outfit recommended by one Don Filtzer, who, it transpires, is probably a dupe of the CIA – and had also been disrupted.3

The International Travel Club in the White story first surfaced in the 1 January 1974 press release where it is reported:

An individual who had been assigned to penetrate the Labour Committee by KGB operative Tony Cliff of IS directed traveling members of the Labour Committee to a "ticket fiddle" variety of travel agency, the International Travel Club.

What is most interesting about White's story is his discussion of the fact that NCLC member Steve Pepper – an art history professor by profession – also had travel troubles with his International Travel Club ticket. But

The second time Steve told his story [presumably the day after White returned from the airport], which was not in any way extraordinary, except for a whole series of pettifogging annoyances, I became convinced that my wife was a KGB agent, that she had always had been.

If I am following White correctly, he is saying that he really began to exhibit paranoid delusions not so much on the night he returned from the airport but sometime the next day. He writes:

At that point people in New York were trying to contact her [Carol White] by telephone [one would imagine because White hadn't arrived in New York as scheduled], but I insisted that we not tell her until we had decided what to do about the situation. The "evening" ended early the next morning (29) [I believe White means the 28'th] with me telling two British members of the London local the story of Carol's agentry. They believed me, as had the others.
It was at that point that the decision was taken to bring me to New York. Travel plans began to be made over the next day while I talked to my wife Carol and to "Franz." During the afternoon [of the 28th] I met my first emotional road to Damascus, deciding that it was impossible for Carol to be an agent, and that therefore the agent of the group would have to be me.4

One striking fact about all this is that not only White but Steve Pepper had his 27 December flight to New York "disrupted" and that he too had booked the flight through the International Travel Club. Ironically, the 1 January 1974 NCLC press release gives the best explanation for what happened: the International Travel Club simply ran a "ticket fiddle" in which passengers were given "boarding passes, but not tickets" and that both White and Pepper found their flight plans disrupted as a result.

In fact White was never even on the flight #221 at all.

In the entire story, it is remarkable that there is no concrete proof of White's ever being on the plane except for White's claim that it turned around. But there is no mention of White retaining his boarding pass, ticket baggage claim check, paperwork from British Caledonian, or any other tangible piece of paper that could easily validate his story. The one piece of paper that did exist was a card from the Copthorne Hotel, the same hotel the ELC members had such trouble locating even though White "escaped from it" via taxi and train.

By at least 3 January 1974, the NCLC knew that White had never even been on flight #221. From LaRouche's presentation:

Now, there's a little angle on this – that in order to accomplish this the British government asked an airline, British Caledonian, to sabotage the engines of one of its own planes, a plane on which Mr. White was presumed to be traveling but which he in fact never boarded. Nor did the two other passengers listed on the same plane ever board it. You may find their names on the passenger list but they were never on the plane. The plane was returned to the airport to give a 12-hour cover to the absence of White to allow for final conditioning. (Emphasis added.)

White and Pepper never flew out of London because they had trouble with their ticketing arrangements. It seems likely that when White tried to get on the plane without a proper ticket, he was refused and that the airline offered to put him up at the Copthorne Hotel while it straightened out the mess with the travel company. White then left the hotel and returned later that night to Conway Hall, where the ELC meeting was still continuing. Sometime the next day, he stated accusing his wife of being a KGB agent.

Recalling that period many years later, Carol White remarked:

from drugging, or a mini-stroke, or even (although neither Chris nor I think so) merely a psychotic breakdown under the stress of being told to deprogram Chris Caddy5 at a cadre school we were holding in London, anyway, for whatever reason Chris was definitely out of his mind at that time, with delusions that traffic lights were giving him instructions, and a high degree of suggestibility. I could not cope and was pretty crazy myself and scared.

If Carol White's memory is correct, it seems that there was yet another "brainwashing" case that got lost in the confusion following Chris White's arrival in New York. Why otherwise would Chris White be told (and by whom?) to "deprogram" Chris Caddy (and for what reason?). Was Caddy also part of a KGB plot? Why had he suddenly come under suspicion? In short, was there yet another crisis deliberately generated at the London cadre school? And why was Chris White singled out to deprogram Caddy?


After White's return from Gatwick airport, he mentioned that he had been placed in the Copthorne Hotel with just two other passengers, a Mr. Walsh and a Mrs. Schroeder, who were also trapped in the International Travel Club "ticket fiddle." From the 1 January 1974 NCLC press release:

Through this agency [the International Travel Club] the victim and the two operatives (Welsh and Schroeder) assigned to deliver him to the KGB were embarked on the British Caledonian flight with boarding passes but not tickets.6

The press release says "were embarked" which is a curiously passive way of saying that they actually boarded the plane. After all, the KGB or MI-5 hardly needed to "sabotage" flight #221 if they had also arranged it that the tickets were falsified in the first place. This suggests that as early as 1 January 1974, the NCLC knew White was never on a plane.

Leaving this detail aside, we read:

Sabotage of one of the aircraft's engines forced the plane to return to Gatwick. All but the three passengers from the travel agency were promptly forwarded by the aircraft. The victim, Mr. Walsh, and Mrs. Schroeder were put up at the Calthorne [sic] Hotel from which the victim was directed by Walsh to the KGB programmers.

In his later Campaigner piece, White recalls:

British Caledonian . . . had booked the three of us – myself, a Mr. Paul Walsh and a Mrs. Schroeder – into the Copthorne Hotel. There I had been drugged by Walsh, and had escaped back to London via taxi and train.

In the first version, Mrs. Schroeder had absolutely nothing to do with any of the story. The real villain was Walsh. In the 1 January version Walsh "directed" White to the mythical KGB agents who "programmed" him. In White's Campaigner version, however, Walsh merely "drugged" White. Here the idea that White was then given a final programming tune-up before being sent to New York to kill LaRouche drops out of the picture entirely.

Yet some years later Walsh (and the formerly blameless) Mrs. Schroeder would return with "a vengeance," so to speak, as the John Steed and Emma Peel of Gatwick Airport. In a 25 August 1978 NS LaRouche article (entitled "Why the British Assassinated President John F. Kennedy"), LaRouche maintains that White's airplane – the one he never flew on – returned to Gatwick after developing engine trouble. He then writes that back at Gatwick

all of the passengers but White, Walsh, and Schroeder were immediately transferred to Heathrow airport for alternative transatlantic flights. White, Walsh, and Schroeder were booked for overnight waiting, not in one of the nearby hotels normally used by Caledonia [sic], but at the Copthorne Hotel, some miles distant. There were ample vacancies at nearby regularly used hotels. The three were booked in adjoining rooms. In that social setting, Walsh introduced a powerful psychedelic into White's tea, and then he and Schroeder left.
According to a leading investigative reporter for the London Observer, White's description of Walsh and Schroeder corresponded to the known Walsh and Schroeder of MI-5. Parallel investigations by the reporter and by a Labor Committee representative confirmed all the details of the incident as reported by White, indicating that high-level circles in and outside Caledonia airlines, were complicit in a most elaborate operation, including a rigged "engine failure," all to the purpose of setting up White for drugging by Walsh. If credible "doubles" were used for the well-known Walsh and Schroeder, the operation itself establishes that the top command of MI-5 was responsibly complicit in the affair, including numerous others.

This time Walsh and Mrs. Schroeder (now upgraded to "two of the best known operatives of British MI-5") only put acid in White's tea. Even LaRouche, however, had to wonder why MI-5 would use "well-known" operatives since spies are not supposed to be well-known almost by definition. So perhaps, LaRouche reasons, "credible doubles" were substituted for the well-known duo.

But what would be the point of using "credible doubles" for two people already well known? How would that solve the problem? And why would MI-5 etc. wish to give White "acid in his tea" when White was actually programmed to murder LaRouche? Recall that Walsh's role was to lead White to some den of iniquity to give White a final tune-up for the planned hit.

What is, however, interesting for our purposes is that it is here for the first time that LaRouche introduces the idea that someone did give White some kind of drug not to "program" him but to send him on a paranoid trip.


Reading the NCLC's discussion of the Chris White Affair, one thing is certain: Mr. Walsh and Mrs. Schroeder had nothing to do with the story except for their being victims of the same "ticket fiddle" as White. But could Chris White have been drugged by someone either before or after he arrived in New York? Although the very mention of such a possibility may well produce howls of disbelief in the sensible reader, it can't be completely ruled out.

If White had been given some kind of mind-altering substance sometime before his flight, he would have arrived in the U.S. on 28 December, give or take time differences involved in flying from London to Manhattan. If so, he would have begun showing signs of mental instability either on the flight or after his arrival in New York as the drug kicked in. The fact that this scenario didn't come true would only depend on the accident that the ticket agency he used employed some shady practices.

If White had arrived alone as expected, he would have come just one day after the mysterious MIRA/CAL/DGI frogmen assassination team had been "spotted" roaming around LaRouche's apartment. Since LaRouche could "deprogram" White in a few hours (as he had George) it would have meant that by the time of LaRouche's opening presentation at the NCLC's conference on 29 December he would have had not just the "frogmen" but a real live body in the person of a paranoid White to prove the reality of the KGB-directed plot against him. The conspiracy would also include a second KGB "victim" Cliff Caddy, who had been linked to White in London. Recall that White was supposed to "deprogram" Caddy, according to Carol White.

Instead LaRouche could only announce the existence of the plot on the 29th because White failed to arrive on time. Therefore in his initial speech, LaRouche claimed that flight #221 had been "brought down." But, as we have seen from White's Campaigner article, by the 28, if not the night of the 27th, it was known that NCLC members like Steve Pepper had encountered the same problem with the International Travel Club as White had, a fact that would have been communicated to New York by phone. But if White arrived in New York in a perfectly normal state of mind, LaRouche's claims would have fallen apart on the spot. Therefore if White was drugged, he may even have been drugged twice.

But if LaRouche had a motive to play a very dirty trick on the man his wife had left him for, did he have the means? White mentions in his Campaigner piece that leading German members at the ELC conference stayed with White and Carol. The core leadership of the German Labor Committee had been members of a commune in Dortmund, West Germany. The commune was made up of medical students. To cite from LaRouche's 1974 "Conceptual History of the Labor Committee": "A group of gifted medical students predominated in forming the nucleus in West Germany."

As we have seen in the earlier chapter on the Chris White Affair, when White was held under LaRouche's control, LaRouche zealously guarded access to him through chosen "medical students" such as "Hans." Was "Hans" part of the German group with LaRouche in the FRG just 5 months ago during the Konstantin George Affair?

In his Campaigner article, White writes on the first night of his arrival in New York (when he feared he was going to suffocate and die) that:

for that approximately five-hour period (1:30-6:30 am), the two people who were caring for me that night thought I was asleep. Except for one moment at about 3:00 am when I insisted that "Hans," a final-year German medical student, hold my hand. At that point I was convinced that I would die that night, and I wanted to establish contact with a fellow human being before I did so. Fortunately he did not fall for that, even though I could not speak and told me to concentrate on the music that was playing, just like Marcus had told me to do.

White's symptoms varied significantly from the night of the 29th when he seemed in a paranoid state to his state of mind on 31 December when he felt he was dying. As White describes the night of the 31 December, the experience he went through sound nothing like anything caused by LSD but by some other substance, assuming the "drug" angle is true:

Let me explain the symptomology of that night of hell. As I lay down to relax, I became completely dissociated. My body was completely separated from the workings of my "conscious" mind. I could not move. I began to experience choking sensations at my throat. I cold no longer feel my heart beating, nor my pulse pounding. I could not feel my lungs working to breathe. At the same time every muscle in my body was hyperactive, pulled in both directions by what felt like short but powerful electric shocks. These feelings would proceed in what can only be described as waves; starting at my throat and descending over a period of about twenty minutes to my toes, then reversing, and over the same time span mounting to my throat. The cycle was repeated continuously between about 1:30-2:00 am to 6:30 am. Prior to that time I had been talkative, observant of the apartment I was in. I complained about the dominant smell of the place and noticed and remarked constantly on the unread books in the formally arranged bookshelves and railed against the owner's taste in music, even his choice of artists. Before the reader jumps to the conclusion that I'm either rude of completely devoid of any social graces, I should point out that the owner was not present.

I am NOT saying that White WAS drugged. The most logical explanation as to what happened is that White had a temporary breakdown induced by the stress of coming to New York and dealing with LaRouche. I only want here to suggest that the "drug hypothesis" can't be ruled out entirely. Did some German with medical experience under orders from LaRouche drug White? There was also an NCLC member, Doctor Gene Inch, who was present with White and may have given him drugs to try and calm him down.

There is another possible drug-related explanation of events after White arrived in America and that is that White did receive some kind of medication such as prolixin and the medications, in turn, had unpleasant side effects. In his Campaigner article, White states that

After the first deprogramming session in the West Village [12/29-30], and after a short visit to St. Vincent's Hospital occasioned by yet another paranoid thought – this time that a cyanide capsule had been built into my front tooth – I was taken uptown to rest.

(White's notion that he had a cyanide capsule in his mouth, by the way, was reported as true in the 1 January NCLC press release on the case.)

If White had been given some kind of drug at St. Vincent's, it might explain his report of experiencing what to him was a kind of near-death experience on the night of 31 December to the dawn of 1 January 1974, when he was taken to see the Brooklyn-based psychiatrist named Dr. Israel Samuelly. Doctor Samuelly actually tried to separate White from his NCLC minders and have him hospitalized for his own good. As White recounts his experience,

Dr. Samuelly began to talk to LaRouche (Marcus) in the other room. I concentrated intently on what I could hear them saying. He considered that I should be hospitalized. I was a potential dangerous psychotic, a paranoid schizophrenic. I could break out of that state at any moment and attack someone. He would not credit Lyn's argument that I had been brainwashed. And, in addition, he held out no hope that I could get remission. As he said that, my state of mind changed again. I broke out of my physical trance and yelled, "Lyn, we've done it. We've defeated the unholy alliance between man and goat – the Popular Front."
Samuelly was amazed and frightened by this abrupt change, seeing in it confirmation of everything he said.7

Finally, LaRouche's writings in the immediate "post-Chris White Affair" contain interesting references to the use of drugs in brainwashing. For example in his essay on "The Real CIA" in the April 1974 Campaigner, LaRouche writes:

Psycho-pharmaceuticals are important. Drugs to facilitate the hypnosis used to bring the victim under control. Drugs for the victim to use daily ("outpatient") to prevent breakout from controlled compulsion to return to the next treatment-session. Drugs to induce various degrees of dissociation (e.g., psychedelics) and suggestibility . . . Prolixin for general control, etc., etc. They are important to facilitate the crime's accomplishment, and important for the serious damage they accomplish in the victim. Yet, it is not the drugs that accomplish the brainwashing; they merely assist a process which must be essentially understood in entirely non-medical terms. . . . The mind retreats, by one way or another, from knowledge of the stress or pain which it regards as otherwise unendurable. (Psychotropic types of pain-ameliorating drugs work on this principle.)

And perhaps most bizarre of all, in a 6 January 1979 NS article LaRouche claimed that at the NCLC conference in 1974, "other members were surreptitiously administered psychedelic drugs." But "surreptitiously administered" by whom?


There are, as I indicated earlier, other possible explanations for White's breakdown. For example, did White have any history of mental illness? We can find a hint of evidence for this thesis as well in White's Campaigner piece. Here he writes that "the British government announced that I had 'a long history of paranoia' – a charge that was subsequently picked up by the New York Police Department." But was this claim true? Did White have some past history of mental instability?

It is also possible that White was acting. Certainly some members of LaRouche's inner circle at the time, including Jose Torres, thought that this must be the case. At one point Torres even threatened White privately in order to force him to admit that he had never been brainwashed. In fact it seems clear that as the weeks went on. White knew that the entire brainwashing story was a hoax. How else can one explain the curious alterations in his own Campaigner piece regarding the Sir William Collins School for example? Torres, however, only confronted White some weeks into the crisis and not during the first few days when White did seem to be acting bizarrely.

In my view White did lie to Torres for the reasons that Torres outlined to Dennis King and which I cite in my previous chapter. Once White felt himself reasonably sane, he understood that the story of his brainwashing was in reality a hoax. But this does not therefore mean that White hadn't experienced some kind of mental disorder in late December 1973. Two separate psychiatrists, Dr. Samuelly, who saw White on Monday, 1 January 1974 (the same day of the NCLC's internal conference), and Dr. Herbert Spiegel, who looked at White on 6 January, both diagnosed him as a paranoid schizophrenic. If White was simply acting, he did a brilliant job.

Yet another possibility is that White had been hypnotized at LaRouche's apartment, suggestions were then planted in his subconscious and only then was he questioned. The NCLC's own description of the White interrogation in the early press releases includes such curious phrases as: "After the victim had been conditioned to accept the person facing him as being his Soviet controller." Conditioned how and by whom? From the NCLC statement:

The victim's deprogramming threw him into hypnotic blocks at certain key points. The staff therefore placed him in a chair and continued interrogation during which the victim was in his KGB preprogrammed hypnotic state. He was faced opposite to a Russian speaking Labor Committee interrogator who fit the general physical description required while the psychoanalyst L. Marcus stood by the victim's chair conducting the interrogation. After the victim had been conditioned to accept the person facing him as being his Soviet control, the interrogation began in Russian.

Again although it sounds far-fetched, there was a special group chosen by LaRouche to "investigate" the Konstantine George bogus brainwashing case. This same group now became involved with White. If some of them had been studying mind-control techniques under LaRouche's supervision, certainly hypnosis would have been examined.


For whatever reason, it is clear that White began to show signs of paranoia either on the night of 27 September after returning from Gatwick or at the ELC conference the next day. He recalled that during these days in London a pattern was established

which was to be maintained over the next week. I was becoming more and more the victim of paranoid fantasies. . . . I did not sleep, I barely ate. . . .

In this condition, White finally flew across the Atlantic to New York, this time "in the company of Carol, Steve Pepper, Marcia Merry, and Peter Mailand." Given that Steve Pepper flew on the same flight with White, it would seem that their problems with the International Travel Club had also been solved. (At least there is no report of either White or Pepper having to purchase a brand new ticket.)

White then reports that before getting on the plane to go to New York, "I had stabilized somewhat at a level of functional euphoria; that is to say, I was high, but not out of control." However, as fate would have it:

The film shown on the flight sent me out of control. It was a disgusting piece of French near-pornography. A vicious murder story set in and near Paris, called "The Trinity." I became fixated on the film, convinced that it was a script for what would happen to us when we landed in New York. Particularly vivid were scenes in which the "hero's" girl friend, a woman at least ten years older than himself, was shot in her car, and scenes in which the "hero" arranged the execution of a rather paternal figure and then committed suicide by taking poison.
I was convinced that the film was meant for me, and that I had to do something about it. So as we landed at Kennedy I launched a tirade against the CIA, which I claimed was planning to have my wife shot on the way into the city, and intended to dispose of L. Marcus later that evening. This outburst astonished many passengers and upset my wife and companions. Some people, however, listened intently to the kook. I felt better afterwards and was almost able to relax a bit, and blithely joked through immigration and customs. Everyone else, particularly my wife, thought I was hell-bent on getting us refused admission.

When Carol White told LaRouche that her husband had been mimicking the plot of the "Trinity" film he saw on the plane; LaRouche not only dismissed her concerns but instead insisted that the showing of that particular film on that particular flight was further confirmation that White had been brainwashed! Clearly nothing anyone could have said would have dissuaded LaRouche from discovering that White had been brainwashed. This also explains how LaRouche decided White was brainwashed after only hearing him speak a few words.

In his Campaigner article, White refers to "Trinity" more than once and he clearly wants to suggest that his seeing the film – and not a real KGB or CIA "brainwashing" plot – triggered his delusions about assassination, even though he also states that his fantasies about either his or his wife being a dangerous KGB agent first surfaced before he saw the film. He also reports that when the NCLC took him to a real psychiatrist, "I was convinced that, at that moment, I was living out the film I had seen on the flight from London." After taking with the real doctor, White commented, "We headed on back to yet another apartment. Once back in the car, I again began living out the fantasy of the film." White also admitted that he, in effect, began agreeing with the images and arguments put forward by his NCLC interrogators even though they were fantasies:

For several days, I actually mounted a rearguard struggle to maintain the joys of my own "private" fantasies. No admission was too degraded for me to make, no lie too big to be told.

In other words, the more LaRouche spun out fantastic scenarios to White, the more White agreed with them.


After getting through Customs at JFK, White and his party were picked up by "Labor Committee security personnel" who drove them directly to LaRouche's West Village apartment on Morton Street. To receive White, reports the 11 January NS:

Marcus assembled a multi-language team, including a member with intelligence training, at his apartment. The key members of the team had experience in various phases of the work of freeing an earlier brainwashing victim, Konstantin George.

It is important to recall that the George case was the real foundation for the White Affair. In his article in the February/March 1974 Campaigner, LaRouche writes that after he had discovered that George was "brainwashed" by the East German secret police,

We hustled George back to New York . . . . We immediately set several projects into motion. We initiated the formation of a counterintelligence group and operation for the principal immediate purpose of backtracking the brainwashing of George. We organized research into "brainwashing" techniques in both Western circles and Eastern Europe, for the principal purpose of developing information which might be of therapeutic significance in the further treatment of George by specialists.

This "team" was responsible for the further "deprogramming" of George in which more and more fantastic revelations about a KGB plot against LaRouche were revealed.

Under what conditions George was held and for how long he was interrogated also remains a mystery but it seems that George himself may have had some kind of mental breakdown. White writes in his Campaigner article that Dr. Samuelly, the first psychiatrist White saw on 1 January, also "had assisted the deprogramming of Konstantin George." But this same Dr. Samuelly also clearly didn't believe LaRouche's claims about brainwashing.

Therefore when White was hustled into LaRouche's apartment immediately after arriving in America, he was placed in the presence of the same special "team" that had been responsible for the bogus discoveries of growing KGB assassination plots aimed at LaRouche all through the autumn and winter of 1973! (It is not even clear when the team's "deprogramming" of George actually ended.) Was this the same team that "triangulated" the radio frequencies of the non-existent Latin frogmen assassins just a day or two before White landed in New York? Was this the team that first claimed that White's plane had been "downed" by the KGB and declared a major security alert even before White landed in America?


In his Campaigner piece, White gives his account of the first night at LaRouche's West Village apartment:

Yet after a somewhat lengthy discussion involving other people, I once more felt compelled to speak and launched into a lengthy treatment of the so-called "leadership problem," in the course of which I informed Marcus that he was about to be assassinated, either that night or the next night – 30th and 31st of December.

So even before starting to "deprogram" White to find out about an assassination plot, White freely confessed to it on his own. But given White's dates, LaRouche already had announced the existence of a plot against him (not to mention the "downing" of White's plane) on the morning of the 29th, well before White had arrived in New York.

White continues:

It was at that point that "deprogramming" proper began. "How did I know that?" I was asked. Yet at that point, I had no answer. I could not utter a word. The first session lasted approximately four hours. While it was in progress, it became clear that I had indeed been brainwashed.

The ultimate proof of White's brainwashing was his ability to speak in different languages:

For example, interrogation had to be conducted in three languages, English, German, and Russian. Until that evening, even though I was in regular contact with German-speaking comrades, I was unable to speak their language. Yet that night I blossomed into a fluent German speaker, with a pronounced Ukrainian accent. As for Russian, I never had anything to do with the language, yet during a brief period of the evening, I was able to speak it, though I was only able to approximate a six-year-old's vocabulary. . . . Eventually conditions were created in which it was found that I could answer the question that had been posed at the beginning of the session. If I was questioned in Russian, it was found that I would provide answers in my Ukrainian-accented German.8
I informed the gathering that Marcus would be assassinated by a seven-man Latin death squad. All I had to do was call the following number on Perry Street, and the squad would be activated.

The interrogators not only had the "conditioned" White tell them about the non-existent frogmen that they had invented just a few days earlier but they also linked him to a phone number from 55 Perry Street in the Village, not far from LaRouche's own apartment.9

White further reports that in subsequent deprogramming session on 1-2 January, "we began to consider the keys and codes" with which he had been programmed and which, not surprisingly, revolved around a fear of rats, a prominent feature in the "Beyond Psychoanalysis" series of articles that first appeared in the Campaigner in the fall of 1973, not to mention George Orwell's 1984. White recalls that:

Starting from the word "rat" we went via sewer rats, water rats, operators, and apparats to more permutations involving other words, and we arrived at the phase "no sell can rat," i.e., "rat cancel on" reversed, near enough. My head began to feel as if was being encased in cast iron. We had discovered the key which completely screwed up the programming.

That "key" was quickly turned into the famous phrase "CIA rats eat shit" that LaRouche demanded NCLC members to say out loud to determine if they were brainwashed or not!

White then says that after "no sell can rat" was critical, he began to think that he was no longer programmed. But now, alas, his interrogators "wanted to know, then I would be able to tell them who did it, where it was done, and what they [the brainwashers] wanted me to do."

Not surprisingly White couldn't supply any details: "the cast iron cap descended even tighter on my brain. Ideas would not come. I felt stupid. Ignorant, desperate – if I could not come up with something then who knew what might happen to any of the people I was with."

All this occurred on 2 January, one day before LaRouche's amazing press conference and later speech to the NCLC. Unable to recall any specifics of his brainwashing, White declared in his Campaigner article that he now realized he was really programmed at an even deeper level than he imagined:

"No sell can rat" sent me into the mental horror of the "infinite loop"; my mind was programmed to program itself. Yet I had one instruction in that state which was pre-planted for recovery at the onset of the infinite loop. I had been programmed with three telephone numbers, one in New York, one in Glasgow, and one in London. The New York telephone number, as it transpired, was the Red Squad number. . . .

Recall that Alice Weitzman was rescued by the New York police on 2 January. White's new fake memory was an attempt to link the New York City police into the conspiracy as well. (As for the numbers in Glasgow and London, we learn nothing more about them in White's account.) White then relates that the phone numbers "were my last programmed instructions."

But what were these instructions?

On "Jan. 5," the NCLC Resume reports, the group revealed

That with the final deprogramming of Mr. White, the British government would issue an order for the activation of a "random squad" to accomplish the assassination of Marcus, Mr. Chris White, and Carol White. According to Mr. White's program, the test British Intelligence would use to determine if White was deprogrammed was a message that he was incapable of recalling until brought out of the programmed state. Det. Finnegan of the NY Police "Red Squad" was specifically identified by British Intelligence as officer-in-charge of the random assassination squad Dillon group.

In other words White had "proven" that Alice Weitzman, Bob Dillon, and any other NCLC dissidents who doubted the veracity of the entire Chris White Affair were themselves part of the "random assassination squad Dillon group" controlled by the New York City police department's Red Squad!


A few days later, the entire Chris White Affair began to fade. White reports that "I received complete remission" on the 9th of January. This was shortly after he accompanied some NCLC members to swear out a complaint against the CIA, the City of New York, and the NYPD at the Southern District Federal Court in Lower Manhattan. Afterwards,

we went for a car ride, as an elementary security precaution while the apartment we were staying in was checked out. I began to feel paranoid again, wondering if we were being followed or not, what the procedures to follow this time were, etc. On our way back, it suddenly dawned on me how stupid I was being. "I'm not programmed," I thought to myself. When we arrived back, I told other people present about how I had felt on the ride, and how I had resolved the doubts. It was true. I was human for the first time. Even that did not stop the doubts. The next day, for example, I began to wonder if the whole thing had really happened. Perhaps it was all just a figment of my imagination, like so much that had happened during the whole period had been.

But what was White to do now? The NCLC had just spent two straight weeks churning out the most elaborate conspiracy theory possible. In his public address, LaRouche had famously screamed at skeptics: "Any of you who say this is a hoax—you're cruds! You're subhuman! You're not serious. The human race is at stake."

If White came out and debunked his own story, LaRouche would have undoubtedly declared that White had been brainwashed to do so and would have attacked him again. In short, from White's perspective there seemed that he had little choice but to maintain the validity of the hoax.

Yet White could not quite abandon his belief that he had been drugged:

Any competent pharmacologist who reads through the symptoms of those days would immediately recognize that loss of sleep and lack of food alone cannot provoke such speedy changes. Few would deny, however, that drug-induced changes would be accelerated by such contributory phenomena. Indeed, pharmacologists could actually be of assistance to us in this matter in helping us to identify the type of drugs involved.

At this point our paper trail more or less ends.

Whatever the reason for White's collapse, his breakdown was a godsend to LaRouche. Whether by happenstance or design – or by a mixture of both – White's mental meltdown was used to "prove" the reality of an assassination plot that LaRouche and his Security Staff had been actively pushing in the fall and winter of 1973 under the guise of investigating the Konstantine George "brainwashing."

With White, LaRouche got the assassination crisis he wanted and just at right time of the NCLC's critical national conference. And he used a man who had earlier, in effect, sexually humiliated LaRouche by stealing his wife.

If Chris White hadn't happened, LaRouche would have had to invent him. In fact he may even have done just that.


1. Yet in LaRouche's article on brainwashing in the Feb.-March 1974 Campaigner., he writes that White's torments began on the first day of school not in the basement but that "his interrogation began in the school's medical suite, the discussion focused on his 'life insurance policy.'"

2. Recall that in the 1 January NCLC press release it reported that White had been in East Berlin in the summer of 1967 (at age 19) being trained by the Russians "for eventual penetration of British military intelligence" but that he "was programmed for Soviet (Russian language) primary control in Paris during 1971" as "his 'career' had been shifted toward KGB penetration of the left."

3. Donald Filtzer was a Trotskyist. He also knew Michael Vale, the leader of The Next Step GI and deserters' organization in Europe. Filtzer became a Russian scholar and was later associated with Critique magazine run out of Glasgow University. In the late 1970s, Michael Vale became a member of Critique's board. In his acknowledgments' section to his editing an anthology of the writings of the Soviet "Left Opposition" economist E.O. Preobrazhensky (entitled The Crisis of Soviet Industrialization) Filtzer writes:

Thanks must go, first and foremost, to Michael Vale, a colleague and friend of many years, who helped me to initially organize this project and gave me intellectual encouragement to learn Russian and to make a proper study of the Soviet Union. Without his practical assistance in editing some of the translations when my time was short, I do not think this book would ever have been finished.

White, Filtzer and Vale may have first become interested in the NCLC from a Trotskyist economic perspective in part because LaRouche championed Preobrazhensky (who was associated with the Left Opposition). Gerry Healy's Trotskyist grouplet in England also promoted Preobrazhensky.

4. Dating can be tricky due to the time difference between Manhattan and London. However this is my best estimate.

5. There was a European-based NCLC member named Clifford Gaddy so perhaps this is a typo.

6. In the NCLC press release, the name "Walsh" is also spelled in one section "Welsh."

7. LaRouche was extremely afraid that White would somehow be taken by the New York police and placed in a medical hospital. The 3 January NS Extra outlining LaRouche's famous speech on White included a front page banner headline that read "White's Life Threatened." The article began:

According to information developed in the de-programming of Mr. Christopher White, it is absolutely certain that if police agencies were to take possession of Mr. White by court order or otherwise that the sole purpose of this would be either to destroy his mind with drugs or electro-shock methods, or the alternative, to kill him and attribute this to a "psychotic suicide."
Everyone must know that any move to take possession of Mr. White from his wife or those professionals assisting her in his de-programming, whether by due process or otherwise, is nothing but an act of legalized murder by the police. The instant Mr. Chris White were to be picked up by the police, everyone should know that the CIA and British Intelligence have issued an order to kill against this victim of British government brainwashing.
The final phase of de-programming of Mr. White, which is proceeding successfully but slowly, has shown that he was programmed to kill his wife on contact with another brainwashing victim, Mr. Engdahl. The complete restoration of Mr. White's sanity indicates also that the police would be given instructions to kill his wife in one way or another were he picked up – in view of the corroborative evidence she possesses concerning his brainwashing.

8. As an aside on the language issue, the first NCLC press release from 1 January 1974 reported that White "in reply to the interrogator's Russian language commands . . . began replying in crude but efficient Russian (with an accent fitting a Carpathian-region inflection)." In fact, after White's interrogator Greg Rose was identified by White as a KGB captain, White demonstrated "considerably increased fluency in Russian."

Then White supposedly replied in German. The NCLC press release, in contrast to White, said that "although the victim had a weak school German with a marked British accent . . . this German was far more fluent (that of a native Russian speaker with a rudimentary fluency in German)." So in one report White spoke Russian with a "Carpathian-region inflection" and then German with either the accent of a "native Russian speaker" or a native Russian speaker with a "Ukrainian accent."

From the NCLC 1 January 1974 statement:

In reply to the interrogator's Russian language commands, the victim began replying in crude but efficient Russian (with an accent fitting a Carpathian-region inflection). This individual had no formal education in Russian (this fitted the later information that his initial Soviet control in Paris had been a KGB agent of attributed Polish origin). At the command to identify his programmed status, the victim replied in German. Although the victim had had a weak school German with a marked British accent previously (to the knowledge of observers present), this German was far more fluent (that of a native Russian speaker with a rudimentary fluency in German).

White's "Carpathian-region inflection" also reminds this writer of a famous scene from My Fair Lady. After LaRouche "deprogrammed" White, one can only wonder if the assembled spectators began singing "Congratulations, Professor Marcus!"?

9. Joanne and Fuad Joseph – long-time NCLC members who like Bob Dillon had dropped out of the NCLC around the time of Operation Mop-Up – also happened to live on Perry Street. By White "confirming" that he was supposed to call this number as part of his KGB programming, LaRouche and his security team may have wanted to link NCLC dissidents like the Josephs and Bob Dillon at first to the non-existent KGB and later to the non-existent CIA/MI-6 plot against LaRouche.

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