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Brief Report on the Forum on the LaRouche Organization

Location: Berlin , House of Democracy and Human Rights
Date: October 17, 2008 ; 2 pm – 5.45 pm
Moderator: Dr. Fromm (German TV journalist)

Speakers: Chip Berlet; Dr. Matthew Feldman; Prof. Weisskirchen (member of German Parliament, Social Democrats, and personal OSCE representative for the fight against anti-Semitism); Dr. Stroebele (member of German Parliament, Green Party, and member of Parliamentary Control Group which supervises the work of secret services); Simon Hughes (member of British Parliament and human rights lawyer); Mr. Schultz (lawyer, representing the Duggan family in Germany)

Ex-members: Molly Kronberg (USA), Yves Messer (France); Aglaja Beyes-Corleis ( Germany )

Parents: Britain , France , Germany

Audience: 60 to 70 people, among them Ms. Caberta (head of the working group Scientology of the Hamburg Senate), and Reverend Gandow (official representative of Berlin/Brandenburg on Sects and Weltanschauung)

The main focus of the conference was to shed light on the circumstances that led to the death of Jeremiah Duggan and to examine whether the LaRouche organization was directly or indirectly involved.

Summaries of the different contributions:

Schultz: Mr. Schultz is the official legal representative of the Duggan family in Germany (and was the organizer of the event). He informed that the German police didn’t interrogate any witness other than the car drivers involved in the accident; that no autopsy was performed although the state attorney called for it; and that the clothes of J.D. mysteriously disappeared. Unclear is also, why the blood-stained passport of J.D. was in possession of the Schiller Institute and was not found with his body. In his opinion, all these ominous hints show enough evidence to re-open the case; therefore he and his colleagues lodged a complaint at the German Constitutional Court as well as at the European Court . Both complaints are still pending.

Schultz presented a letter he received a day prior to the forum by a lawyer from Wiesbaden who in the name of Helga Zepp-LaRouche announced legal action if his client and/or the LaRouche organization would be linked in any ways to the death of J.D. Schultz expressed his hope that he would be sued because this would give him the opportunity to lay out the whole case in front of a court.

Stroebele: Acted in the past as lawyer for students who had legal issues with the LaRouche organization. Direct personal contact with members of the organization occurred in 2006 in Berlin: after publicly calling the organization right-wing and anti-Semitic, the organization threatened to sue him, but so far no official trial has been opened. After being in contact with the Duggan family, he submitted a written Parliamentary question to the German Parliament about the LaRouche organization(s) with no tangible result: the government flatly responded they had no information on the organization that would require any action.

Regarding the Duggan case, he noticed that no official inquiry of the case did take place, although there would be serious concerns whether anti-Semitic propaganda (during the conference that J.D. attended) might have driven J.D. into death. He recommended increasing regional, federal, and above all international political pressure to make sure the case was re-opened. He also committed himself to bring the case to the PKG in order to find out what the secret services have on file about the LaRouche organizations in Germany .

Somebody from the audience (who called himself a hobby researcher on LaRouche) expressed doubt that the secret services had any interest in investigating the LaRouche organizations since they had close ties with them. He alluded to the fact that Heribert Hellenbroich, a brother of a leader of the organization in Germany (Anno Hellenbroich) was acting head of the German Secret Service. Also from the audience came the information that members of the LaRouche publication E.I.R. served as informants for secret services and government agencies of the Apartheid regime in South Africa and the Mullah regime in Iran . Another intervention from the audience reported that the annual report of the regional office for defending the constitution (Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz) had been printed at Dinges & Fricks, the house printing shop of the LaRouche organization in Germany .

Weisskirchen: Reported that he had consulted a psychiatrist about the circumstances of the traffic accident of J.D. According to her judgement, there was no sign of any suicidal potential, however, much would speak for a direct causal relationship with the conference of the Schiller Institute that J.D attended.

Hughes: Reported that the Duggan family approached him for help as a former human rights lawyer. He said that for anyone with common sense there could be no doubt that the facts of the case known so far would require an official investigation and that the German police didn’t do a good enough job by only interrogating the car drivers involved in the accident. In the UK , presently 99 members of Parliament support to re-open the case by using their political and diplomatic channels between the UK and Germany and throughout Europe .

Berlet and Feldman: Both concentrated on showing in which ways the LaRouche organizations are anti-Semitic in nature, in earlier times more openly (e.g. close contacts to the Liberty Lobby in their revisionist attacks on the Holocaust), later on using more coded rhetoric. Their analysis was extensively backed by direct quotations from publications and media coverage of the LaRouche organizations. (In the room, respective documents were exhibited at a couple of posters.)

Mr. Duggan: Gave a very calm, serious report on what had happened on the day of his son’s death. And what he and J.D.’s mother had tried since to find out about the cause of the death. Mr. Duggan made it very clear that there was no sign for a suicidal emotion in his son at all. His point was not to blame anyone for the death of his son; he just wants to know what exactly happened that night in March 2003. He described the attempts to get in touch with the German authorities, only learning that the case was closed. He argued that he couldn’t understand why the LaRouche organization wouldn’t co-operate with the Duggan family, but on the contrary would put a damper and disinformation on the whole matter. He mentioned that he was told that Helga Zepp-LaRouche –at the end of the conference – urged the members to not discuss the event internally or externally. He also reported that allegedly, Helga Zepp-LaRouche had begun the process of disinformation and non compliance with any inquiries to the participants of the conference by obscenely declaring that J.D. was a spy who was sent to infiltrate the conference.

Mr. Duggan urged the German authorities to re-open the case in order to find out what had happened during the Schiller Institute conference and his son’s stay at the home of Larouche Senior Officials Rainer und Ulla Apel in Wiesbaden .

Ex-members: Aglaja (member from 1974 till 1990), Yves (member from 1983 till1994), and Molly (member from 1973 till 2007) described the inhuman nature of the organization by reporting on their personal experiences.

One last highlight of the public debate at the forum: Molly answered a question on Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s role within the organization by mentioning that according to her information from within the organization she is being promoted to become Lyndon LaRouche’s follower in Europe as well as in the United States . At that point, one participants burst out: “If that happens, we won’t have to worry about the LaRouche organizations any longer, they’ll come quickly to an end.

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