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Although the LAROUCHEPLANET.INFO's domain name was registered in January 2007, the website itself was online and active for the past 12 months only.
With a budget of zero (when LaRouche's own annual budget is estimated to about $ 7-9 millions), we have created so far nearly 1,000 pages and several hundreds of documents (sometimes exclusive) are now made available online. We were also associated to last year's Berlin conference on LaRouche and the Bueso.
Unlike the cheap paper the cult can barely print these days which ends up in trash cans, our stuff gets read and used. We have reached 100s of thousands of people who want to find out about the cult. Many of them have mentioned or referenced to a vast readership worldwide, helping some to leave the cult or not to join.
The statistics show an exponential readership with a number of "requests" multiplied by 500% within 12 months (January 2009 cannot be accounted yet for obvious reasons); from approx. 13,000 to 66,000 requests last month.
We thank all those who are using and helping us to expose the "Ugly Truth About Lyndon LaRouche" ;-).

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