... or how to spend THIRTY+ YEARS of your life selling newspapers at card table shrines and carcinogen breathing stations

"Larouche makes (you) free". (German: Larouche macht frei)

"ALL that year the animals worked like slaves. But they were happy in their work; they grudged no effort or sacrifice, well aware that everything that they did was for the benefit of themselves and those of their kind who would come after them, and not for a pack of idle, thieving human beings." [...]
"Clover warned him sometimes to be careful not to overstrain himself, but Boxer would never listen to her. His two slogans, "I will work harder" and "Napoleon is always right," seemed to him a sufficient answer to all problems."
Animal Farm (Chapter 6) , by George Orwell


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The LYM and LYMettes should print this out and do some experimentation with their own lives to see just how Lyn and the cult works in dollars and cents. I was reading the Schiller Insitute pages on Gary Genazzio and focused on his spending 35 years in the LC. This figure is not too far from what many current deadenders, barely clinging to life in Leesburg and outer rim locals have in their tenure. Many of these fine older members were once fine younger members who to this day will still repeat the mantra I often hear on the web casts and classes.

Larouche is building a movement to ........

Bunk! The only movement is your ass dodging cars while inhaling carcinogens , adjusting your cap to avoid the inevitable skin cancer you will be getting from those card table shrine deployments and moving your furniture from one rat hole flat to the next.

If you are a deadender in Leesburg, then you are busy moving your mountain of debts from one charge card to another as you remain in the bottom percentile of poverty in one of the most affluent areas of the US. The other movement you do is to drive your beat up car to the next P/T substitute teaching gig. If you would have ended this lunacy a few decades ago, you could be drawing a nice public school system pension like many ex members you know who are doing that today.

If you are Lyn, then your movement is usually fine food and drink from the plate to the mouth, moving funds from the members to your lifestyle and sometimes moving millions raised by the increasingly skin cancered and lung damaged membership to scam artists who feed your delusions.

To get a grasp of just how much of Gary Genazzio's life was stolen by Lyn, I did some basic math to see how much of his life was spent devoted to and raising money for Lyn. I also looked at just how valuable a Gary Genazzio is to Lyn as long as he never made claims for his health care. What I found was startling as a healthy Gary Genazzio, with his health costs being covered by Medicare and his cost of living being covered by Social Security, was worth a small fortune to Lyn.

Lyn's cost for a Gary Genazzario actually decreased while the value of a Gary Genazzio increased the longer he was doing card table shrines and painting the occasional portrait .By drawing Social Security and Medicare, this provides Lyn with a source of income while not having to actually pay to support Gary or pay into Gary's upkeep. Since the basic payout to a member always revolves around near starvation levels, Lyn and the cult get the value of virtually two members doing a legal work shift by extending the work day . The effective wage given to a LYM or LYMette bypasses the minimum wage since the only payment received in hand is a few bucks per week or day . The overall costs of housing, utilities and other expenses are shifted to the local regional businesses. If you give a member 5 bucks a day, you are only putting out $1,825 a year in cash. This also means that you avoid several hundred dollars in taxes and FICA. Even if you give a member a 100 bucks a week, you still only are giving out $5,200 a year in cash and also save nearly a 1000 in other taxes and FICA.

IRS and local state taxing authorities can see how if Larouche can have the cult put out say 250 people a year in this manner, you can save several hundred thousand a year in those requisite taxes. Do this every year for a decade and you have cheated someone out of millions and millions, Do this for a few decades and you will get into the tens of millions just at the member end of things. Since the income required to live and pay bills may be showing up on another corporate front as an expense, you also save a fortune in corporate and personal taxes.

This aint "doubling the cube" LYM and LYMettes, but it is the closest mathematics to describe your lives you will be coming in contact with. So here we go.

First, we should see what the grand total is for Gary's life with Lyn and how much was spent. To make it easy I did not include leap years into the math and figured that a typical LCer had half of his or her Sunday's off with some shortened Sat. deployments , depending on which region they were in.

This figures out to mean that each year a typical member devotes 325 days a year to the cult and not him or herself. Thus:

Total days Gary spent on Lyn instead of himself is 11,375

35 years x 325 days a year = 11,375

I estimated a typical member day rather conservatively as based on a 15 hour day . This is based on starting at 8 AM one way or the other to going to 10PM. A boiler room worker would start later, but would end later as you usualy had money meetings after that to be yelled at for not hitting quota. We would during intense fundraising divvy up contact cards with different time zones so at 9PM, you could call people where it was 6, 7 or 8 PM to extend the day.

Remember, both Gary Genazzio and John MOrris were still under the umbrella of the cult being next to a Larouchemobile on their way to Detroit. The deaths occured at @ 10PM which meant that they would still be under the umbrella of the cult till at least 11PM . Maybe even later if they went tot he Detroit office and then were sent to their hovel.

The results were staggering!

Total hours spent by Gary over this 35 year period amounted to 170,625 !

15 hours x 11,375 days = 170,625

Now here is where the spread sheets can do wonders. I did this late one night by pencil ,paper and calculator since I did not have Excel nearby and tried to figure out how much Gary would have been paid over that same time frame in the LC to see how much Lyn and the cult did not pay Gary over that time frame. What this does is set a sort of base line to see what a member is worth at the very minimum to Lyn and whether a Schiller Institute blow off obituary was worth it when you are finally lowered into the ground.

The results were staggering and mind boggling.The Larouche/Schacht economic model produces incredible disparities between physical self worth and the percieved added value to one's life by being in a cult. Lyn makes out like a millionare while you end up a pauper.

To do this I had to set some parameters which would allow soome basic math to show the results of a 35 year run in the LC working for Lyn. Here is what I used.


Each year, Gary and a typical member would put in roughly 4,875 hours of labor for the cult based on a 15 hour day and 325 days a year. This is reasonable since your life is dictated by the cult as to location, movement and the hours to start and end that day.

A typical yearly total of hours worked for everyone in the USA is based on a 40 hour work week, or 2080 hours a year. Above 40 hours a week, overtime (OT) rates of 1 1/2 times base salray is used for hourly staff.

What this means is that a typical LCer like Gary works 2,080 regular hours and 2,795 OT hours each year in figuring out what they should be paid. To look at this further, a typical member like Gary Genazzio puts in a total of [b]93.75 hours ]each week,.

4875 hours of work each year divided by 52 weeks a year = 93.75 hours a week

Each Gary Genazzio is actually 2.34 Gary Genazzio's if he worked a normal 40 hour work week.

93.75 hours per week LC shift divided by a normal 40 hour per week shift = 2.34 shifts per member per week ratio.

What this means to Lyn and the cult is that by using his Larouche/Schacht model, Lyn can keep Gary Genazzio alive just enough with bare subsistance cash and still extract the equivalent of having 2.34 people working each and every week without the burden of paying the legally mandated wages that 2.34 employees would need each week or one employee doing incredible overtime!

Every 3 Larouche slave hands are the equivalent of 7 regular, normal working people!!!

Do the math.

3 Larouche members x 2.34 equivalent normal hour workers per LHL member = 7.02 Normal workers.

Slavery did not have this type of cost to worker ratio

US slavery had one Negro worth 3/5ths of a human being while a Larouche field hand is worth only 3/7ths of a human being! Does anyone else think that there is a perversity in having LYM and LYMettes sing Negro Slave Spirituals in the office before going out to the "field"?

Keep in mind that most employees will get paid holidays and time off, something which is unavailable to LC/LYM since they are classified as "volunteers" by the cult . There are no recognised holidays in the LC except for Lyn's birthday it seems. That is a work day as well.

In figuring a monetary value on this I first used an average wage and just multiplied it by the total hours Gary Genazzio worked over 35 years. Since we have to take in to account inflation, I figured that I would be better off using the USA minimum wage for each year Gary was alive in the LC. I then looked up the legal USA minimum wage and wrote down the numbers for the regular wage and the OT wage for each year. I also assumed that the year began with a certain wage and ended with that same wage to make this easy.

I was shocked to realise that Gary Genazzio and John Morris perished before June 30th, making this all the easier as it is half of the calender year.

The minimum wage and OT wage I used was as follows.

to 1989same
to 1995same
to 2007same

What I did next was to set up three columns


TYI is based on Gary working for the minimum wage for the first 2080 hours and the remaining 2,795 hours at the OT rate. Lunch was not taken out since the daily hours can vary and this simplifies the math.

Here is what I calculated as the yearly incomes for Gary he would have had if he was being paid the minimum wage each year.

From 1973 to 1981 = $125,478
From 1982 to 1989 = 168,216
1990 = 23,836
From 1991 to 1995 = 133,361
1996 = 29,808
From 1997 to 2007 = 349,547
1/2 of 2008 = 18,354

GRAND TOTAL = $848,600

This Grand total is not all that a gary Genazzio would have been worth, the bare legal minimum wage to Lyn. You also have to include FICA taxes which are about 7.45 combined Social Security and Medicare tax paid by the employer.

You also have to include the payments Lyn would have had to pay in Workman's comp coverage in whatever state Gary was sent to

You also have to include the yearly health insurance rates which for many years, the LC never paid since no one had coverage except via a spouse who worked or via an entity.

With this in mind, you can see that at the bare minimum, Gary Genazzio was worth a minimum of 1 million dollars over 35 years to Lyn. Since most members could probably make more than the minimum wage, we could easily value Gary to Lyn for 2 or 3 million dollars by using different wage rates in a spread sheet.

Now what happens to Gary at the end of the 35 years he put into Lyn's life instead of his own? right off the top Gary winds up screwing his Social Security benefits since that is based on income being put into the system for determining your check.

This finacial raping of gary Genazzio is not finished yet. What happens in he had a 401K plan at a lower paying job when he joined the LC at 31 ? With his skills I could see him making 15K in 1973. Using a 401K calculator I plugged in a starting salary of 15K with 3% annual raises in income and 15% put into a series of funds which average 8% over the 35 years. This is a good set of figures because the other choice is an IRA and starting off with 2K a year or he could have done both with different percentages and still doing a bit over 2K a year and increasing that each year and letting the icnome compound.

The results are again stagerring

Gary Genazzio would have had a sum of around a half a million dollars at age 66, along with his social security as well as any military benefits.

401(k) Contribution Schedule (2008)
Fund 401(k) for 35 years
Annual Income of $ 15,000.00- increasing 3% per year
Beginning Balance= $ .0
Contribute 15% of Salary -Invested Monthly
Your Employer will match 0% up to 0% of salary - Annually
Annual Interest Rate = 8% - Compounded Annually

Year #BeginningYouEmployerEarningsEnding
 BalanceContributeContributes Balance
Copyrightę 1997-2008

LYM and LYMettes, have you wondered why Lyn and the cult spend so much time telling you that the world financial system is finished and it is worthless for you to even think about your future instead of Lyn and Helga's present?

Have you ever done basic math and used financial calculators online to figure out just how much you will be losing each year you blow in the cult? Do you think you will be taken care of with a real disability plan and some money , or just shippe dout to your elderly parents when your health costs rise above zero?

Do you think this is all made up or would you like to go back in the posts here to read about what the cult has done to members who cost too much?

Have you ever read in basic financial magazines that a young person who puts in 2K a year for 10 years and then stops, has over a 100K just by reinvestments of that sum over time?

Did you notice that I like to use 2K yearly not just because that was once IRA maximums, but, that is what the cult expected every member to sign over each election cycle for Lyn? I bet we could find several millions in unearned money member would have been enjoying now is that cash was used for them instead of Lyn.

When I first joined, the end of the world as we know it was the theme and everything was the now. Most cults figure out to use the cash they generate to buy apt buildings or large acreage. In the mid 1970s no one in the LC was thinking that 2008 would arrive and there would still be a world left. Consequently, the members who left earlier had time to rebuild their lives and catch up with everything. You may think that a few years spent with the cult is not harmfull. I beg to differ as you will be fallng behind financially as well as education wise .

Gary Genazzio put thousands into Lyn in direct cash contributions. Every multi deadender in the LC has lost on a huge pile of money by never saving a dime. Lyn and the cult spend a lot of time telling the public that you are all just nice young "volunteers" . I do not think that is just for fun. The regional businesses and LPAC can save millions collectively in payroll taxes, business taxes, health costs, wages, OT wages, holiday pay, disability coverage, IRS taxes as well as not having to comply with many other legal requirements for you.

No legal US employer, not even farm workers and illegal aliens could be treated as a Larouche "volunteer" is run with existing laws and regulations. Every filthy NC would be on trial for harrasment, every office would be shut down for violating numerous privacy and harrasment laws as well as age discrimination. Your cars would be impounded as hazardous to employees. You would be prohibited from exceeding the limits for toxic exposure while doing street sales.

This is why Lyn runs this as a mafia/cult and has been doing the same thing over and over for decades. You can do things in and to a cult which you can not do in the real world

Since doing the numbers I read the obituary of John Morris and see that he has 26 years into the cult. Just using the same numbers with the minimum wage I used for Gary Genazzio I calculated that a living John Morris was worth a staggering

$723,122 to Lyn over his lifespan in the cult

Just doing a guesstimate of the savings in all taxes and benefits show that John Morris was worth a cool million at the lowest legal US wage to Lyn.

On the night of the ending of Gary Genazzio and Johnn Morris's death we can see that the both of them were worth a bare minimum of

$1,571,722 just using the minimum wage

The cult would have saved over

$110,020 in FICA taxes

How much is a gallon of gas folks? You can starve a LYM and LYMette, but you can not starve an engine

Now you know why the cult tries very hard to make sure that LYM and LYMettes are classified as "Volunteers". Now you know why when you look at the LPAC expenses you do see payments of a 100 dollars to you (if you are lucky) instead of itemized payroll checks. If you do see a payroll check, is that a legitimate figure or a dilluted figure?

The amount of money owed to members in back pay due to the apparent flagrant violations of basic work rules and the minimum wage is into the tens of millions based on what we see with just two members here. The amount of money which could be owed to state and federal tax and labor offices is staggering

Srew Maestro Briano, you need Bono singing a song to rescue LYM and LYMettes from this exploitation on a telethon.

Do the math with Bruce director and see how much You lost this year. In fact, why not use Bruce himself to do these calculations and see how much Lyn extracted from him? The only reason Lyn does not have the cult extract Gold teeth from members is because they never had a dental plan to put something of value in their mouths.

Hjalmar Schacht

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