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The Silence of the Sheep



We have spent most of our LC lives finding reasons and excuses.

Frau Traudl Junge, the last Hitler's secretary whose biography was the basis for this film about Hitler's downfall ("Untergang", 2004), concluded in this film:

"All these horrors I've heard of during the Nurnberg process, these six million Jews, other thinking people or people of another race, who perished. That shocked me deeply. But I hadn't made the connection with my past. I assured myself with the thought of not being personally guilty. And that I didn't know anything about the enormous scale of it. But one day I walked by a memorial plate of Sophie Scholl in the Franz-Joseph-Strasse.
I saw that she was about my age and she was executed in the same year I came to Hitler.
And at that moment I actually realised that a young age isn't an excuse. And that it might have been possible to get to know things."

The bottom line is: like in Frau Traudl Junge's case, we should have known better. There are NO excuses for ignorance.

If not for your conscience, do it for them.

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